Shaky Jake

Shaky Jake sneaked in for a surprise visit this morning.  He’s not a welcome figure in our house.  It’s never pleasant when he visits. To be fair, we were expecting him about two weeks ago so we’ve gone a good six weeks without him popping round,  so we really can’t complain.

Shaky Jake is normally known by his other name: canine epilepsy

Without any shadow of a doubt  I can tell you that it’s no way to wake up, to the bed shaking like it’s in an earthquake as the dog is having a seizure at 04.30 on Christmas Eve. Poor chap looked like he was going to shake himself apart. Hence, Shaky Jake.

I shot out of bed and tried to keep Douggie  from bashing his legs on the dressing table while shouting to a totally bewildered Boofuls to put the light on. He had no idea what was going on. He woke up from a lovely dream to pandemonium. He soon cottoned on though and helped me to keep Douggie safe until he came out of his seizure.

Ah well, I wanted an early start today and I bloody well got it.

Douggie the doggie has never had a seizure from sleeping before. He usually spends an hour pacing, whining, jumping on and off the furniture, barking and generally getting himself and us more and more distressed until it’s actually a relief when he finally does have his grand mal.

Then we spend another hour while he paces, whines…you get the idea.

Today has been a little Christmas miracle for which I am very grateful. Seizure from a deep sleep. Incredibly fast post ictal recovery and now half an hour later he’s fast asleep again as if nothing happened. No pacing. No nothing.

Seizures like this I can relate to.

So. Why did I want an early start today?

I’ll give you a clue * sings* Coming home for Christmas

The family are on their way to Devon, probably setting off about now, and I want everything to be ready for when they arrive so I’m not trying to entertain, cook, clean and get everything under control at the same time. I’d rather like to enjoy my time with them as they are only here for a couple of days. Ok. I might be a bit tired but at least I won’t be stressed. I love a head start! I think I’ll make the jelly for the trifle and then get on with prepping the veg for tomorrow.

Or..or…maybe I might just go back to bed for an hour.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it’s all you want it to be.

10 thoughts on “Shaky Jake”

    1. “I carry an Italian gene” Brilliant! Says it all. I love a bit of chaos *total lie*

      Have a great Christmas and a very happy new year. Thanks for keep coming back!

  1. It’s great to see you’re still here! I’m checking out the old blog just to see how much I’ve grown (or am still the same) and decided to poke around for my old friends.
    How have you been? Good here! Hope you’re doing well.

    1. Hey! It’s Vanessa!!! Happy New Year to you. It’s nice to hear from you.

      All’s well at the lodging emporium. The last of the Christmas deccies came down today and the clean up operation is almost finished. We all have a chest infection thanks to a guest who stayed for new year and coughed loudly, frequently and sickeningly over us all. Other than that all’s great!

      Glad all is well with you. Have you written anything recently?

      1. I’m teaching 5th grade now and the students got me sick as well. I think I’m finally fully recovered!

        I’m writing – and getting paid for it – but nothing “fun”. I found a part time job writing content for a real estate website. They pay me handsomely and I can work at it from home most days, but go into the office when I can just to converse with adults rather than 11 year olds. 🙂 The writing? “This community was built in… and the homes are this size… and these are the things you can do in the neighborhood…”

        I moved to CA a year, then moved back to AZ. I found THE best church while in CA and wrote 2 articles for their magazine. I even taught a writing class for the magazine. A couple that owns a consulting business has hired me for a couple of web content projects. It’s been interesting to get paid for writing…something I never planned to write. 🙂 LOL

        Glad to hear the lodging emporium is still a grand success! I need to subscribe by email so that I can read your posts. I missed you!

      2. That all sounds very exciting! I know where CA is but where is AZ?

        As for writing and getting paid for it- how brilliant. Ok, it might not be the most exciting. Yet. Baby steps. You never know where it could end up.

        I missed you too, I used to really enjoy reading your posts. Now we have the lodging emporium I don’t get as much chance to sit down and write and since one day is very much like another I struggle to find things to write about these days. Guests. Dog. Beach. That’s about it. Must try harder haha.

      3. AZ is Arizona, where Phoenix is. It’s next to Califonia.

        “Guests. Dog. Beach.” Now there’s a starter for a fiction story if you decide to branch out! Create alter egos for our guests. What would they do?

        Speaking of branching out, I may take the leap into full time freelancing at the end of the school year. If I do, I’ll definitely be blogging to boost the business. Thank you for the compliment! I miss the blog. It was a fun time. 🙂

      4. Thanks, for the inspiration, I may just add that to my ‘when we don’t have a B&B any more I’m going to…’ list.

        Good luck with the freelancing.

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