A must read.

A friend sent me a link to this article the other day. He knew it would get a reaction but I’m certain he didn’t realise exactly how much of a reaction.

Reading it got me thinking and the more I thought the more angry I got. Eventually I was LIVID!! I’m not a political animal at all but I feel really strongly that time and time again we have been let down by consecutive governments, regardless of which administration was in office at the time.

In the 1980’s when we were young, newly married, ambitious and forward thinking enough to plan for our golden years we took out pensions and endowments thinking that by now we’d be very well off and able to enjoy our retirement in comfort. Well that all come to sod all, didn’t it? Interest rates have been so low for so many years that we might be able to treat ourselves to a nice family meal out in a good restaurant when our policies mature. The only way there will be any significant money now is when one of us snuffs it.

A selection of new, trendy teaching styles were rolled out in the ’90’s to be tested out on our children. Even the boys’ teachers admitted that they had been failed by the system. Illiterate and innumerate kids were being churned out by the score. Thanks for that. At precisely that time, when schools failed to properly educate our children, vocational courses at colleges were scrapped and those young people who were not academically gifted had to choice but to find a dead end job as they had no chance of learning a trade in college and apprenticeships were fast becoming a thing of the past.

Let’s talk about the jauntily named ‘credit crunch’ the impact of that went on for years and years. All the time eating away at the quality of life and earning power of those further down the food chain than the fat cats who took, and continue to take the cream. Small businesses like ours tried and tried to make it work out of a sense of responsibility to those people who relied on us for their incomes. Time and time again we borrowed money on against our mortgage to prop up a business that continued to fail in an ever more sick economy. The end result of that being that our staff resented us for taking the high wages we needed to take to pay back the money we borrowed to keep them in jobs and the business failed anyway. We lost, they lost, every bugger lost.

You know, in times of hardship everyone has to tighten their belts. I get that. It is nonsense to think that you can just carry on as before when times are hard. Austerity was a great idea. Except of course that as normal it was the little people who had to pull their belts in. Council services cut to the bone, in fact whole bloody limbs cut off in order to meet restrictions created by central government. What happened as a result. Areas become deprived. Vandalism increases, support services for those in need are cut. the NHS is beyond breaking point, people struggling with mental health issues are left to their own devices. the chronically understaffed police can’t cope with demand and society is on the brink of collapse. Don’t even get me started on universal credit. What twonk sat in a government room with some well fed advisors and said let’s create a benefits system that takes every shred of self respect from those who have to claim. Let’s keep them so poor that they have to choose between food and heat for their children. Let’s keep them so poor that they have to go cap in hand to food banks and beg for food.

So. If all this money is being saved. Where the hell is it? I wonder how many billions were lost by the infighting over Brexit? The country voted. Rightly or wrongly the vote was to leave Europe. That should have been it. However, the rich guys, the multi millionaires stood to lose out. That won’t do. I’m no fan of Theresa May but by God that woman tried her best to carry out the will of the people and got stabbed in the back at every turn. All those delays cost our country dearly. It’s not the people at the top feeling it though, is it? Life carries on as normal for them. The reason that a conservative government was voted in again is not because we particularly want a conservative government but because at least Bozzer repeated loudly and at length that he would get Brexit done. Everyone was so fed up of it all at that point they’d have voted for Atilla the Hun if that’s what it would have taken to get it all done.

So now, having both worked all our adult lives, Boofuls has reached retirement age and as you know the Lodging Emporium is up for sale. Part of our plan, with there being a convenient five year gap in our ages, was to retire together and make the most of our twilight years.

Oh no. Wait.

The government has decided that I can work till I’m sixty six. Retirement at sixty has been snatched from right under my nose. I’m as angry as a WASPI about it. Talking of retirement and nest eggs. The little nest egg we have managed to build we have just realised is going to have a great big hole in it as our lovely chancellor has decided to scrap entrepreneurs relief on capital gains tax in this budget. Oh whoopee bloody doo!! Time and time again the future we planned for ourselves has been eroded away.

Not so much our golden years as can’t afford a clay pot to piss in years. Enjoy the read. Try to not get as angry as I am.


4 thoughts on “A must read.”

  1. At school in the 90’s it wasn’t recognised I had a specific learning difficulty of Dyspraxia and poss ADD and when asking for more help or at least a recognition that I was struggling (for some reason), I was told so many times by teachers they didn’t have time and we had to get through the syllabus as quick as poss. At 16 I was good at allgerbra and Shakespeare and George Orwell but my spelling and basic math were as bad as when I was 10.
    I went on to get a distinction at G.N.V.Q only for everyemployer to not recognise what that even was.
    When I did manage to get a job (three years later) I invested my wages in the companies pension scheme, only for them to announce bankruptcy a few years later.
    That retirement age is a real piss take, I’m so sorry for you chuck. At least you like your job though. My Dad took early retirement at 50 (his job made him sick everyday with allergies) when the council were making cuts but actually had money left to offer. Xx

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