The end of the world is nigh

I’m not generally known as being a bible bashing God botherer but unless you’ve been on some far flung planet recently you can’t help but notice that  there are some bizarre and somewhat unsettling things going on in the world at the moment. 

Firstly: We literally have plague, in the form of coronavirus. The whole  of  Italy  in lockdown? It’s almost unbelievable.  At the moment I am grateful the Boofuls very rarely leaves the house. No one with as many health issues as him should be within sneezing distance of anyone at the moment. 

Last week before it got a bit scary, Boofuls and I were on a rare trip out together in Sainsbury’s. Yeah, you heard me, baby. Sainsbury’s. We know how to rock and roll, right? At the time I was in the throes of a stinker of a cold that Baby Dougal gave me. I let out an almighty sneeze in the middle of the cereal aisle. Well at that point the devil got into Boofuls and he said in a loud voice, “Ooh love, that’s got a lot worse since you got back from China.” The aisle cleared in seconds. At the time it was funny. In light of recent events it’s not quite so funny now.

Secondly: Flooding. Swiftly following on from the dreadful fires in Australia we have been at the opposite end of that spectrum and have had terrible flooding.  It hasn’t stopped raining for so long that seriously considering building an ark. Thousands and thousands of people have had their homes destroyed. The monetary cost has run into millions. The emotional cost can never be recouped. 

Picture courtesy of aljazeera


And finally pestilence: Billions of locusts have been destroying crops in Africa. The results are devastating. 

Photo courtesy of FT

Like I said, I’m not normally a bible basher or prone to proclaiming that the end of the world is night but it does make me wonder if the end of the world is actually nigh.

Have we fucked up and poisoned our beautiful planet to a point where it’s now decided that enough is enough and it’s time to eradicate the most voracious, aggressive and destructive of all the species, mankind?

I fear we have.

6 thoughts on “The end of the world is nigh”

  1. I’m way behind in reading blog posts, so another few weeks have passed since you wrote this.
    There’s some wits here who say the young have finally worked out a way to clear out the over-consumptive, over-privileged, stealing-our-future baby boomers.
    I prefer the Armageddon theory.
    Maybe nature just reached breaking point. (by the way, Oz had floods after the fires). It will be interesting to chart emissions now that planes, cruise ships and cars are on the decline in use.

    1. Out of every disaster comes some good. Hopefully now that our planet has recharged her batteries a little while we are all staying at home we might take note of the positive changes in our environment and work harder to make real changes for the good of the planet. I doubt it though. This crisis has definitely polarised people. We have seen both the best and the worst of people in the last few weeks.

      1. People have short memories, and deprivation leads to exuberance when the brakes are off. But we didn’t have social media in the past. Perhaps there will be an element of shaming people into being more thoughtful.

      2. I’m sure of it. Public floggings also known as naming and shaming seems to be how people operate these days. Nothing I like better than a keyboard warrior.

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