Ainsah the daw-A

As C-19 is starting to impact more on our lives we have discovered that it does have its humourous moments.

This morning Boofuls was on a committee meeting via a conference video call. From my vantage point in the living room it was quite amusing to listen to all the committee members getting their heads round technology they have never used before and the self conscious way they spoke. To be honest, some of them could have just opened their windows, they were so loud that everyone in the surrounding area would have heard them. Others sounded a bit pompous and self important but Boofuls, well, he just reverted to his mockney accent.

Not that he is a cockney or even a mockney, he doesn’t come from London at all but from Buckinghamshire, he’s a country bumpkin. The thing is, he is from south of Birmingham and therefore to a northerner he is definitely a cockney.

During the meeting I busied myself with some housework, looking after baby Douggie and playing with the dogs. At one point I was in the kitchen and this voice floated through:, “Ainsah the daw-ah lav.”


“Ainsah the daw-ah. There’s samwan at the daw-ah.”

Sam Wan? That sounds Chinese, I’m not answering the bloody door to him. I don’t want any Chinese germs here, thank you. I decided that I probably should answer the door in case it was someone important, it was certainly not going to be a guest. They are rarer than hen’s teeth at the moment. Having made my decision I ran the whole length of the house. Of course you don’t know how stupidly huge this house is but let me tell you that the kitchen alone is 33 strides from one end to the other. Then I had to traverse the dining room and then up the stairs to the front door. I got there breathless and red faced just as Sam Wan was turning to leave. Turned out he wasn’t Chinese, he was a Parelforce delivery driver.

“I’m sorry, I ran as fast as I could.”

He popped a box down on the top step and stepped back.

“I’m sorry I have to do this” he said.

“Do what? Ohhhhhh. That.” I said as I pointed to the box on the floor. “That’s fine, better safe than sorry. Thank you for delivering it.”

As it turned out I was very glad that I made the 100 metre sprint to the front door as the parcel turned out to be a late birthday present from The Rev and Gembolina. It’s a bottle of strawberry and vanilla gin. I’m not going to lie, I took the top off the bottle and had a little sip. It’s just lovely!! It’s still sitting on my desk and I’m working very hard to not keep picking it up and having more sips. I’d better put it away or I’ll end up plastered!!

That’s all from me for now.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, stay safe and well.

4 thoughts on “Ainsah the daw-A”

    1. Just a sip turned into quite a few sips. Like having a hip flask but right on my desk. Admittedly I started to feel a bit like a wino, swigging out of the bottle so eventually I got a glass and some ice and settled down to watch some good TV with my lovely, decadent drink. Drinking on a Thursday? What is the world coming to? Mind you, these days you take the little pleasures in life when you can.

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