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Groundhog Day

There really isn’t a great deal to say at the moment. It’s just Groundhog Day, every day is like every other day. Well, it is in my tiny corner of the world. I’m trying really hard not to look at anywhere else as humanity has disgusted me beyond words in the last few weeks.

All this tosh about ‘the earth is recovering’, ‘we’ll learn from this’, ‘it’s a chance for a new start’. What utter and complete bollocks.

There is so much I could write about what has been going on in the world recently but you know what? I don’t want it all popping up in the future and reminding me what a shambles we are. God must be sitting weeping with his head in his hands, I know I have been. I am ashamed to be a part of the human race.

Tsk. Now, y’see in a while I’ll see this post and go “Ooh, I wonder that that was all about?”

Pandemic fever, that’s what. Racism, casual and otherwise. The killing of a black thug by a police thug. Riots. Looting. Violent protests. A terrible event, but an American event that has spread across the Atlantic and lead to bandwagon riots here. Protestors shouting ‘black lives matter’ or the ‘all lives matter’ campaigners kicking the shit out of each other or running up the street grinning from ear to ear carrying a tv they have just looted.

Let’s talk about the statues.

Show me a country that doesn’t have a murky past.


Me neither.

Slave trading went on. It still goes on. It’s terrible. It’s nothing to be proud of but it happened. The country we are now was partly built on slave trading AS WERE MOST OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!!! Yes there are statues of slave traders but the were also business men, they built cities, schools, economies. It’s not right but it happened. It’s our history and you can’t erase it by vandalising a statue.

For God’s sake, you can’t erase the past just by tearing down a statue. We should use these statues to educate, to inform, to learn from and become more tolerant…no wait…tolerance? I’m not seeing any of that. The very people who are shouting for tolerance and equality are the very ones who are beating up anyone who doesn’t agree with them, even people who do agree with them. It’s madness and I hate it.

What about the easing of the lockdown? Reason for celebration, yes? Actually no. Mile long queues to get into the drive through takeaways, litter and leftover food strewn around the streets ( at least the seagulls and the rats are happy).

Queues to get into Primark. Primark!! In fact, the news showed people pushing and shoving each other to get into the shops. Um, hold on. What happened to social distancing? Not to mention manners, consideration for others and just generally being a civilised person?

We have learnt absolutely fuck all from the last few months.

Pandemic Update

These aren’t my words you are about to read. It popped up on someone’s Facebbok feed and it said precisely what I was intending to say and the author said to feel free to copy it, so I copied it here. I have no idea who the original author is, obviously I would like to credit them properly. If you are the original author then please let me know then I can publicly credit and applaude you for this brilliant summing up of our present situation. I have copied it whole and not edited it in any way other than to take out the emojis and a comment about having watched Take That and Robbie Williams on line. That just went a step too far haha:

This is so I will NEVER forget the way the world changed in 2020…
Today is 1st of June 2020
Boris Johnson announced 3 days ago that the lockdown will ease a little from Monday (1 day away) and we will be able to meet in an open space as a group of up to 6 people (not from same household).

Social distancing must still be priority and we must still keep 2 metres away
Face coverings are now recommended in all enclosed areas to help protect you and others. They don’t have to be medical masks but just something to lessen any chance of catching or passing on germs.
The main message is still to keep washing your hands. It’s recommended you don’t wear gloves and use anti bacterial wipes, sanitizers or better still wash hands.
You are now allowed out of your homes to do shopping but also to exercise as much as you want now in an open space and currently with one other person from another household
Excel in London (known as the NHS Nightingale hospital) currently hasn’t been used yet and has been closed and will stay dormant until it is needed
From Monday (June 1st) schools will be reopening for Nursery, Reception, Yr 1 & Y6 ages only. They will prioritise the key workers children & the vulnerable first. You will not be fined etc for not sending your child if you chose not too. High schools are due to open to year 10 & 12 two weeks later . For everyone else parents are home schooling and teachers are doing remote learning using the internet. BBC bitesize also has been created to help teach children who don’t have work or want more help etc.
It was announced some non essential shops will open from 15th June but details are unclear. Lots of take aways are now open and some restaurants are offering takeaway services
The elderly and vulnerable are still being advised to stay home and stay safe for now
This Thursday evening was the last stand clap for the NHS staff, all standing united on our doorsteps, balconies and open windows applauding and cheering for all our amazingly brave NHS staff who so courageously and selflessly battled on to try and save as many lives as possible.
Live experiences are now available, to watch anything from a Live theatre performance , a visit to the zoo or an interesting chat in a museum.
Petrol price close to home is 99p per litre for unleaded/ £1.04 for diesel
The current statement from the government has changed from stay home stay safe to Stay Alert, Stay Safe
We are working towards lowering the “R” curve and keeping that below 1. As long as we keep doing that then lock downs will ease. We are currently between 0.7 & 0.9
Tape on the floors at supermarkets & shops is a normal sight now to help distance shoppers from each other. Essential service workers & nhs staff are given priority in supermarkets at certain times.
Limited numbers of people were allowed inside shops, therefore, queuing outside the store doors is the norm, 2 meters apart
Businesses were told to continue to work from home unless unable to, then as long as the safety measures are in place, you may return to work
The Government is paying 80% of wages to all employees across the country who were furloughed due to Covid-19. furlough has been extended to October.
Airlines are still grounded but any travel abroad must now be followed by a two weeks quarantine.
Air pollution has improved. Rivers cleaned up. City & traffic emissions reduced.
Parks are now open for exercise but playgrounds remain closed
Everyone has been advised not to use public transport unless there is no alternative and if you do use then you must wear a face covering. Also there will a maximum of 25 people allowed on a bus at one time.
Entire sports seasons have paused.
Premier league Football has just been announced to continue from 17th June. Golf has already restarted but all of these will be conducted behind closed doors.
Olympics postponed to 2021.
Concerts tours festivals entertainment events all cancelled and all theatres closed for the foreseeable future.
Weddings family celebrations holiday gatherings cancelled.
Funerals are limited to 10 guests that are socially distanced so lots of funerals are now being shown over Zoom etc
The new way to chat with friends and families has been by using apps like Zoom & Teams as well as the usual what’s app and FaceTime. It has almost become the new “norm” to have a catch up with family via zoom, or have a quiz night with your mates!
If you are fortunate to have a neighbour who is a Singer or in a band, then you might be lucky enough to get some free entertainment live from their driveway or balcony
No masses are allowed as churches are still closed however again the use of modern technology is slowly creeping into this world and mass is now streamed on a Sunday.
Still a Shortage of masks gowns gloves for our front-line workers.
Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill in many parts of the world. Formula 1 racing teams and Virgin Galactic designed and produced ventilators in the space of a week.Panic buying set in in those early days, but it seems that eggs and flour are the main things that people still struggle to get.
Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses have switched to make visors, masks hand sanitizer and PPE
Fines have been established for breaking lockdown rules and this has been done to break up many a house party
You are still not allowed to visit or stay anywhere other than your own home but you are allowed to drive now to an exercise place (like a bigger park area) but they would prefer you to stay within 25 miles of your home Public toilets aren’t open yet so they advise people to stay away from beaches if you don’t live by one .
Press conferences are daily from the PM and other government officials. Daily updates on new cases, recoveries, and deaths
Seeing People wearing masks and gloves outside 🧤has become “normal”
355,356 deaths globally so far from 28 May 2020. And 37,837 in the UK.
This is the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, WHO declared March 11th, 2020.
Why, you ask, do I write this status?
One day it will show up in my memory feed, and it will be a yearly reminder that life is precious and not to take the things we dearly love for granted
We have so much we need to appreciate that we take for granted.
Be thankful. Be grateful
Be kind to each other – love one another – support everyone
We are all one! Stay Alert, stay safe.

This is me again now: Add to this story that dickheads from all over the country have been travelling to beauty spots and destroying them by trampling all over the vegetation and leaving litter and human excrement all over the place. On Saturday 150 very drunken teenagers had a mass brawl on a local green that resulted in me calling the police. The moors up and down the country are all burning as idiots have been taking BBQ’s up there and causing fires. On the coast, people have been tombstoning, to you and me that’s jumping off high ledges into the sea, and critically injuring themselves. It’s utter bloody chaos at the moment and it’s not being helped by glorious weather. Social distancing? Seems to not apply to beaches where everyone is packed in like sardines. All the sensible people are staying at home and leaving the stir crazy teenagers and the ‘rules don’t apply to me’ camper van and caravan owners to their own devices. We need a few weeks of rain to cool the buggers off a bit. My patio has never looked so attractive. Or we could leave them to it and let natural selection do it’s work.

This pandemic has certainly brought out the best and the worst in people. I have very much decided that I don’t like people very much. In fact, people have been proving themselves to be generally quite vile.


There are no jobs left to do. The garden is immaculate (ish), the house is spotless (ish), the scrubs have all been made and delivered to various hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes in the area and I’m BORRRRRRRRRED!!!!!!!
Since the lockdown has been partially lifted, the idiots have taken the PM’s instructions on how to go about daily life with not so much a pinch of salt as a whole salt flat. “You can now travel to take your daily exercise” has been interpreted as, ‘do what the hell you like.’

Tourists, caravans, campers and day trippers have been arriving in their droves. 300 caravans were turned away by the police last weekend and sent back up the motorway from whence they came.

When you live in an area you get to know the locals, you tend to see the same faces day in, day out. Not only that but you can tell a local from a grockle by their general demeanor. Say good morning to them and they’ll stare at you like you’re about to knife them whereas a local will greet you back with a big cheery smile and probably a ten minute chat. At the moment there are lots of strange faces and dogs about.

One couple, obviously not well versed in the art of hiding in plain sight, were sitting on a park bench with their suitcases next to them. I must admit they did look a bit uncomfortable as locals went past them pointing unashamedly and muttering in stage whispers, “Eff off back to where you came from and take your effing germs with you.’

My evening stroll to the pier came to a sudden halt when I realised that there were so many people on the promenade that it would be impossible to keep a safe distance so Douggie the doggie, Betty Blunderbuss and I turned round and went straight back home. Mind you, having two huge dogs in tow, one of which looks as fierce as the other looks cuddly is fairly good for keeping people at arms length.

So where are all these people staying? By law we aren’t allowed to open so what’s going on? Where are all the people without caravans and camper vans staying?

Bloody Air BNB, that’s where. The pariahs of the legitimate B&B community. The people with a spare room who fancy making a bit of extra money, who don’t comply with health and safety and fire regulations and who don’t declare their income. What they do, though is take business from legitimate, compliant business who trade honestly and legally and have been struggling to cope as every Tom, Dick and Harry rents out their spare room.

We have had people phoning and emailing to try and book a room. When we remind them that we are still in lockdown they bluster a bit and then tell us they are key workers. Yeah, and I’m Goldilocks.

So. What else is happening? Absolutely bugger all. Every day is like every other day. We don’t even know what day of the week it is. At least the sun is shining. It’s one of the nicest summers we have had for years.

My days at the moment are spent cleaning, pottering about, cleaning, pottering about, clean….you get the idea. That and walking the dogs. The beach dog ban has been enforced so we can’t go there any more and to be honest there are so mnay people on it we wouldn’t want to be on it anyway.

At the moment we are expecting to be able to open in July. That’s another five weeks. I’m bored now. It’s time this virus did one.


Well. How our lives have changed. Meetings online, family get togethers online, life generally online, it’s a virtual life in many senses of the word at the moment. Boofuls loves it. He’d go to the opening of an envelope if he could do it via Zoom. He spends all of his days in various meetings via Zoom. Me, not so much. I still prefer actual face to face interactions but they are a bit thin on the ground at the moment so Zoom it is.

Even our choir practice is now online via Zoom. I’m not going to lie, I found that really difficult at the beginning but I’m getting used to it. We can’t actually sing as a choir because there is a slight time lag on it but we can see each other and follow directions from our choir leader. You don’t half feel a fool doing warm up stretches and warbling out “hey ha hey ha hey ha hey haaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

Obviously Boofuls and I sing in different sections of the choir so we sit in different rooms for the choir practice then we don’t put each other off. It makes our choir master laugh when one of us disappears off camera to appear on another one twenty seconds later. We’ve been learning Hard Day’s Night. The soprano part for that is stratospherically high. The dogs come over to me thinking I’m dying. I’m not sure what the neighbours think.

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of VE day. Obviously due to bloody corbloodyronabloody virus all the big events have been cancelled but everyone tried their best. Boofuls and I had scones on the patio at 4pm and at 6pm we set up a table and a couple of chairs at the top of the drive, put out the union flags and got Alexa to play us some 1940’s music, as did our neighbours and we had a mini street party from a socially acceptable distance. Some friends, also B&B’ers, from round the corner came past ( I may have mentioned we’d be there) and joined us. It was a really lovely couple of hours. A great stress reliever for us all although it was odd to all be sat so far apart. At one point a police car went past and our neighbour nearly had a kitten. “Oh my God! Police, police, police!!! Is this classed as a gathering?” She almost fainted with relief when he drove straight past.

After our mini street party Boofuls and I went inside and watched the memorial concert on tv. It was outside Buckingham Palace and it was magical. Interspersed with old footage of people celebrating in the streets on actual VE day and stories, letters and interviews with war veterans. I cried.

The weather was amazing. Just typical that now we have been forced to close Boofuls Lodging Emporium the weather is amazing. We would have been mobbed this year. This time last year was rain all the way. Tsk.

Anyway, it’s actually too hot to spend much time outside so while Boofuls is Zooming his way through the days I am sewing scrubs for the NHS. I can’t remember if I mentioned this so I’ll tell you again just in case. Ha! There’s a sign of old age if I’ve ever seen one!

I kept seeing that the NHS and care homes were desperate for scrubs because they were having to change them up to eight times a day. While I had a sewing machine sitting idle I thought I should get involved in this. So I did. I put out a call on various Facebook groups of mostly B&B’ers asking for fabric. Sheets, duvet covers, anything really. I was overwhelmed at the response. They shared the post and I had total strangers phoning to say that had fabric and where should they drop it off.

I’m turning out about one full set a day, as time goes on I’m getting neater and faster. It turns out that I can’t get them out the door quickly enough. I had a message at 10pm last night asking if I had any ready as someone was desperate for them. It makes me feel like I’m doing my bit to help.

Talking of which, I’ve finished my coffee, it’s time to get sewing again. It would appear that I’m officially a scrubber and proud to say so. Who knew? Haha.

Be careful what you wish for

Right. I’m not happy about this. It’s been festering for some time and I need to get rid of it. Feel free not to read on, you probably won’t like it but I have to get this off my chest.

Basically, this post is a warning to be careful what you wish for.

You may or may not remember a playground brawl last year in which a friend of many years upset me greatly, to the point that I no longer wanted her in my life. Since then we have had no contact with her at all but I hear things through the grapevine.

It’s fair to say that she has not enough self awareness to know how hurtful her actions had been and rather than apologise she decided that attack was the best form of defence. So, in her own inimitable style she decided to have a very public rant on Facebook and ended it with, “Karma will sort that one out.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just read. Wishing bad karma, bad luck, whatever you want to call it, on someone I thought, and still think, was a terrible thing to do particularly considering that at the time Boofuls’ life was hanging in the balance.

That really upset me and ended any chance at all that we could ever resume our friendship.

Then it transpired that Karma did sort it out.

Within a couple of weeks she found herself in precisely the same predicament that I had found myself in with Boofuls. A family member became ill and she had to just drop everything to deal with it.

I’m not going to start publishing her business on here but suffice to say that she has weathered one major shit storm after another since she typed those infamous words.

It doesn’t give me pleasure, or a feeling of superiority and I’m not shouting from any moral high ground. It’s simply an observation that you really should be careful when you throw things round like “Karma will sort that out,” because she surely will, but not always in the way you imagine she will.

I truly hope that Karma has now finished her work and that a kind of peace and normality returns to all our lives in the very near future.

P155 OFF Viru5

It’s still here then. What? What do you mean, what? You bloody know what. The bloody corbloodyronabloodyvirus. Sheesh. It’s hanging round longer than one of Betty Blunderbuss’ farts.

It’s not all bad news though. Prime minister Bozzer is back at work after his brush with death. It’s been released now that it was a much closer brush than anyone would have liked but he’s on the mend now and the whole country breathed a collective sigh of relief. At least he has first hand experience of how bad it is. With more than 28,000 dead so far and it only just starting to ease off I think it could be quite some time before life here returns to normal.

We also breathed a collective ‘Aaaaaaaah’, when it was announced that Bozzer’s partner gave birth this week to a baby boy. They have named him after the doctors who saved Bozzer’s life. Nice gesture, I thought. I’m pretty sure they won’t forget last week in a hurry, eventful in the extreme.

Isn’t it funny how a crisis polarises people? Villains are finding new and ingenious ways to be villainous but most people are stepping up and are generously donating, time, skills or food. you name it. Someone is there at all times providing help to those who need it.

I got involved in a small way when a call went out for much needed scrubs in hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes. A quick message on Facebook asking for donations of fabric, a quick message to the local scrubs coordinator and Bob’s your uncle, I was in the scrubs business.

The amount of fabric that was donated to me was incredible. Total strangers were phoning to say that they had fabric if I wanted it and where should they drop it off. I was overwhelmed by the response. So now every waking hour is now spent making scrubs in all sizes, patterns and colours. Apparently the nurses are loving being able to display a bit of individuality at work and it cheers them and the patients up to see the wacky styles I and 50,00 other people have made over the last few weeks. The first set I made went to our local GP surgery. I’m not going to lie, I was proud of myself.

The orange idiot across the pond, Donald Trump gave the entire world a good laugh just when we needed it when came up with the idea of injecting bleach to get rid of the virus. That prompted a million memes and quite a few visits to emergency departments when some of his fans decided to give it a go. Don’t give it a go. Ever.

Captain Tom, a 99 year old war hero raised money for the NHS by walking round the garden of his care home a hundred times. He thought he’d raise £1000 but he actually raised over £32 million and become the nation’s darling. Now he’s just had his 100th birthday and received thousand of cards from well wishers. He’s even been promoted and had a post box painted blue in his honour.

So what else has changed? Everyone’s garden is pristine. I only know as people keep taking photos and putting them on Facebook. Show offs. Our garden is still, let’s call it, ‘natural’. My daily exercise consists of through the park at the bottom of the road and back, I never see any actual gardens. We can’t go to the beach now because the summer dog ban is being enforced despite there having been absolutely no bugger on the beach except dog walkers. Ho hum.

Anyway, back to the gardens…and the nightly smell of bonfires.

The waste disposal centre is closed and it’s summer no one has anywhere to get rid of their garden waste or household rubbish. Most people are piling it up in a corner of the garden and letting it rot down but a significant number are waiting till after dark and then burning it. Every evening the smell of bonfires comes wafting through the town, along with ash and smoke. The other thing is that fly tipping has massively increased. Not being able to get rid of stuff through the normal channels the less public spirited among us have taken it upon themselves to sneak out in the middle of the night and dump their rubbish in local beauty spots.

The ‘new normal’ involves taking it in turns to get up early to give Douggie the doggie his tablets, lounging around in our dressing gowns for ages until we are ready to start the day. Then after walking the dogs it’s sewing for me or video making for Boofuls, he’s producing lots of promotional videos for the lodging emporium to keep sending out on our mailing list, website and on Facebook. At 5pm precisely all work stops so we can watch the daily coronavirus update on tv. Ususally when it’s time for the press to ask their questions I’ll go and make our dinner.

The press have got right up my nose over the last few weeks. I’m sure they don’t even listen to the update as the questions they ask have usually already been answered in the briefing. All they seem to want to do is apportion blame, insist on being given a definitive date for when the lockdown will be eased and generally be aggressive, asking the same questions every single day. They might as well be asking how long is a piece of string. If they were given a definitive answer then that would no doubt be used at a later date to condemn the government. Come on, guys. Let’s pull together not tear each other apart.

I know NHS staff have been desperate for PPE. I know that the government have moved mountains to get it to them. During a wordwide pandemic there are going to be shortages. The supply chain has been held up. It’s not a blame situation. This whole situation is unheard of and yes, the government has made mistakes. This herd immunity business cost lives, that was a bad mistake. Yes, the lockdown should have happened sooner. We are all blessed with 20/20 hindsight. We can all point fingers from the comfort of our armchairs and say they couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery but you know what? Actually, on the whole I think they have done a bloody brilliant job in dealing with this crisis and everything that comes with it.

When you wish upon a star…

…or more precisely get up at stupid o’clock to see a satellite pass over your house you know you’ve been on a lock down for too long.

Let me clarify for you, dear reader.

Among all the pages I follow on Facebook is one called Dartmoor Skies. They posted a link to a website that shows you when satellites are going to pass close enough to your location for you to see. It even tells you which satellites.

I duly typed in our address and it showed me that at 05.16 Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites would be passing by. Ooh!!! How exciting! That’s worth getting up for. I’m not sure Boofuls agreed with me but hey, we have nothing else to get up for and it’s not as though we are sleeping well. The chances were that I’d be awake anyway, and I was.

When I went to bed I set the alarm for 4.45. That would give me time to get up and dressed, get the dogs into their harnesses and get to a good vantage point. Plan!

At approximately 4.30 I heard a noise outside. It was the sliding side door of a van being closed really slowly and quietly. Then I heard a few taps followed by a metallic sliding noise. I pricked up my ears. Ey up. Who’s out robbing? Betty Blunderbuss also pricked up her ears.

Have I mentioned Betty Blunderbuss? She’s a great dane/labroador cross and we are looking after her for a while, probably till June’ish. She is the most reactive dog on the planet. She only has to hear, well, anything and she bounds out of her seat and gallops across the room with her stupidly long legs to see off some imaginary adversary. Douggie the doggie then jumps up and joins in thinking something must be terribly wrong. When he realises it’s just Betty overreacting he looks at her in disgust and carries on with what he was doing.

Anyhoo. Bizarrely, having heard unidentified sounds outside, this amazon of a pooch was not only not barking she was huddled up as close as she could get to me, almost trying to get into the bed and quaking like a leaf. What a wuss. I peeped out of the window and realised that it was Sky laying new cabling so nothing to worry about. The dogs and I were wide awake by this time and it was only a few minutes till my alarm was due to go off so I checked it was a clear sky, got dressed and went downstairs. Boofuls stirred so I whispered, “I’m going star gazing.”

The dogs both had a look of incredulity on their faces when I reached for their harnesses and put my coat on. I could actually read, ‘what the actual fook’ on their faces. As I locked the front door I saw one of the satellites go by. ‘Ooh, this is going to be GREAT’, I thought as I set off.

The workmen from Sky, who were working directly at the top of our drive looked more than a little nervous when I walked up the drive with two huge dogs. They audibly breathed a sigh of relief as I just nodded and walked down the hill.

Through the park, past the golf course, down to the seafront we walked to a good viewing point, eyes skyward. Nothing. Not a sausage. I stood on the seafront gawping at the sky like a fool until a bank of cloud appeared and I decided to give up and go home. How disappointing.

Boofuls was standing on the patio fully dressed when I got back. “What are you doing up and dressed?” “I was going to come with you.” “Oh, bugger. You have to move faster than that to keep up.”

We spent the next half an hour gazing hopefully at a rapidly brightening sky until we decided that it was too light to see anything anyway and went inside.

So that was that. Was it worth getting up at 04.00 for?

Actually, yes. It was so quiet. Not a soul was about and the sky was beautiful, until it clouded over. As I walked home the dawn chorus started and all I could hear was the sound of the sea and the birds. I didn’t acheive my goal of seeing the satellites but it was still a lovely way to start the day.

Just as a Friday treat. Here is a picture I took today of Douggie the doggie and Betty Blunderbuss. The story behind it is for another post.


We are so lucky to live here

It’s not great being in a lock down but there are definitely worse places in the world to be than here. Five of the beaches shown on here are within walking distance of home and our daily one hours exercise walk usually ends up on one of them

So after four weeks of lock down Anyone with a brain in their head can see that it isn’t going to end any time soon. The latest news is that it is starting to stabilise but deaths will continue to rise for a couple of weeks yet. Here are the latest figures as of yesterday afternoon. It makes for sobering reading

On a more domestic note: The days are just flying by in a whirl of, well, nothing. Boofuls and I have been trying to keep busy and getting all the jobs done that never made it to the urgent list. Since all the shops, salons, spas and everything is closed down I haven’t been able to get my hair trimmed. My fringe is now halfway down my face and annoying the bejaysus out of me. I keep flicking it out of my eyes in a manner not unlike that of Miss Piggy. As for my eyebrows. Good God! I’m looking more werewolfish every day. Who knew how quickly facial hair can get out of control if it isn’t regularly kept in check.