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And we thought we had it bad.

My God. I’ve just been reading the news and the storm we had here is nothing compared to what happened in Scotland. 

That must have been terrifying.  There’s more due later in the week as well. Oh, joy.  Better batten down the hatches.



Bye! Bye! See you next year!

Cowardice made me stay indoors today rather than get my new year get fit campaign off to a flying start by going for a walk on the moor with Mrs Woofy.

My reasoning being that out in the open it was so windy (and still is) that we’d be blown of our feet. Poor Munki was pushed up the drive by the wind earlier, her little feet were going ten to the dozen and struggling to keep pace with the cold and fierce westerly that’s been battering us all day.  Lashes had to run after her to rescue her before she got blown over. Anyway, back to excuses for not going walking. Down in the woods we’d likely get hit by flying trees or branches. Hhmm. What to do instead?

Take down the Christmas decorations. I’m always sad when I have to take them down but since only mad people leave them up all year I always think it’s best to get them down before we get fully into the swing of being back at work. With the ipod on shuffle and playing a delightful medley ranging from Michael Buble to Reel Big Fish, Whitesnake and Benny Hill, among others, I got down to the task of de-decking.


Of course I have some pride. I only have Benny Hill songs on there to entertain the clingons when they’re here. I don’t choose to listen to him – except today when it was playing “Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West’, while I was standing on a chair with both arms full of christmas lights and unable to hit the ‘next’ arrow’ so even that wasn’t really choosing to listen to him.

Moving on:

Carefully wrapping up my old favourites, each with it’s own special memories and my new favourite decorations with their new  memories of the fun of buying them and putting them on the tree. Tsk. Talking of memories, I forgot to put the Christmas turtle on the tree. Oh how I was mocked when I bought that turtle on our family holiday last year. That turtle holds a whole host of memories and it hasn’t even made it as far as the tree yet.

I decided to grab my camera and shoot a few frames of my li’l Christmas pals.  I’ve also included one of Batty from when she was my Ice Princess, one of my favourite photos EVER!

So Goodbye, Christmas elephants (christmas elephants?!)

Goodbye, singing snowchild withe the spooky black eyes.

Goodbye, strawbeardy Father Christmas, have a good rest before starting on this year’s work

Goodbye Fairy with the ginger curly hair who looks just like Lashes (she’ll kill me for that haha)

Goodbye, jolly stick men and all my other favourite Christmas toys and decorations, see you all next December!

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Wilder than a wild thing

Woken up at some point during the night to the sound of the milk bottles making a two hundred yard dash up the track, clanking and clattering noisily as they went, pushed along by the  6o mph stiff breeze that’s assailing us at the moment, it crossed my mind that having a house at the top of a really steep hill on the moors isn’t always as idyllic as people think.

It’s all a bit Wuthering Heights  this morning, grim, cold, windswept and gloomy, with the added bonus of draughty and leaking windows and doors. Romantic location my ars……er……..eye.  Our address today is:  Grim Manor, Grim Street, Grimsville.

As for the view. Sod the view. There is no view anyway today as it’s so draughty I’ve got all the curtains shut on the windy side of the house to try and preserve some heat. So much for the super duper double glazing.

Never mind, running around un-decking the the halls of their boughs of holly  today should keep me warm. I’m just plucking up the courage to go outside and down to the stables to retrieve all the storage boxes for the decorations. I might get blown away. . Glad I don’t have any weddings booked this week.  That could be hard work in this weather.

According to the Met Office, Wales is going to be attacked today by a giant orange penis.




Mind you, we’re getting off lightly. Some parts of the country have 95 MPH winds. Including the  part of Scotland where my heavily pregnant friend lives, the red bit on the map. Hope she manages not to go into labour for the next few days or that could all get very interesting for her.

Happy New Year, everyone!

It was quite a nice end to the year. Not at all as I expected.

Dance teacher, having been sent home from hospital to die,  is showing signs of his kidneys starting to work again and seems to be a bit better. We’ve got high hopes that he’ll make a recovery.

The obligatory party at our neighbour’s house was nowhere near as dire as normal and we actually had a brilliant time. We left just before midnight to come home and greet the new year on our own. We put the telly on for the countdown and watched the firework display at the London Eye. Oh my God! It was amazing. Now of course I want to go to London for next year’s display to experience it at first hand. I love fireworks

During the wee small hours of January 1st I woke to see that the heavy, dark and gloomy clouds that have been with us for weeks had disappeared . I laid in my bed and gazed at a lovely, clear, starlit night for  a while before nodding back off to sleep. Of course by morning the clouds were back and we’re back to the disgusting wet and windy weather but I enjoyed that little taster of things to come.

If the year carries on as it’s started then it’ll be a good year. We’ve even had a little bit of snow this morning, yay!

Now that I’ve started the new year fat as a barrel, I’ll need to get the old weightwatchers no points soup on the go again. Boofuls is even talking about joining a gym! He’s only been in a gym once in the 27 years I’ve known him, that was last year on a cruise. He lasted about five minutes, declared it boring and buggered of to get over his exertions over a cup of tea and a biscuit so I’m not holding out much hope for that one.

As for me I’ll be dragging the Wii Fit out of the cupboard and getting myself back into my walking routine and zumba classes.

The Rev and Gembolina are coming up with the clingons this morning, after that it’s off to bezzie mate’s for lunch (Thinks: maybe I’ll diet tomorrow) and then that’s it. Christmas over for another year.

I won’t be leaving tree up till twelfth night, it’s been a lovely tree this year but it’s looking a bit droopy and tired. The star on the top has a definite list to starboard to it. Maybe I’ll take it down tonight when we get back from bezzie mate’s, if I’m not too squiffy.