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What’s a coopid?

Munki: What does a coopid mean?

Lashes: You’re saying it wrong.

Munki: No I’m not.

Lashes: Yes, it’s a cupid. A little angel that fires arrows and makes people fall in love.

Munki: No. Not that. A coopid. It says it on that door.
Lashes: Oh! Occupied.

Me: Rolling round the floor laughing for the second time yesterday.
The first time was sitting outside our new favourite eat and drinkerie. Munki and I were at the table playing at being Barbie and Rainbow Horse and speaking in ridiculous American accents. I was Rainbow horse.

Munki: Can I ride you?
Me: You sure can.
Munki: Oh great. If you ride you you won’t flip me off will you?

Me: Laughed till I cried and couldn’t even tell her why. Other diners looked at me like I’d gone slightly potty.


Moving onwards and upwards – well some of us are.

What an absolutely brilliant day Monday was. It was one of those days that stays in your memory forever. A rare, happy go lucky, relax and enjoy day.

Just like the when the stars come into line, all the events worked out and I found myself in the happy position of playing host to all three grandchildren. Happy day indeed, especially as they were all in a good mood and in high spirits. As the sun was shining and the day was neither too hot nor too cold, neither too windy nor too still, we decided to take the dog for a walk up a nearish by big hill. The clingons thought that was a real adventure so we packed supplies to keep them going on the arduous journey. Cartons of juice and sweeties, what more does an adventurer need to keep their strength and spirits up?

Douggie the doggie came along as well and decided that he wanted to be a real golden golden retriever instead of his usual white so he found a ditch full of orange muddy water to wallow in. Dear Lord, what a mess.

Other than that we had a delightful walk and even managed to find a geocache. Dangerous was the team leader for that one. Taking the directions quite literally and taking us in a line as straight as an arrow to the cache, she plunged straight off the path and onto the heathery moor sinking right up to her knees in the springy moss. Poor old Batty was terrified but bravely carried on when she’d have been perfectly entitled to have sat that one out. She really is an inspiration. It was worth the trauma she endured though because she was thrilled when she actually found the cache. Munki couldn’t wait to get her head into it to see what the treasure was. Such a lot of excitement for a plastic container with a pen that didn’t work, a small note book and a few miniature plastic toys. We celebrated by cracking open a box of butterscotch sweets, eating them with relish as we enjoyed the amazing view and congratulating ourselves on being brilliant treasure hunters.







Later in the afternoon I had to take Pebbles, yes, the very one that this blog is named after, to the vet for a pedicure. I dropped two of the clingons off at home and took Munki with me. Pebbles, always a timorous wee beastie, has grown even more timid as she’s got older. Estimates vary as to her exact age but we know for a fact that the least she is is twenty and possibly as old as twenty two. She deserves to be handled with a bit of care. The vet picked up the clippers and took a chunk out of the first toenail. None too gentle as she did it she also took a chunk of the poor little cat’s toe as well. There was blood everywhere. I was not best pleased. Eventually we got the rest of the claws clipped and Pebbles slunk gratefully back into the safety of her box, the very same box I’d fought to get her into an hour before. Poor thing was traumatised, she wouldn’t come near me for the rest of the day but at least she can all comfortably now – or will when that wound heals.

On the way home from the vet’s I dropped Munki off at Lashes’ work. There is a new sign offer the door. RECEPTION. “Nanny, why does it say reception?” “Well, that’s how people know where to go when they come to visit. “Mummy works in reception, doesn’t she? That means when I go back to school I’ll be in year one but Mummy will still be in reception!”

Hahaaaaaaaa. She’ll go far, that child!

Is this my Photo Call?

Out for a walk with bezzy mate, Big Marge, the clingons and the dog the other day we found ourselves at my favourite daytime lurking place, Witton Park.

Of course the dog went nuts when we got there and nearly dragged my arm off in her haste to get on the field. I thought that Halti colar was supposed to stop all that – worth every sodding penny, that was ( note to self:  Must book physiotherapist to reinsert shoulder into socket).

First stop was the woodland adventure playground.  When will I ever learn?

“Oooh, look, the swing bridge, shall I run across it, kids?”

Much squealing and laughing fuelled my stupidity as I climbed the ladder to get on the icy and stupidly slippery bridge. Three steps in and my feet went from underneath me.  I went flat on my arse while still holding on to the hand rail, so that gave the already delicate shoulder another good wrench.  Much under my breath swearing and holding back of tears went on as I laughed and tried to look like it was part of my plan.  My, that hurt a tad. Won’t be repeating that anytime soon. It really must be time for me to grow up soon, shouldn’t it?

The kids of course loved the performance and very nearly wet themselves laughing as the dog tried to get on the bridge by climbing on top of me. Ah well, as long as the kids had fun.

A long climb up the many steps to the top of the park brought us to a lovely big field with a huge snowball right in the middle of it. Odd. A bit like a crop circle, placed there for no apparent reason.

Of course we all had a mad 5 minutes on the field. Just as I was getting  to take this photo the dog plonked herself right in front of me and gave me a nice big toothy grin.  Say cheese!!

“Make sure you get my best side”

Yay!! It’s 2010!!

2009 has finally buggered off and good riddance to it, what a bag of crap!! This year will be loads better, I can feel it in my water.

The plan was to become a lemming and copy everyone else’s idea of doing a New Year round up of stories and pictures from last year. Exactly like all those ‘run up to New Year’ programmes on telly that I avoid like the plague.

That was the plan. The reality was that I spent a huge chunk of yesterday on the phone to my sister who is having the crisis to rival all crises at the moment and all she can really do is watch it run it’s course. Small comfort to her while she’s tearing her hair out and gnashing her teeth in despair. Funny how the year ended as it started – and continued –  with drama’s.

Anyway, back to the plot.  Taaaadaaaaaaaa!!! Here it is, my ( somewhat shorter than planned) :

 2009 Round Up:
Now don’t worry, it’s not going to be a moan fest of all the terrible things that happened last year. The blogosphere isn’t big enough to fit it all in. Here are just a  few of my favourite moments

This was a summer walk on the moors with the girls. We had a brilliant time and this photo just reminds me of it.  Family time – nowt better!

My lovely friend, Sheila took these family pics for us. Brilliant!!! I have a large copy of this one on my landing and it makes me smile every time I see it.  Thanks, Sheila.

Halloween photo shoot.  We love a bit of dress up.  I was amazed the pics turned out as well as they did considering that the shoot lasted about a minute. Did you know the attention span of a baby is about a nanosecond?  You have to work really fast before they get bored and try to tip over light stands or electrocute themselves.

John and Rachel’s wedding.  We had the best time ever. Just being  a guest and joining in with the wedding party was fab. Good food, good company, good hotel, good times. Loved it.

For someone who spent all her time at college saying that landscape photography, “just isn’t my thing” I seem to have produced a lot of it this year. Far too many to put on here.  It’s so relaxing and cathartic. You should try it.

This photo was used a s a magazine cover – and I forgot to tell you about it!! God, I’m getting so forgetful!  The exotic location was – our drive.  The magazine editor was mortified when she thought I’d gone out and shot images specially for the magazine, so mortified she gave me a full page editorial in it and a discounted advert. I did tell her I only stepped outside my front door to take it not travelled to Goa or anything but the was adamant. Yay!!!  We had some amazing sunsets last year.

I could have put so many other pictures that bring back nice memories of last year.  I could have included a few pics from my birthday party. You know the one, it was the one when we had a murder mystery dinner party and I made everyone classic martini’s. No one liked them so I drank the lot. Oh, so very ill. Must have eaten a bad pie!!

 I thought I’d end with pictures from the last day of last year.

B and me took the girls and the dog for a walk to Darwen tower. Not that it was icy or anything but here is the path:

Heeheee, the dog ran down the path then lost her footing and slid about 20 yards on the ice on her backside. Laugh? I nearly bought a round!  We, on the other hand, clambered over the moor because the path was so dangerous. Poor girls thought they were going for a nice stroll and it turned into a mountain climb.  No mean feat for a child with O’s issues. She constantly amazes me. She’ll have a go at anything! The dog tried her best to melt the ice for us by peeing on it every ten yards or so. Not terribly effective but full marks for trying, dog.

Can you see the little figures up on the horizon? That was a family with a couple of small kids. The father in his wisdom decided that the safest way of getting his small son down the hill was to carry him on his shoulders. What?!!  Refer  to pic of frozen path. Dangerous, much!!

Look! We did it!!
They really did do it as well, when we got to the tower we went to the very top. D was in tears because she was scared of the dark, dank, spiral staircase.   B stayed with her while I took O to the top. When we came back, D had plucked up some courage and decided that she wanted to go  to the top as well. I was so proud of her because I could see she was terrified.  When she got there, she loved it!!!  Well done D for conquering your fears!!!

So, ok, 2009 wasn’t all bad, but  a lot of it was and I’ll be glad of the new start that a New Year offers.  So to end  this  ( short) round up I’d like to dedicate this final image to last year:

 See ya 2009.
Good riddance.

Merry Christmas part 2

During the present opening feeding frenzy at one point I went to step past the baby just as Danni made a lunge for something in front of her. In order not to fall straight onto the baby I teetered on my toes for a minute, arms waving like a mad windmill woman in a strong wind,  before throwing myself forward into an arch like I was playing a bizarre one woman game of twister. I never knew I was that agile. Go, me!  The baby sat playing under her Nanny bridge oblivious to the fact that she had just nearly been crushed to a pulp.

Twitchy the dog was with us all day yesterday. She has obviously realised that I’m the food wallah in our house as she followed me everywhere, little eyes watching my every move in case a tasty morsel came flying her way. It was nice to have some company in the kitchen and she clearly enjoyed my singing, I could tell by the way she kept joining in by whining loudly and scratching at the door so she could tell everyone else to come in and listen. Hehee.

 It would appear that as dog sitters go I’m a bit of a liability as I’ve broken her twice in less than a week. Poor little doggie went for a loooooooooong walk in the snowy park the other day followed by a mad hour or so on the snowy field which has hurt her paws. They were bleeding and very sore looking the other day.  Can dogs get chilblains? Note to self : buy doggie wellies for looooooooong snowy walks.

Next it turns out that she has an ear infection, probably caused by rubbing her head along the ground as she tries to remove the halti collar that stops her pulling me onto my backside when I’m walking her.   Poor doggie.

Anyway, none of that seemed to be bothering her yesterday as she was having a whale of a time joining in all the fun and getting out for walks at regular intervals.

Gem made chocolate fondue for dessert. It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition in our house because no one but me and Ol really like Christmas pudding.  She’d excelled herself by producing both a white and milk chocolate fondu along with marshmallows, cake, strawberries, bananas and mini doughnuts (which C made) for dipping. Lush!!!!!

We were so full we never even made it to the cheese board she’d prepared for us.

Sadly, the day came to an abrupt end when the snow arrived again. It came down so thick and fast that we decided it was safer to get them home earlier rather than later. Pity they couldn’t all have stayed overnight.

The perfect day ended with Dr Who, a large g & t and some peace and quiet after a lovely, lively day.