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Good times

Boofuls Towers is a bit quiet at the moment. In fact, we only have one room booked out this weekend so if you fancy a nice weekend in Devon, give me a shout, I am certain I could find a little discount under the fridge.

Anyway, making the most of the peace and quiet we decided to crack on with a few jobs. Room seven has been beautified, just in time for the hotel inspector’s visit.

What a pularver that was, untucking my beautifully made beds so she could feel the mattress.
“It’s a bit lumpy, time you changed it.”
“It’s a new bed.”
“Hhmm, well put a topper on it then.”
“It’s got a topper on it, all our matresses have toppers on them.”

It was like she was determined to find something to criticise even when there was clearly nothing. Overall, she told what we need to do to improve our star rating and surprise, surprise we already knew. Fancy us knowing what needs doing in our own house?!

It does make me wonder what exactly it is that we pay for with Visit England other than using the logo and having the star rating plaque outside.

We started her tour in what we knew was our worst room and progressed from there. Suggestions were made to change the usage of a couple of our rooms from family rooms to suites. tempting idea, not taking kids but it’s oh so lucrative. These suggestions fell on stony ground with Boofuls who, when he heard them, just harrumphed and walked off.

When she reached room 7, which I’d been saving till last, she actually let out a squeal of delight. “Now THIS is what I’m talking about.” Obviously the bright yellow wall teamed with graphite grey worked for her. I must say, I’m very pleased with it. Even though I had a few collywobbles when I chose the colours but it does work, I’ll post photos for you when I get around to taking them.

So. Back to yesterday.

“Let’s have a bar night.” Boofuls said last week.

A bar night is when the hoteliers with bars fill up the long winter evenings by all going round to each others bars for food and drinkies. The host provides everything for the evening and it can get a bit pricey but then everyone takes a turn so it evens out over the course of the year.

For ease of catering we decided that cheese and biscuits would work well for the food. Beer, wine, prosecco are generally the drinks of choice so we make sure we are well stocked up. Approximately twenty hoteliers rocked up and with seconds of them arriving the party was in full swing. I have never seen a party kick off so quickly. There was no polite small talk, it was straight in to belly laughs and general silliness. What a great night.

Boofuls and our, bordering on being a giant, friend decided to have a karaoke. Dear Lord, what a racket.

People had tears streaming down their faces, I’m not sure if it was because they were laughing so hard or because their ears hurt but it was hysterical to watch.

It’s a hard job being a hotelier and during the summer we don’t even see our friends but my God, we make up for it in winter.

Next social – Tuesday!


I know you’re all on here looking for the low down on last night’s party.  You’ll have to wait a bit, my brain hurts waaaaaayy too much to be blogging just yet.

Absolutely  top night – ’til three in the morning, if you please!!  Not so sure me and Boofuls will make it out for his romantic birthday meal tonight. All we are up to is recovering quietly curled up on the settee.

Back when the Pimms has worn off

Happy Christmas errr…… Birthday

What a great day – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before we get to Christmas Day there is an even more important event to tell you about. Liv’s birthday!!!!

It’s a bit of a bugger really, being born two days before Christmas. Not that she was due to be born then, she was actually due to be born on 1st Jan 2000 but she was frightened of missing out on all the parties so decided to arrive a bit early.

The trouble with being born so close to Christmas is that everyone forgets about your birthday and it all get tangled up in Christmas if you’re not careful. A fact my sister, niece, son, grand daughter and brother will all attest to.  Of course all celebrations of any kind were nearly called off due to the stupidly huge amounts of the white stuff ( no, you moron, I mean snow, not milk) being dumped on us from the heavens. However with true British bulldog spirit we made it to celebrate Liv’s 10th birthday.  It’s a big milestone, reaching double figures.

So big that she seems to be having a spot of bother comprehending it in this pic.

I’m not totally sure what was going on when this was taken but it made me laugh.
What’s the point of having balloons if you can’t rub them on the birthday girl’s head and make her hair stand on end?

Gem made her a castle cake with an Angelina Ballerina on it.  It was nice to look at but so much nicer to eat!

Gem also put together a luuuurvely buffet of totally unhealthy and fattening food.  Well, start as you mean to go on for the next week, I say!!  Scoff, chomp, burp.

Let a bit of snow keep us away from our grand daughters birthday party? I should coco!!!

Talking of snow, these were  taken as it got light, they are pretty much straight out of the camera, I loved how I could see the snow falling in the next town while we had such pretty light.

Lets Partaaaaaaaayyy!!!!

So, back to Friday night’s birthday party.  I suddenly regretted wearing vertiginously heeled sandals when I got to the venue and realised that the car park was ankle deep in snow.  Slipping and  sliding our way to the door while holding up a couple of smallish children was tricky to say the least.

As we got to the door and pushed our way through the small throng of smokers, we were hit by the noise that was making the walls jump. It was HORRENDOUSLY LOUD!!!!!!!  Sorry, had to shout over the noise there.

Pushing our way further,  into the room I suddenly noticed Steph in an ante room so went in there to chat for a few minutes about her latest, very juicy gossip.  Honestly, if you put this stuff in a book it would be slated as being too far fetched!!  Next, my big bro and his missus arrived so they joined us, as did  P, C, N and sister Sue. At that point I noticed a table of pensioners trying to have a meal in peace. Oops. I apologised profusely to them for disturbing their meal and then realised they must have been listening in to the conversation I’d just had regarding the gossip.  Bugger it, I’m surprised they didn’t have a heart attack listening to that little lot, no wonder they looked a bit flushed.

We tried to find seats in the party room but there was no chance and to be honest, I only like that amount of noise if I’m making it, so we went back into the room we just came from and bagged a table.

The karaoke was in full swing, most of the singers were passable, some were laughable, one caught my attention and made me leave my seat to get up and go for a look.

I was stunned to see my 17 year old niece singing, ‘Killing me softly’. Far from killing it, she sang the best rendition of it I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  Both her Mum and Dad are excellent singers and she has obviously inherited the singing gene from them both. Her voice is deep, rich, earthy and soulful. The room was silent as she sang. What a talent, she needs to be discovered – and soon!!  I thought Steph was a good singer but Bec knocks spots off her.

When she finished singing, the room erupted. Far from enjoying the limelight as she thoroughly deserved to do – she bowed her head modestly and scuttled away, embarrassed at the attention. I’m going to try and get a recording of her singing so you don’t have to take my word for it, she’s amazing.

As I returned to our group, Bob was deep in conversation with brother in law and a woman I didn’t know. Not a surprise, that as we didn’t know most of the people there.  Shortly after that the buffet table opened and I took the kids for a plateful of goodies.

It was at that point my previous experience as a trainer of body language ( not to mention my wifely spider senses) kicked in and I noticed the dynamics between B and the woman he was chatting with.  I alerted C to the situation and we watched highly amused as B, sporting a slightly pained expression, kept stepping slightly to the side, away from this woman, who promptly then positioned herself back directly in front of him, clearly thrilled to be in his presence and obviously trying her best to impress him, there was much preening and hair tossing going on (from the woman, not B – just thought it best to clarify).

Heeheeheeeeeeee  Bobby pulled!!!!

C and me continued to watch as this woman and B eventually went round in a complete circle, her like a little, tubby, miniskirted, cowboy hat wearing satellite and with B’s expression becoming more and more strained.  I think after 1 1/2 orbits she was eventually called away.

More about this story later. The snow has arrived with a vengeance and I have to go and grit the track again with B.

TTFN (again)

I’m Baaaacck!!!!

While I was in the main room watching the karaoke I noticed that there was an old man next to the huge fireplace and small fire.  He was very old and wizened, snuggled up and leaning against the wall. His eyes were closed and he didn’t seem to react at all to the noise or people pushing past him. I wonder if he was a permanent fixture in the pub? I hope he was asleep and not dead. He might have been dead there for hours and no one would notice unless he actually fell of the stool which was obviously keeping him propped up.

The rest of the evening past by fairly uneventfully. The journey home was interesting. P,C,N,S,O and D all wanted to leave with us which hadn’t been the plan at all. We crammed everyone into the car, it’s a good job it’s a big one, and set off back home.

On the way home the conversation turned to the masturbating santa attached to a house on, ironically enough, Pole Lane.  It’s supposed to be skiing but I can tell you that that’s absolutely not how it looks, that caused much hilarity along with some totally inappropriate banter which left me shouting, “I’m your MOTHER, how can you possible think that’s appropriate conversation?” and Liv with her hands over her ears.

Logging on to Facebook Saturday morning I discovered that Ms satellite had invited B and me to be her friends.

Hhmmm, let me think about that – ok, I’ve thought, That’d be a no.