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Christmas Buddies

Ove the years Bob and me have amassed many a Christmas decoration. I usually pick something up from any holidays and I seem to be totally incapable of walking past a Christmas shop without going in to it, no matter what time of year it is. Of course I still have all the ones the kids made when they were little all of which bring back lovely memories.

Of all our I’d have to say that these little chaps are my absolute favourites, my Christmas buddies.  We saw them while we were on a weekend away in the Peak District a couple of years ago and I instantly fell in love with them.  I can’t look at them without smiling – and that can only be a good thing, eh?


Whalley Abbey

It must be my delusions of granduer but I really like Whalley Abbey, it’s so atmospheric and has so much history, it really fascinates me.  It’s also more than a bit photogenic.  Here are a couple of images from our walk there last week.

We shot  a Christmas wedding there a couple of years ago, I’ll dig a couple of pics out of the archives for you to have a look at. It was a fabulous day, it was one of those gorgeous dry, crisp days that make you want to buy a dog and go for long, long walks.

Doesn’t that cotoneaster look fantastic?  It was shining out like a beacon on an otherwise grey vista just calling out to be photographed. Of course I was happy to oblige!