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It’s here, It’s here!

No, silly, not Christmas, that’s been and gone.

I’m talking about that elusive snow.

We’ve been spoilt for snow for the last two winters and I’ve been hoping for the same this year.  Every time the sky gets cloudy  (which is all the time) I’ve been looking at it hopefully and declaring, “Oooooh, it looks like it might snow.” Of course all we’ve had instead is rain, millions and millions of gallons of the bloody stuff and it’s brought it’s bully boy friend along as well, a stiff and cold wind,  to make things even more unpleasant.

Now, don’t try telling me that rain is just snow in a different form, you know,  like they say rain is liquid sunshine in the Caribbean, it won’t wash with me. Rain in Blighty is just rain – except when it’s miserable, driving, icy cold rain –  then it’s just ‘orrible rain.

I want my snow! Proper, white, fluffy, finger tingling, snow – and make it deep and crisp and even, as it says in the song. It’s been here by October for the last couple of years. What’s it done, gone and buggered off on a round the world cruise for a few months?

For days now the weather forecasters have been teasing us with it; ‘ It’s going to snow! The snow’s on it’s way.’ Only to follow it up with; ‘ Oh no, fooled ya! It was only hail, snow’s poor relation.’


They’ve been promising us snow for  over a week now and I’ve just about imploded with excitement. Did I mention I love snow?

It’s much heralded and imminent arrival has been causing so much excitement. It’s been the talking point in this area for days.

“Have you heard? It’s to snow tonight.” “Oh, I heard it was Monday.”  “Really? I saw gritters on the motorway so that must mean it’ll snow tonight.” and so on.

Love it or loath it, everyone’s  talking about it and constantly looking out of the window to see if it’s arrived. Until finally, this afternoon…….


Now admittedly it’s a bit watery and insipid, not the big, fat, fluffy  saucer sized flakes that quickly cover everything and make it look like a winter wonderland – but it’s a start. Hopefully it will get into the swing of things after it’s long vacation and build up to a proper snowfall overnight. If it does I’ll worry  about how I’m going to get to work on Sunday. Until then I’m going to enjoy every glorious minute of it.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Wilder than a wild thing

Woken up at some point during the night to the sound of the milk bottles making a two hundred yard dash up the track, clanking and clattering noisily as they went, pushed along by the  6o mph stiff breeze that’s assailing us at the moment, it crossed my mind that having a house at the top of a really steep hill on the moors isn’t always as idyllic as people think.

It’s all a bit Wuthering Heights  this morning, grim, cold, windswept and gloomy, with the added bonus of draughty and leaking windows and doors. Romantic location my ars……er……..eye.  Our address today is:  Grim Manor, Grim Street, Grimsville.

As for the view. Sod the view. There is no view anyway today as it’s so draughty I’ve got all the curtains shut on the windy side of the house to try and preserve some heat. So much for the super duper double glazing.

Never mind, running around un-decking the the halls of their boughs of holly  today should keep me warm. I’m just plucking up the courage to go outside and down to the stables to retrieve all the storage boxes for the decorations. I might get blown away. . Glad I don’t have any weddings booked this week.  That could be hard work in this weather.

According to the Met Office, Wales is going to be attacked today by a giant orange penis.




Mind you, we’re getting off lightly. Some parts of the country have 95 MPH winds. Including the  part of Scotland where my heavily pregnant friend lives, the red bit on the map. Hope she manages not to go into labour for the next few days or that could all get very interesting for her.

This is the Life

What’s going on? Sitting here on a Thursday afternoon, glass of frizzante in front of me, the prospect of a lovely dinner followed by an evening lovlier pud and all courtesy of M & S’s,  ‘two for a tenner’ deal.

I’ve got that Friday feeling  – and it’s only Thursday!  (hang on…slurp ).  I have absolutely no right to have that Friday feeling today as I still have a ton of work to do including the stupidly late accounts.  I’m expecting the accountant to phone me and give me grief any day now.  I’m going to blame B – for the Friday feeling, not the accounts not being up to date – because he came home from work early so it feels like a Friday.

I’ll probably regret it  all later when it’s time to go out dog training and I’ve got a thick head and only want to sleep but at the moment it’s all very sophisticated and makes me feel like there is still a hint of summer in the air even though the clouds are glowering and threatening to empty tons of water on us at any moment, probably the very moment I take the dog for a walk as that seems to be the routine of late.  In the meantime though I’ll just sit and chat with you.

So. How have you been? Family all  alright? Work ok? How’s your bunions?  Good, good.

Me?  Ohhhhhh, it’s all good here.

We went to view a house we LOVED the other day. Now I know I loved the last one we went to see but that was only in lower case. We LOVE this one!  It’s at the end of our field.  That brilliant  medium I went to see told us we’d move to a house on the edge of where we live now.  Our buyers are due to turn up any day now and funnily enough I saw a huge beamer coming out of the top of our track earlier, I had to reverse to let them out.  They must have been doing a recce.  Asking price only, please. No offers.

Our posh cat spent a night on the tiles the other night. I don’t know what he got up to because all the wedding tackle was taken car e of years ago but whatever it was he got up to he was absolutely exhausted when he came in the following morning.  Taking up his favoured sleeping position on the back of the chair, he never moved all morning until it was time for me to take N to work. “Throw the cat out of here will you please, N.” I said.

N picked up the very floppy cat and place him on the stairs, elegantly draped over two steps. Five minutes later I walked past and the cat was still in exactly the same position as N had left him in, and fast asleep. he wearily opened one eye as I went past him and managed to get up another 5 steps before stopping for another short kip. It took him all day to recover from his night out, I’m sure I heard him saying to our other cat, “Never again, uuuuuuurrrggghhh.’


The Wednesday walk was good last night, for one: it didn’t rain till the last 10 minutes and not much then and two: the laugh we had.  The walk started, as it has all month, in Pleasington.  Fifty or so of us intrepid walkers set off for a brisk walk up through the yellow hills, so called because of the huge amount of gorse bushes. We got to the top in about half an hour, not bad going.  At the top of the hill there are magnificent views right across to the coast as well as a little natural lake which is quite pretty . Well, lake might be a bit of a grand word for it, it’s actually more like a pond. A small pond; more of a largish puddle really, but still a lovely spot.

As we approached the summit one by one we all noticed the young couple who’d obviously thought  they’d found a romantic, secluded spot where they’d never get disturbed as it was miles from anywhere.

Complete with blanket, picnic and champagne, they blushed furiously as fifty hikers went past with huge grins on their faces. “Lovely evening for it.” One wag said, which made them blush even more as ‘it’ had clearly been on the agenda.

To make it (the situation, not ‘it)  even worse (for them, not us) it was the very spot where we stop for a rest for a few minutes. There was absolutely nowhere for them to hide so they steadfastly tried to pretend we just weren’t there.  After a few minutes we set off on our travels again. We could almost hear their sighs of relief. The relief wouldn’t have lasted for long though, as we set off up the next hill a group of fell runners, about fifty of them ran down it, straight past…. yup, you’ve guessed it. Poor things.  I’d have given up and gone home.

Foiled again

Bloody weather.  I got soaked to the skin this afternoon taking poochie for a walk and wasn’t keen to get soaked again tonight on the Wednesday walk so at 6pm, after keeping a close eye on the huge black clouds hanging over us I made the decision not to go. Within ten minutes of it being too late to go the bloody clouds parted and the sun shone through. Now it’s a glorious evening and I’m stuck at home with no where to go. Gutted for me.

Ah well, I’ve just  watched a nice film starring the brilliant Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, ‘Last Chance Harvey’. Very sweet and not a single person got shot/chased in a car/murdered/blown up/wore a space suit. Lovely.


After whinging my brains out today at my friend and rival photographer, Paul  about lack of reprint sales from portrait sittings, I home home to find a monster sized order waiting for me. Yay!!!   Obviously a good whinge is the way to go. The future is whinging.


After dog training the other night we arrived back at Deb’s house to find her daughter in a flap. She’d lost some work and desperately needed it for the following day, could I possibly help as I’m a computer genius (blushes slightly).

If only she knew the truth, just keep bashing the keys and talking bullshit till the right thing happens. The real computer genius in this house is Boofuls. Anyway, I invited her to come down with the laptop and the offending memory stick to see if we could find and get the bugger to print for her.  While Boofuls was messing with the computer I asked her – and the little sister who she’d brought along for moral support, if they’d like a glass of lemonade.

Easy enough question, I thought.

By the the look on their faces you’d think I’d asked them  what their opinion was of the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson experiments.

“Err, dunno.’ Came back the answer as they both squirmed on the spot, shuffling their feet and giggling like lunatics.

Well, y’see it’s at this point that I tend to get a bit tetchy, I try not to, really I do.  I pasted a smile on my face and tried not to appear menacing.

“It’s a simple yes or no answer. Would you like some or not.”

“Errr, not bovvered.” Squirm, shuffle, giggle.

“Right, two lemonades it is then.”  Ggggrrrrr.   Basic social skills really aren’t that difficult, are they?  I know we live in the back of beyond but ffs!!!

I stropped off to the kitchen leaving Boofuls to make (very) small talk with them. Thank God it didn’t take too long to get it all sorted out for them.  To their credit they did manage a feeble, ‘thank you’ as they left.

Here a few photos taken on my new  iphone. I’m stunned with the quality of them when the photos are taken in good light, or even in average light.  It doesn’t cope too well in low light but then I have to remind myself that it is after all only a bloody phone!  This first photo is a massive crop and it still looks acceptable, I’m soooo impressed. Now if I could only work out how to ring people….

Hairy Moth

Darwen Tower from Tockholes

This next photo has been very clumsily tinkered with. If you guess what I’ve done to it – and I’ve left you a massive clue- you won’t win anything at all.

Tockholes field

Winter wonderland

Well, there’s snow…. and then there’s SNOW!!!!!!!

I was going to take a photo to show you how much more snow has fallen overnight but it’s snowing so hard that you won’t see anything except, well, snow.  Fook.

That’s made Christmas Day a tad more tricky.  The plan of course was for everyone to come and visit us at the top of the big hill.  The trouble is that now they won’t be able to get up the big hill and neither can we get our car off the track so a change of plan is required.

Plan B is for B and me to walk to P & G’s. The thinking being that it’s easier for the two of us to get to them than for all 7 of them, including baby Ellie to walk up to us.  Gembolina and me will cook dinner at her house. Problem solved – except for the kids’ gifts – I might have to put them all in a big sack and trudge through the streets to P & G’s like a sad, lost, underdressed and transgender   Santa. Ho sodding ho.

Ask me how N is going to get to work today and tomorrow? Go on, ask me.

No bloody idea is the answer to that. Hopefully the roads will be ok. His choices then will be to walk to the main road and then get a ridiculously priced Christmas Eve/Day taxi the rest of the way or  go the whole way by Shanks’s pony.

Even with all this snow caused disruption, I’m still looking out of the window thrilled to see so much snow falling. What is it about snow? No matter how much havoc it causes, I still love it. It’s magical.