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A week of onions and roses

It’s been an onions and roses kind of week.

Some things have been lovely, others not so much. Read on, dear reader and discover more about the week that has been mine, wonder about my fortitude and resolve, my ability to keep going in the face of adversity and yet still find time to be gracious… rather than knock someone’s block off!

It’s been a busy few days. We have had far too many guests and not enough staff so it’s fair to say we have been run off our feet.

The staff we have had have driven us to distraction.  One wonders how many times one has to repeat the same training and how many different methods of learning one has to try before one either kills the trainee or fires her. She knows how to make beds, I mean, it’s not rocket science, is it? She’s made many a bed under Lashes’ supervision and on her own. For that reason I was a bit surprised when I walked (ran) past one of our guest rooms to see a sheet laid out on the bed ready to tuck in and find the same sheet in the same state ten minutes later,  with the trainee on her hands and knees looking as if she was going to cry. Being at the point of wanting to kill I thought it might be better if  I hollered down the stairs to Lashes. “Come and give Denise a hand, she’s clearly struggling with this bed.”

“What’s going on with this bed then?” “I can’t tuck the sheet in, it keeps bending my nails back.”

What the actual feck?!?

Let’s not even mention out latest member of staff ‘Creeping Jesus.’ She keeps sneaking up behind me. I’m going to have a heart attack soon. This one makes me wonder how slowly a person can move and still actually be moving. It’s painful.

So between the staff we have and the staff we have been interviewing and the staff we have offered the job to who haven’t turned up for the job it’s been an interesting week over the bank holiday and half term.

So between staff not turning up, cock and bull stories, outright lies and being full to the gunnels. It’s been a laugh a minute.  Tell me again why I wanted to be a hotelier? Why do people even come for the interview if they don’t want the job?  We had a woman come for a  job and then tell us she’s 25 weeks pregnant and it will be too heavy for her. Why bloody apply then? Gggrrrrrrr. I could go on with these tales but I won’t.

Instead I will give you a nice little series of pictures to look at.

Munki decided to be safe and wear her cycling helmet under her headphones while she was sitting at her desk, eating her breakfast and watching Youtube. So many things wrong on so many levels in this one image. I couldn’t help but laugh, she didn’t find it funny when I took her photo.


The swans had babies!


We had some gorgeous sunsets.


Douggie liked the flowers, the gardeners didn’t like Douggie.


My plant had babies! So did my niece, yesterday.


A cruise ship came in. How exciting! Not as exciting as being a passenger on one but it’ll do…for now.


We celebrated the royal wedding with a suitably grand afternoon tea with prosecco.


A seal decided to join a swimmer for his afternoon dip. It was amazing to watch them interact with each other.


Sea mist through the trees.


It was hot – I melted.


The beaches were busy. This was one of the dog friendly beaches. How lovely to watch, kids, dogs, families and everything in between all having a lovely time. The dog unfriendly beaches were even busier. Not sure I’d have enjoyed that.


How I love a good air show.  We managed to get down to watch for a while. I love the Red Arrows, watching them makes me all patriotic and just a bit teary.


Boofuls imagining himself as a wing walker.


Our vantage point away from the crowds. We will be right in the crowds tomorrow. Can’t wait!


Not a bad old view, eh?


Did I tell you Lashes has a new hobby?





Thieving Bastids!!!!

Yet another wedding fair today, quite busy, busy enough to keep us going all day.

At one point we had quite the little crowd round our table, an excited group of people who were there for quite  a while.  All the time they were there they kept us quite occupied as they aked questions, holding our attention.

Shortly after they left we realised that our tiny and very popular ‘baby’ wedding album had gone missing.

Obviously we thought it had slipped under another album or been knocked off the table. After a very thorough search it became obvious that it had been knocked off all right, some bastard had stolen it!

I was livid, how dare someone walk off with our kit, we’ve worked bloody hard and paid a lot of money to get a decent display together!!

It turns out we weren’t the only ones, two other photographers  also had small albums stolen today. My guess it’s someone building a portfolio the easy way, by nicking it.

It leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of all the professionals there today who paid good money for their exhibition space and who have built their businesses on hard work and determination  just to have some  nasty little toerag build their tawdry, talentless, sleazy little business by using albums stolen from us.

It seemed to be a bit of a funny day today all round today.

Boofuls was deep in conversation with one couple as I was deep in conversation with another.

My antennae picked up when I saw the woman Boofuls was talking to taking rather too much interest in our professional handbook with information about albums in it. Normally we just give people a quick flash of it to show them the size of a parents album  or the show different album covers available but never hand it over.

Well and truly tuned in by this time and still seething from the album incident, my ears pricked up as they picked up odd snippets of conversation that didn’t seem to be what I’d expect from a typical punter.

It was only another photographer  pretending to be booking a wedding and pumping Boofuls for information about where we get our albums from!!!

Eventually she admitted what she was doing and then made a sharp exit when my less than impressed voice joined in the conversation. Do your own bloody research like I had to! Never mind pretending to be a potential client. Cheeky cow!!

What on earth happened to  business ethics, moral standards and professionalism?


Bloody hell!  That was a busy wedding fair last night!

After the usual traumas getting it all set up, not enough power sockets, lights not reaching, trapped in a corner blah de blah blah we eventually got it all organised and ready to greet the public.

Midweek, evening wedding fairs are funny events quite often they are very quiet and dismal affairs which leave us feeling like me might as well have stayed at home watching ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.  You can’t ever really tell what they’re going to be like.

Well!  From the second the doors opened we were deluged with visitors, all night long we chatted to and schmoozed a sea of punters. People were actually queueing to talk to us! Normally half the people in the room walk past giving you dirty looks  or come for a half hearted look through the albums without wanting to engage at all, ‘Nah, we’re alright thanks.”  ‘Tyre kickers’ we call them.

If you’re not familiar with how a wedding fair works, it’s like this: people come in, look round, eat cake, watch fashion show, bugger off.

Once the show is over we can normally start packing away as there is a mass exodus to the door. Not last night.  Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat. Eventally I was surprised to notice other stall holder packing up, “Almost everyone has gone from the other room.” she said.

“Oh!”  Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat.

Eventually we reached a point when I felt I could turn off the display lights – just as a family walked up to the stand, “Aaawww, are we too late?”

Absolutely not. On went the lights again and we chatted some more.

It was after 10pm when we finally left, clutching a pair of  cup cakes that looked very much like breasts, courtesy of the cake stand next door. Well, there has to be some perks (hahaaaaa  perky breasts!!!!)  to spending all evening stood up yapping  and the left over  cupcakes or chocolate if there’s a chocolate fountain are usually it.

‘Should be a nice quick drive home at this time’ we thought, wrongly, as it turned out. The M6 was down to one lane. The matrix board was showing a speed limit of 20 mph. That was overly optimistic, 2 mph was more like it.  The M65 was closed, dammit, it took us an hour and a quarter to get home from Garstang, twice as long as it should have done. We soon lost our buzz from a busy night and sat silent and slumped in the car as we navigated our way round the road closures.

So now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m sooo very tired and of course I have a mountain of work to get through. It could be a very ploddy kind of day today.

Apologies for the ridululous over use of ‘!’  I just can’t seem to leave it alone!!!  Must be because I’m so tired!

Snap, snap, snap

It’s a snappy old week one way and another, the cold snap continues and I’m loving it. The temperature has hardly risen above zero for well over a week now but it’s as still and crisp as a crispy still thing and positively calls out to me to grab the dog and get walking.

If only I could, just as the weather is perfect, I’m picking up work left, right and centre. My shutter button finger has definitely worked overtime this week and will continue to do so. I’ve been snapping away almost every day. Long may THAT continue!

Boofuls has had a busy old time at work as well, for the first time in years the Christmas rush really is a rush and not just a small blip on the monthly turnover chart.  In addition to that, some  of my family are having a few domestic issues and it’s causing a few people to be a bit snappy. Honestly, it’s like walking on eggs.  The word ‘tosser’ has been bandied around a lot more than usual this week.

I remember the days when a tosser was a huge Scots bloke with a penchant for chucking tree trunks around, when did it evolve into a pejorative word? Or is it  even being uses as a pejorative word at all, maybe the people using it know something I don’t?

Have hoards of Caledonians secretly emigrated south due to the extreme cold in Scotland to introduce their bizarre sport to we  Sassenachs?  I mean, if blokes are going to wear skirts and no knickers it is going to get a wee bit draughty round the old Trossachs, isn’t it?   It must be feeling positively tropical here, south of the border.

What about their training kit?  Their kit bags must be huge! Do they carry their preferred tree round with them or do they cut a new one down every time the want to practice? No wonder deforestation is a problem if that’s the case.

I don’t think there’s too much chance of tossing taking hold as a sport in this immediate area, have you seen the scrawny wee runts round here? Most of them would have trouble lifting anything heavier than a can of lager and a fag ( that’s cigarette, to you Americans). Good job really, I don’t fancy walking down the street to have cabers flying at from from all directions as the tossers  get down to work.  it sounds a bit hazardous to me.

Talking of work: today  my lunchtime photo shoot has been cancelled as the sprog has a cold so I’m off to meet a bride to be to schmooze her into booking us to shoot her wedding. Better get moving.

HOW cold?!

Talk about a cold and frosty morning. Waking up this morning to discover that everything had turned even whiter due to a heavy frost, I went out in the car and it’s temperature gauge kindly informed me that it’s -9 degrees this morning. -9!  We don’t get temperatures like that, it’s positively arctic!

It is a very pretty -9 though so I took some photos for you, venturing out in my dressing gown and slippers which isn’t actually as bad as it sounds because it’s a fabulous crisp and still morning which not a single breath of wind. Thank God for that. Can you imaging how cold it would be if it was windy?

icy car

My poor car isn’t red any more, it’s turned white overnight.

icy sunrise

The sunrise was pretty.

a bit misty

Up our track it was a bit misty – and very, very icy. Boofuls managed to get his car out this morning for the first time in a week. I don’t know how because it’s solid ice up there.

Lashes, Len and Baby Bunting came up last night to see us. It’s inevitable, I know  that babies grow up but why do they have to do it so quickly?  Baby’s language skills are improving by the day and her version of certain  words she uses which have made me laugh so much  she’s finally learning to say properly. Scubees for instance. Any ideas what scubees might be?  No, it took me  awhile to work it out as well, it’s Baby speak for strawberries.  She’s getting the hang of it now and it’s evolved into strawbees.  Gangand, I noticed yetserday has evolved into grangrand and my all time favourite, anit (which is ‘elephant’ to you and me) is now a very recognisable, eyifant.  Just stay a baby a little while longer, I’m not ready for you to grow up yet.

Did I mention we got a call from the estate agent saying some people wanted to view our house – the next day?  That’s after the phone call saying, “Nothing will happen now till next year now. The market is completely dead and ‘specially for property like yours.’ Gee, thanks.

I took the call during a photo shoot and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing the appointment was made. I’m glad it was so quick because the gardens are disgusting and in need of a lot of tlc,  at the moment they are all covered in snow so they look gorgeous. Ah, there’s nothing like covering up everything you don’t want on show  under a nice big blanket.

Anyway, they came, they saw, the like. He’s a farrier and since we are bang in the epicentre of equestrian Lancashire it seems like a good place for them. They also have five horses so our nice big field would be handy.  Fingers crossed. the words of that medium I went to see keep ringing in my ears: “You’ll move just before or just after Christmas.” Coincidence?

The smug, ‘I’m all ready for Christmas’ look was wiped off my face last night as I wrapped up the pressies. There a a few glaringly large holes that need plugging before I can really say I’m finished so it’s back to the shops for me, I’m afraid. Dagnabbit, I was so pleased with myself.

The pre Christmas workload keeps on increasing for me, Last night I picked up another job where they want the photos for Christmas presents and reprint orders keep on arriving. I’m not complaining but I could just have done with it being spread out a bit more.  The biggest issue is getting people back to  view at their proofs;

” Oh, I can come anytime love. Whenever suits you.”

“What about Tuesday evening?”

“No, I’m working 12 hour days all week so I can’t come till next weekend.”

*Thinks* So not ‘anytime’ at all then. “How about next Saturday then?”

There’s nowt so queer as folk.

Busy weekend

It’s funny how stuff pops up from nowhere, isn’t it? From planning a boring and peaceful weekend, which Boofuls was particularly looking forward to as he’s full of a cold, we ended up with a portrait sitting for three lively kids yesterday, a proof viewing in the afternoon, an engagement shoot this morning and to top it all off, the estate agent phoned yesterday to say someone wants to view the house TODAY!

Thank God for snow is all I can say. The gardens are disgusting at the moment but they’re hidden under an inch of snow so I didn’t have to go out gardening at 3.00 a.m. to make them look decent.   Of course our ( my) Saturday night  was spent running round the house making it all look purchase-alicious.  The barn is full of stuff for recycling but there’s nothing we can do about that at this stage so we’ll run them past that bit.

Boofuls has been itching to watch a 3D film on his new super duper blah de blah blah telly so we decided that after the photo shoot and proof viewing we’d go and buy one to watch last night with a glass or two of wine. Well. If ever there was a sure sign of getting old, this was it. We both stood, coats on ready to set off to the shops. “Where do you buy films, then?” says I.

“Dunno.” says he.

Good God! As teenagers we’d have had known that without even thinking. The same goes for where the best chippy’s, pubs and  music shops are. Sigh. I feel so old. I’m going to defend myself and say it’s not because we are old, it’s because we’d normally buy stuff like that as a gift and get it via the internet. Shops? Who needs ’em? Well us, actually, yesterday.

We ended up in that trendiest of stores, ASDA.  Fighting our way through the hoards of Christmas shoppers with trolleys that they seemed determined to use as weapons.  We failed in our task to buy a good 3D film. The only one we could find was about street dance with George Sampson who won a talent show a couple of years ago.  Never mind. I didn’t have time to watch it anyway as it turned out, I was too busy beautifying the house.



I caught the secret washing basket mixer upper the other day. Some years ago I invested in a three compartment basket. One basket each for lights, colours and darks. Not rocket science. The secret washing basket mixer upper, has been consistently mixing up all the sections ever since and it’s taken me this long to catch them. Catch them I did though as the culprit, who I couldn’t possibly name *cough* Boofuls *cough* put navy blue jeans in the ‘dark’ section but dark green pants and jumper into the coloured section.

He argued his case well. “Green’s a colour so it goes in the coloured part.”  Hhhhmmmm. “If it’s so dark a green it’s almost charcoal grey then I’d be inclined to put it with the darks.” “Well, it’s all subjective.”

“Can’t argue with that.  Let’s put it another way then. The coloured basket is for BRIGHT colours. Goddit?”


I was overwhelmed with answers to my little quiz the other day about how the dog got two tails.

Dog with two tails


No, no. Wait, I didn’t get any answers the other day to my little quiz. I’m disappointed in at least a couple of regulars who should have known the answer instantly. Tsk.

The answer is that the HDR on my iphone camera can’t cope with the stupidly fast movements of a dog who wags her tail at the speed of light so the exposures didn’t match up. Easy.


Slow news day?

Dragging ourselves of to our ludicrously early dance lesson on this cold and frosty morning ( and that was IN the church hall) I saw a billboard with the headline…wait for it….

90 year old twin dies

Sad as it is, is it really newsworthy that a 90 year old has died in the middle of winter? It must be really, really peaceful round here lately.

Apart from the cold it was a brilliant lesson. We’re brushing up on the cha cha cha at the moment. John, our teacher has some amazing music. It set me up for the whole day! You can’t help but be in a good mood when you’re listening to happy music and wiggling your arse around like a nutcase.

Talking of wiggling arses – or not. Last night at our new Cuban salsa class we danced the merengue. As we all know the merengue is Boofuls’ Waterloo. He did give it a valiant attempt though and ended up doing a very passable dance.  It’s a deceptively simple dance, the merengue. It looks like nothing more than a bit of wiggling around and making shapes but to get the technique and do it well is really very difficult – a fact that was clearly lost on one of the other dancers who declared it was: “Dead easy because it’s just like marching.”

Marching? Fooking marching?

When has the menrengue ever been  a marching dance? If you want to march then join the sodding army. Tsk.  Of course then I had to work really hard not to be a complete tosspot smart arse and tell her that: ‘actually, it’s not a march. You step on the inside edge of the ball of your foot, with the opposite hip out, then you transfer the weight to the other foot which empahisises the hip movement.’ Emphasis on HIP MOVEMENT.  YOU MORON!’ Marching indeed.

You’ll be glad to know that I did manage to contain my smart arsedness and kept my mouth well and truly shut. Is it a marching dance? You decide.

The paint filling is back!   On my way out for a spot of Christmas shopping unencumbered by dogs, husbands, daughters or children I was just approaching the town centre when I got a phone call: “Can you come in and operate a machine?”

Sigh.  “Yes, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

The colours in question were a particularly grim shade of ‘putty’ followed by half a barrel of lurid purple. Of course I didn’t get a drop of the putty coloured paint on me but I practically drowned in the purple, mostly on account of a silly two minutes when The Rev, me and a member of staff smeared it over each other like war paint.  The Rev then decided to take it a step further and covered the back of my white coat in it. It promptly seeped through and attached itself to me like a limpet.  All attempts to get rid of it in the shower failed miserably.

“I’ve been tainted forever.” I thought. Maybe that should have been ‘tinted’.

I thought weekends were for relaxing..?

It’s been so busy this weekend, we’ve been running round like blue arsed flies. Friday night you already know about. I’m still recovering from that one!

Saturday we spent scrounging furniture and delivering it to someone we know who’s world fell out their bottom recently.  You’ll be glad to now thought that they now have a proper bed to sleep on and not just a blow up airbed that deflated every night meaning that they were effectively sleeping on a plastic sheet.

Now all we need to find is bedding, lamps, coffee tables, towels, clothes (yup, clothes) curtains and general everyday house stuff that you don’t  know you need till you need it and there will be a grave danger that this new emergency  house will start looking and feeling like a home.  Many, many thanks to those (and you know who you are) who have pulled out all the stops to help a person in dire need. They, and I, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday we did a wedding fayre at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel. We couldn’t even set up the display until half an hour before it was due to open as hotel guests were still having their breakfast in the room we’d been allocated.  That caused a bit of drama, ‘specially for the woman with the huge……….wedding cakes (haha, got ya!)

After a moan and rant about the  dark, hidden behind the door corner we’d been put in we quickly set up the display and had one of the busiest days ever!!   People were coming in and turning left to us instead of going up into the main room, it was brilliant!  Neither me not Boofuls had chance to draw breath all day long, lets hope it all converts into lots of bookings for next year.

Once we’d finished work and got home I set to in the kitchen to make C and Machinegun a nice roast dinner. C’s  finally starting to mend, she still looks like Marley’s ghost but definitely on the mend and I thought it was time she got a good meal inside her. It was darned good, even if I do say so myself.  Red pepper, butternut squash and cream cheese soup followed by roast chicken, roasties and a mountain of veg and then chocolate torte with cinder toffee ice cream.

The plan for today (isn’t this a really boring post) is to finally get together with bezzy mate and catch up on the gossip. Work is winding down for me now( Ha! Famous last words!) and I want to get all my last minute jobs and packing done without all the stress we had last time so I don’t end up on this most important holiday as frazzled and brittle as a piece of burnt bacon like I did last time.

Bearing that in mind, I’d better get moving and go and throw myself in the shower as I have a  major studio tidy up to do before giving bezzy mate the inspection tour. She hasn’t seen it since it was revamped.

Have  a nice day y’all!


Tomorrow, that’s when!

Boofuls and me are finally getting the hell out of here and leaving all our cares behind us for a week of sun, fun and  er, relaxation and not a moment too soon, I can tell you.

The endless pot filling has come to an end (for me at least) it would have been nice to have finished it on a positive note but it all went so badly today that we just thought, ‘fook it’ and went home leaving everything to be picked up again tomorrow when hopefully all of the staff will bother to turn up. (Don’t start me off on a rant!)

We have a new temp, I’ll call him Art. As I was going into the shower room at work where we clean down the machines, Art was just coming out, adjusting himself after obviously having been for a wee.

I blushed and apologised profusely telling him that I would shout loudly in future before coming in (although a female member of staff was already in there). He smiled at me and with a wink said, “Ah, I don’t think you will be shocked, you look like an experienced woman to me.”

A WHAT???!!!!  Did he just call me an old slapper?

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and put it down to semantics and language barriers. Everyone I’ve told though thinks it’s bloody hysterical. Experienced woman indeed.

Getting home from work I had to navigate past a car parked at the top of our track. A middle aged couple were leaning on the fence gazing down the field towards our house. ‘Probably just come to look at their horses…..or maybe they’ve come to look at our house.’ I thought hopefully.  Well, there were no horses on the field so if that’s what they came to look for they were probably leaning on the fence bemused thinking, ‘Where the hell are my horses?’  Good question, actually. They’ve been gone for days.

Getting in the house, dying of starvation and tiredness I dragged myself off into the kitchen to make something to eat. ‘I’ll just melt the butter in the microwave for a minute,’  as I popped the butter in to soften it occurred to me that Boofuls might like a glass of wine so I went to get him one.


Ooooooh crap!

I really did put the butter in the microwave for a minute  – and the runny, greasy, golden, sticky and unctuous liquid was everywhere. Oh  how I laughed while I cleaned up all the mess.

All in all not the best day I’ve ever had but never mind, eh?  It can only get better.

It’s been a funny day one way and another

The wedding in York yesterday was wonderful. Wonderful that is apart from the 3 hours it took us to complete the one and a half hour journey. The plan had been to set off really, really early, stop for breakfast en route ( aside: for local folk I’d just like to point out that ‘en’ in this instance is pronounced ‘on’ not ‘enn’. Many is the time I’ve heard people tell me about their new ‘enn suite’ bathroom. Makes me cringe every time. God, I’m such a snob).

As soon as we’d had our leisurely breakfast we hit a wall of traffic that lasted the rest of the journey.  All our time advantage and plans for a good old mooch round and a recce to check out all the best spots for photographs ebbed away, as did my nice, relaxed mood that I’d started the journey with.  BLOODY HELL!!!  The knot in my stomach tightened with every snail pace mile.  We did get there eventually though and still with plenty of time.

Anyway, the wedding was lovely and very different.  St Olave’s church in York was the venue. We’d been informed that photographs during the service were not allowed so that gave us a nice half hour for a bit of shuteye at the back of the church.  After the service we took all the guests into the museum gardens for photographs.  We’d previously been sent a HUGE email by the bride telling us what we should do, when, who with and how long for. After the big group shot guests were to mingle in the garden. That, of course, just made me laugh and ‘mingle’ ‘mingled’ and especially ‘mingling’ became the words of the day.  Isn’t it funny that when you use a word a lot it suddenly sounds ridiculous?

Once the guests had used up there allotted mingling time they were all dispatched back to the hotel for more mingling but this time with drinkies to aid the mingling process. Boofuls and me then spent a few minutes mingling with and photographing the b & g before walking the ten minute walk back to the hotel.

I mention the ten minute walk because Boofuls had scooped up my rucksack and flung it over his shoulder while I was shooting. He also picked up his own rucksack and flung that over his shoulder as well while I, oblivious to it all, just strolled through the streets of York chatting to the b & g and shooting a few frames here and there.

At this point I need to give you a quick 101 on photography.

Rule 1: Take lenscap off

Rule 2: Always check all corners of the frame and the background

Got it? Good.

Because it was only when I got home I saw this photo of the b & g en route to the hotel that  I noticed the background. There was my Boofuls!

All loaded up with all the camera equipment and looking less than jolly. What I didn’t  realise at the time  was that he was  in severe pain from his plantar fasciitis (sore foot, to you, Sir) and was struggling to walk at all never mind weighed down like a pack horse.  Added to that of course was the pain he was still in  from the dental work he’d endured the day before and the fact that  he’s just plain knackered from all the hours he’s worked recently.

If you’ve never seen a man at the end of his tether then, ladies and gentlemen,  this is what one looks like:


Was it just too mean of me to laugh when I saw it? I howled with laughter!!  I could just imagine him walking along like Lurch thinking: ” I’m knackered, my feet hurt, my teeth hurt, mow I’m carrying all the bags and my fooking back hurts as well.”

As I write this I’m still crying with laughter. Sorry Boofuls, it’s just that it’s  so…….so………….FUNNY!!!!  Not the pain, that’s not funny at all, just  his expression and the way he’s walking.

I did buy him a bottle of wine on the way home, oh, er, just remembered, he gave me the money to buy it (better shut up now).

Thankfully the rest of the gig didn’t involve too much walking/talking/carrying and we were on our way home a couple of hours later. Back home, feet up, nice glass of wine, Boofuls was once again a happy boy.