Do you like the new look to the blog?  Bet it gave you a shock when this popped up, didn’t it?

How about the footy then. AS much as B pretends he doesn’t like football, he did watch most of the match last night. Seems to me that it was a pretty boring game even by a footy fans standards (they’re all boring to me).  That’s it then you have just had my total contribution to the world cup. Moving on swiftly…..

It’s B’s lodge annual purgatory barbeque, day today.  All the wifeys get a call from the self appointed mistress of the lodge, the one who does a fantastic line in evil eyes and dirty looks.  Most people are terrified of her. I got my call the other night and informed that I would be making a fruit salad. They are obviously working in the basis that I might present something edible if I only have fruit to work with. My salad contributions of the last year or two haven’t exactly gone down a storm – couscous and kidney beans being considered  as ‘foreign muck’ way too exotic for this lot.

At least it’s stopped raining. Actually, if I’m really honest we usually enjoy it in a ‘what else would I be doing?’ kind of way. We sit in the tent – it really pisses them off if you call it a tent – “It’s a marquee.”  Drink wine and have a good gossip while the kids play ‘bat the rat’ and throw wet sponges at whichever lodge member has been picked to go in the stocks this year.

My poorly back has started to sort itself out finally, it’s been over a week but I can now walk upright again, no more knuckle trailing. The pain is down to an ache and things are looking good. So good in fact I dragged the husband, a grandhild and the dog and went for a nice walk in the woods and over the golf course, enjoying the clean sweet air coming over the moors.  The husband complained bitterly all the time we were going up hills but it’s difficult not to go up hills when the town is built in a valley, it’s al bloody hills!  Getting back from our walk, me and the sole clingon were fine, the dog was knackered and the husband could hardly walk. It’s aggravated a condition in his heel and he’s been limping ever since we got back.

Oops. So much for, “it’ll do you a world of good.”


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