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Auto correct fail

I’ve sent many a text message and got back a response of, ‘Huh?’ One of the best ones was on a job one day when I was leaving the bridal prep to set off the the church. I let Boofuls know via text message: I’m on my way to the church now.’  His reply, ‘what bitch?’ had me scratching my head until I read what autocorrect had put: ‘I’m on my way to the bitch.’ That had me giggling all the way through the service, and as it happened it was a portent of things to come with this particular bride.

Now I’ve learnt, mostly, to check the screen before hitting the send button.

While I was wasting yet more time on Facebook the other day I saw these autocorrect fails. Don’t click on the link until you’re mentally prepared for it. I had to stop reading at one point because I couldn’t breathe for laughing. What a brilliant way to start the day! Enjoy.