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Raindrops keep falling on my head

One of my Mum’s very favourite songs.

It’s one of two that I can’t listen to without getting all wistful, the other one is Daydream Believer. Our dance teacher once played Raindrops keep Falling On My Head, shortly after Mum had died and it caused me to burst into an unstoppable flood of tears. “Take it off, take it off.” Lashes implored him as I fell apart in the ballroom. The poor bloke wondered what the hell was going on.

I can listen to it now without crying, it brings back nice memories of my Mum singing it on a lovely family holiday in Lesvos one year. Music is unbelievably emotive, isn’t it?

It’s been stuck in my head for a different reason today though, the raindrops are actually falling – in their gazillions. The roads have turned into rivers and as I type this I have towels soaking up the water that’s pouring into the house under the patio doors. So much rain! I can’t remember when we last had this much rain. Even the ducks are sheltering. Torrential isn’t in it – and now a nice 50mph wind has come along to join it. You have to love an English summer!

So. For your wet Friday afternoon pleasure here it is:

Still on the subject of rain. The bride and groom from a couple of weeks ago came to view their proofs this morning. There’s was the wet wedding. The poor bride had had plans for us to photograph them all having a champagne breakfast on the terrace and photos of her with the dogs and the horses but the weather put paid to all that. She was brilliant on the day and just got on with enjoying it but I knew she was a bit disappointed.

I’d already made my mind up that if she was up for it we’d get her all dressed up again when the weather was nice and do the shots at the farm as she originally wanted. Ok, it won’t be her actual wedding day but they’ll be a nice keepsake. When they walked in with a nice big bottle of Bailey’s for us before they’d even seen their photographs the deal was done. This is my kind of couple! I’m pleased to report that they loved their photos. Especially the rainy ones.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up my new (to me) car. Yay! I’m really excited about it as the one I have now has been troublesome in the extreme. I’ll be glad to see they back of it. Not so much a Grand Vitara and a Crap Vitara. So if you see a nice blue Honda 4WD zooming round the lanes of a grim and rainy Lancashire tomorrow and the driver has a big silly grin on her face – that’ll be me!

It’s here, It’s here!

No, silly, not Christmas, that’s been and gone.

I’m talking about that elusive snow.

We’ve been spoilt for snow for the last two winters and I’ve been hoping for the same this year.  Every time the sky gets cloudy  (which is all the time) I’ve been looking at it hopefully and declaring, “Oooooh, it looks like it might snow.” Of course all we’ve had instead is rain, millions and millions of gallons of the bloody stuff and it’s brought it’s bully boy friend along as well, a stiff and cold wind,  to make things even more unpleasant.

Now, don’t try telling me that rain is just snow in a different form, you know,  like they say rain is liquid sunshine in the Caribbean, it won’t wash with me. Rain in Blighty is just rain – except when it’s miserable, driving, icy cold rain –  then it’s just ‘orrible rain.

I want my snow! Proper, white, fluffy, finger tingling, snow – and make it deep and crisp and even, as it says in the song. It’s been here by October for the last couple of years. What’s it done, gone and buggered off on a round the world cruise for a few months?

For days now the weather forecasters have been teasing us with it; ‘ It’s going to snow! The snow’s on it’s way.’ Only to follow it up with; ‘ Oh no, fooled ya! It was only hail, snow’s poor relation.’


They’ve been promising us snow for  over a week now and I’ve just about imploded with excitement. Did I mention I love snow?

It’s much heralded and imminent arrival has been causing so much excitement. It’s been the talking point in this area for days.

“Have you heard? It’s to snow tonight.” “Oh, I heard it was Monday.”  “Really? I saw gritters on the motorway so that must mean it’ll snow tonight.” and so on.

Love it or loath it, everyone’s  talking about it and constantly looking out of the window to see if it’s arrived. Until finally, this afternoon…….


Now admittedly it’s a bit watery and insipid, not the big, fat, fluffy  saucer sized flakes that quickly cover everything and make it look like a winter wonderland – but it’s a start. Hopefully it will get into the swing of things after it’s long vacation and build up to a proper snowfall overnight. If it does I’ll worry  about how I’m going to get to work on Sunday. Until then I’m going to enjoy every glorious minute of it.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Wilder than a wild thing

Woken up at some point during the night to the sound of the milk bottles making a two hundred yard dash up the track, clanking and clattering noisily as they went, pushed along by the  6o mph stiff breeze that’s assailing us at the moment, it crossed my mind that having a house at the top of a really steep hill on the moors isn’t always as idyllic as people think.

It’s all a bit Wuthering Heights  this morning, grim, cold, windswept and gloomy, with the added bonus of draughty and leaking windows and doors. Romantic location my ars……er……..eye.  Our address today is:  Grim Manor, Grim Street, Grimsville.

As for the view. Sod the view. There is no view anyway today as it’s so draughty I’ve got all the curtains shut on the windy side of the house to try and preserve some heat. So much for the super duper double glazing.

Never mind, running around un-decking the the halls of their boughs of holly  today should keep me warm. I’m just plucking up the courage to go outside and down to the stables to retrieve all the storage boxes for the decorations. I might get blown away. . Glad I don’t have any weddings booked this week.  That could be hard work in this weather.

According to the Met Office, Wales is going to be attacked today by a giant orange penis.


                                                                                                                                                                                                     Source: www.metoffice.gov.uk


Mind you, we’re getting off lightly. Some parts of the country have 95 MPH winds. Including the  part of Scotland where my heavily pregnant friend lives, the red bit on the map. Hope she manages not to go into labour for the next few days or that could all get very interesting for her.