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I have an interview later.

Some weeks ago I received a letter from the bank telling me that they had to interview me before 3rd January or they may have to close down my account. Something to do with money laundering, proving who we are etc. Money laundering. Eh?

This account is the teeny, tiny, macro sized sewing business that my friend Sandra and I have set up. We make a few bags, bunting, Christmas decorations and sell them to people we know, mostly.

I duly booked the appointment with the bank, speaking to a very nice chap on the phone he told me what information I would need to have to hand. Again. Eh?

This lot seems to think we are an international, multi layered corporation turning over millions. Didn’t they look at our account before getting in touch?

Now I’m digging out proofs of identity,  date the company started and all manner of other information that all seems a bit ridiculous. Still, we have to stay legal and transparent I suppose, especially with all tens of pounds that go through our account every month.