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I thought weekends were for relaxing..?

It’s been so busy this weekend, we’ve been running round like blue arsed flies. Friday night you already know about. I’m still recovering from that one!

Saturday we spent scrounging furniture and delivering it to someone we know who’s world fell out their bottom recently.  You’ll be glad to now thought that they now have a proper bed to sleep on and not just a blow up airbed that deflated every night meaning that they were effectively sleeping on a plastic sheet.

Now all we need to find is bedding, lamps, coffee tables, towels, clothes (yup, clothes) curtains and general everyday house stuff that you don’t  know you need till you need it and there will be a grave danger that this new emergency  house will start looking and feeling like a home.  Many, many thanks to those (and you know who you are) who have pulled out all the stops to help a person in dire need. They, and I, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday we did a wedding fayre at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel. We couldn’t even set up the display until half an hour before it was due to open as hotel guests were still having their breakfast in the room we’d been allocated.  That caused a bit of drama, ‘specially for the woman with the huge……….wedding cakes (haha, got ya!)

After a moan and rant about the  dark, hidden behind the door corner we’d been put in we quickly set up the display and had one of the busiest days ever!!   People were coming in and turning left to us instead of going up into the main room, it was brilliant!  Neither me not Boofuls had chance to draw breath all day long, lets hope it all converts into lots of bookings for next year.

Once we’d finished work and got home I set to in the kitchen to make C and Machinegun a nice roast dinner. C’s  finally starting to mend, she still looks like Marley’s ghost but definitely on the mend and I thought it was time she got a good meal inside her. It was darned good, even if I do say so myself.  Red pepper, butternut squash and cream cheese soup followed by roast chicken, roasties and a mountain of veg and then chocolate torte with cinder toffee ice cream.

The plan for today (isn’t this a really boring post) is to finally get together with bezzy mate and catch up on the gossip. Work is winding down for me now( Ha! Famous last words!) and I want to get all my last minute jobs and packing done without all the stress we had last time so I don’t end up on this most important holiday as frazzled and brittle as a piece of burnt bacon like I did last time.

Bearing that in mind, I’d better get moving and go and throw myself in the shower as I have a  major studio tidy up to do before giving bezzy mate the inspection tour. She hasn’t seen it since it was revamped.

Have  a nice day y’all!

Blimey, it’s busy

It’s been a tricky old weekend one way and another.  Not a terrible, ‘Oh my God, Never let me have another weekend  like that’, kind of tricky, just very busy, very taxing on the brain, frustrating and infuriating.

Rather than set off into a whinge fest I’m going to gloss over it all and move on.

Well, didn’t Scotty of the snack bar do well with his impromptu fundraiser last Sunday?  When I popped in for my usual jacket potato with tuna mayo the other day there was a sign up saying they’d raised a total of £410.40. Wow, isn’t that brilliant!! If everyone did that then little Madison would be in Germany having her treatment in no time at all.

Ok, it’s official. I’ am no longer a Primark virgin.  I’ve been watching with amusement and amazement at the uproar that the opening of a cheap clothes shop has caused in nearby Bigtown. Every time I’ve been in to town there have been people scuttling round with their tell tale brown paper carrier bags.  Last Thursday, in the absence of a dance lesson, I went to have a look at what all the fuss is about.

Well, it’s oooooooo      kkkkkkkkkkk  I suppose. There are some nice pieces of costume jewellery and it is undoubtedly cheap.  If I had young children or follwed fashion to the laetter and was in my 20’s then I’d probably be in their all the time for a cheap clothes fix. Cheap though is definitely the operative word. I ‘invested’ in two vest tops at £1.50 each thinking that you can’t go wrong with vest tops.  You can, you know.  While I was in the shop scrutinising them I thought they looked a bit small so I got a size 18 that’s a full two sizes too big.

Then I got them home and tried them on. Well. Talk about clingy!

Not only were they ridiculously clingy, they were down right tight, I could hardly breath in the damn things! They were long, though, I think I’ll give them to C to use as a dress.

Don’t think I’ll be dashing back to Primark any time soon. My Mum would have liked it: they had the nylon, elasticated waist trousers with the slight sparkle to the fabric that she used to favour.   Static electricity, here I come! Yeeeeuch!

Bizarrely enough they have put a very nice coffee shop right next to chav central  er… I mean Primark. What you don’t spend on clothes you can spend on stupidly overpriced coffee served by barista’s with bright smiiles and a chirpy manner, yeah, yeah, that’s only because it’s a novelty. Give ’em six months and they’ll have lost all that chirpiness when yet another born and bred lancastrian asks for a Laaaaaarrrrtttay in estuary English. Tsk. Television has a lot to answer for.

Of course we had to try it out. C had an iced laaaaaartay, oops sorry, latte, and I had a Sicilian lemonade which basically a lemon syrup slush puppy, both teeth rottingly sweet and lip puckeringly sour at the same time. Better add lip smackingly good to that because once I’d got used to the sweet, sour and cold, it was really rather nice and very refreshing. Baby E thought so as well.

Making it very clear that she thought my drink looked so much more interesting than hers, I obliged by letting her have a slurp. At the first taste she made the same face as I did when I first tried it – and then she went in for a bigger slurp, took too much at once and gave herself brain freeze.  I know it’s not funny that the baby had brain freeze and and that she shouldn’t  be drinking sweet drinks in any case…but it really was. I’m just a terrible grandmother!

This is the Life

What’s going on? Sitting here on a Thursday afternoon, glass of frizzante in front of me, the prospect of a lovely dinner followed by an evening lovlier pud and all courtesy of M & S’s,  ‘two for a tenner’ deal.

I’ve got that Friday feeling  – and it’s only Thursday!  (hang on…slurp ).  I have absolutely no right to have that Friday feeling today as I still have a ton of work to do including the stupidly late accounts.  I’m expecting the accountant to phone me and give me grief any day now.  I’m going to blame B – for the Friday feeling, not the accounts not being up to date – because he came home from work early so it feels like a Friday.

I’ll probably regret it  all later when it’s time to go out dog training and I’ve got a thick head and only want to sleep but at the moment it’s all very sophisticated and makes me feel like there is still a hint of summer in the air even though the clouds are glowering and threatening to empty tons of water on us at any moment, probably the very moment I take the dog for a walk as that seems to be the routine of late.  In the meantime though I’ll just sit and chat with you.

So. How have you been? Family all  alright? Work ok? How’s your bunions?  Good, good.

Me?  Ohhhhhh, it’s all good here.

We went to view a house we LOVED the other day. Now I know I loved the last one we went to see but that was only in lower case. We LOVE this one!  It’s at the end of our field.  That brilliant  medium I went to see told us we’d move to a house on the edge of where we live now.  Our buyers are due to turn up any day now and funnily enough I saw a huge beamer coming out of the top of our track earlier, I had to reverse to let them out.  They must have been doing a recce.  Asking price only, please. No offers.

Our posh cat spent a night on the tiles the other night. I don’t know what he got up to because all the wedding tackle was taken car e of years ago but whatever it was he got up to he was absolutely exhausted when he came in the following morning.  Taking up his favoured sleeping position on the back of the chair, he never moved all morning until it was time for me to take N to work. “Throw the cat out of here will you please, N.” I said.

N picked up the very floppy cat and place him on the stairs, elegantly draped over two steps. Five minutes later I walked past and the cat was still in exactly the same position as N had left him in, and fast asleep. he wearily opened one eye as I went past him and managed to get up another 5 steps before stopping for another short kip. It took him all day to recover from his night out, I’m sure I heard him saying to our other cat, “Never again, uuuuuuurrrggghhh.’


The Wednesday walk was good last night, for one: it didn’t rain till the last 10 minutes and not much then and two: the laugh we had.  The walk started, as it has all month, in Pleasington.  Fifty or so of us intrepid walkers set off for a brisk walk up through the yellow hills, so called because of the huge amount of gorse bushes. We got to the top in about half an hour, not bad going.  At the top of the hill there are magnificent views right across to the coast as well as a little natural lake which is quite pretty . Well, lake might be a bit of a grand word for it, it’s actually more like a pond. A small pond; more of a largish puddle really, but still a lovely spot.

As we approached the summit one by one we all noticed the young couple who’d obviously thought  they’d found a romantic, secluded spot where they’d never get disturbed as it was miles from anywhere.

Complete with blanket, picnic and champagne, they blushed furiously as fifty hikers went past with huge grins on their faces. “Lovely evening for it.” One wag said, which made them blush even more as ‘it’ had clearly been on the agenda.

To make it (the situation, not ‘it)  even worse (for them, not us) it was the very spot where we stop for a rest for a few minutes. There was absolutely nowhere for them to hide so they steadfastly tried to pretend we just weren’t there.  After a few minutes we set off on our travels again. We could almost hear their sighs of relief. The relief wouldn’t have lasted for long though, as we set off up the next hill a group of fell runners, about fifty of them ran down it, straight past…. yup, you’ve guessed it. Poor things.  I’d have given up and gone home.

Over the rainbow

The Wednesday walk was brilliant yesterday. A good, two hour yomp around Pleasington. This week there were no dogs or beginners to slow us down so it was full speed ahead. The half a mile of ankle deep cow muck/mud that we had to wade through wasn’t fantastic though. More than one person lost a shoe in it or had it pour in over the top of their boots. Luckily, I wasn’t one of them.  The walk leader’s ears must have been burning as there were plenty of dark mutterings aimed in his general direction for leading us through it.

It was a gorgeous, golden and warm,  albeit humid evening. A bit of a breeze would have been nice but you can’t have everything. As we walked we could see there was a thunderstorm brewing in the distance. We watched  the sky turn to that wonderful slate grey and yellowy colour  that you only see during a thunderstorm and it contrasted beautifully with the sunlight and the shadows dancing on the field around us.  If we hadn’t been walking so fast I’d have stopped to get photos of it.

We could hear the thunder rumbling away. It was God’s stomach rumbling because he’s waiting for his dinner is what my Mum used to say.  Well, I don’t know about that – what I did know was that there was a grave danger of getting the second good dousing of the day.

A light rain started to fall as we were about half a mile away from the end of the walk.   As we passed the railway station I spotted this gorgeous rainbow. I couldn’t see that it was a double rainbow until I downloaded the photos.

Rainbow over Pleasington
Double rainbow

Did I mention I’d hot a lomo app for my iphone. I did?  Oh well, this is what it did to the rainbow.  Incidentally, all of these are pretty much straight out of the camera, not bad for a phone.

Lomo app rainbow

After stopping for a couple of minutes to take a few photos of the rainbow and railway we headed back to our cars to make our way home.

Within seconds the heavens opened and torrents of water descended from the skies.  The drive home was interesting to say the least. As I arrived home B and N were both waiting for me at the front door with big grins on their faces expecting to see a drowned rat get out the car.  I think they were a bit disappointed when I told them I’d just missed the downpour.

Samlesbury Skirmish

What a beaut of a weekend!! From Friday to Sunday it’s been brilliant.

Nothing special happened Friday night, it was just a really nice evening spent in the company of my beloved. Isn’t it funny how the best times can be the simplest times?

Saturday was barbeque day, P and G weren’t planning to stay long because P needed to do a podcast about the E3 show and still had a ton of research to do. Hhhmm, it sounded like a plan, stay for a couple of hours and then go home and do some work. What actually happened: lots of fun and merriment mixed with various amounts of red wine, beer and vodka then getting home 5 hours later in no state to do any kind of anything never mind research!  What a great night.

Waking up to another glorious day on Sunday, I’m loving this summer, we scooped up a coupe of clingons and went to Samlesbury Hall in Blackburn for their medieval skirmish day.  There was a medieval village, food, crafts, stilt walkers, story tellers a magician and loads of other stuff. The reenactment of the battle of Bannockburn was hysterical, not to mention over in about a minute.  Not the cheapest day out by any any stretch of the imagination but it was a fantastic atmosphere and brilliant fun.

C’s beau took a few photos:


chain mail momma

s we were walking through the medieval village a chap collared me and suggested I try on the chain mail.   Bearing in mind the weather was blisteringly hot, he put me into a padded shirt, which I was glad about because I was wearing a halter neck dress and  didn’t fancy cold metal on my bare back, a chain mail vest, a padded hat, a chain mail hat, a metal helmet, a shield and a sword. The whole ensemble looked very fetching, I thought. It also weighted about 40 pounds. How the hell soldiers used to fight in that stuff is beyond me, I could hardly move.

the children got their faces painted

Of course the children got their faces painted, it just has to be done. Actually L, decided not to and got a private performance from the magician!!!!

Picnic time for clingons

he knights were a bit scary, clip clopping round the arena on their  pretend horses. I must say the crowd get into the spirit of things and booed like good uns when the ‘Scots’ arrived.  “Boooooooo, yer baddies boooooooooo!”

medieval knights

The chap holding the sword aloft was taking great delight in telling us all that it’s called a ‘bastard sword’ and telling all the kids that becasue it was the name of the sword it wasn’t swearing so they could say it as much as they liked. he certainly repeated it plenty of times. “BAAAAAAAAASTARD SWORD, got it? BAAAAAAAAAAASTARD!!!!  Hehe.

A few random photos for you

There have been a few things going on this last little while, Great Harwood agricultural show was brilliant. Here are a few belated pictures.

I’ve never seen a hunt master in his hunting pinks and a pack of hounds before. As much as I don’t agree with fox hunting I must admit that the horse and hounds make an impressive sight.

Horse and hounds
Three generations

Here is C and B looking somewhat less than intelligent. I’m not sure what was going on – no one said there was a gurning competition.

Olive Oyl and Desperate Dan in a gurning competition
Very elegant show jumping
Not so elegant - the welly throwing competition

These next few photos are from my walks with poochie:

One of our favourite walks takes us through the woods, over the fields and behind the cemetery,  there is a steep slope and at the bottom of it is this tree all decorated with teddy bears, silk flowers and notes to loved ones who have passed away.  Although many of the items on the tree have clearly been there for a very long time, new items are added regularly.  Very bizarre.

flower tree

Here’s a closer look:

flower tree 2

Further round on this same walk we have to cross the orange stream:

Orange stream

One of our other walks takes us through sunny hurst woods and down by the lake. Usually at this point the dog gets stricken by deafness and she can’t hear a thing as I’m shouting to her to keep away from the water:

poochie swimming

Ah, we live such exciting, adrenalin fuelled  lives here, betcha wish you lived on the edge like we do  haha.

Race for Life

We did it then. Me and Gembolina completed the Race for Life. Actually, such a lot of fuss, it was only 5 K  I do more than that with the dog on a daily basis. Mind you, the atmosphere was amazing. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do it again next year and see if I can beat my time of 40 minutes.

Some of those girls in the race could be arrested for crimes against fashion and wearing offensive leggings. I still shudder at the sight of the well built girl with the tights that she obviously bought thinking they were leggings – and the waaaaay too small white knickers she had underneath them. Would it have been a kindness to tell her halfway round the course that the ‘leggings were stretched so thin around the um, backside department that they were transluscent?   Probably not.

The poor girl would then have walked the rest of the course dying a thousand deaths knowing that next weeks washing was being pointed at and mocked by the whole world, well, maybe not the whole world, just the other 1699 entrants.  Her friend and partner in crimes of fashion had the foresight to cover up her transluscent leggings and thong with a teeny tiny tutu that amounted to little more than a frill.

I of course was a picture of sartorial elegance, as you can see.

Before the Race for Life

I felt positively elegant in my tutu, fairy wings, slightly too small Race for Life T shirt that made me look like Jessica Rabbit in the boob department (actually I’m not sure I’d like to look like a rabbit no matter how curvaceous)  and sparkly socks. One has to keep up the standards, you know.

gerbera tattoo

P & G had decided to take the dog along to join in all the fun so I took her round the course with me. As we crossed the finish line I asked if she could have a medal as well because she’s a girl and she completed the race.  I didn’t really think she’s get one but she did!   I have got a pic of P from work who jogged the course and finsihed in 36 minutes. I can’t tell you what an enormous achievement this was for her – I’m so proud of her I could just weep. Well done PW -Winklepop!!!!

Me n P before the race
We did it!!

All proudly wearing our medals.