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Doorstop bereavin’

It’s no secret that we love living in south Devon. Now its autumn and we have a bit more time on our hands we’ve been getting out a bit more.  One thing I’ve noticed on our travels is that so many of the business names are so similar.

Salt Rock, Rock Salt, Rock Fish, Salt Water, Wierd Fish, On the Rocks, all names that have been carefully picked to conjure up images of the coast, the seaside, fresh fish, fantastic food, holidays, sailing and generally how good life is on the coast.

Trouble is they are all so similar that they all run together in my mind.

Can I recommend a good restaurant? Yeah. Try Rock Water er….I mean Salty Fish Water.  Eh? Oh no.  I mean Weird Cod Rocks. Or do I mean Rock Fish Balls or maybe Water Salt?

Come on guys. Come up with something a bit more memorable!


Did I mention that Lashes and I have joined a choir? No? Wow! You must be the only people in the world who don’t know.

We are LOVING it.

One of the songs we are learning at the moment is ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.  Every week about fifty of us traipse up to the local village hall to warble away like little (and not so little ) rocking songbirds.

One of the choir members is a really lovely Chines lady who just beams all the way through the evening. She’s a delight to be around. Or so I thought. She sits in the alto section where Lashes sits. I sit in the soprano section so I’m never really near her when she’s singing.

Last week as we left the choir lashes glowered at me and announced that she wouldn’t be sitting near the Chinese woman again.

“She puts me right off.”
“Why’s that then? I thought she was lovely.”
“She is but her accent is so strong and her voice so loud I can’t tune her out.”

It turns out that this lovely lady booms out her own version of the lyrics:

‘Doorstop bereavin…hode on to a fee-ee-eeri-i-i-n’
street rife peepoh…ohhhhh-ohhh-OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!…

Strangers waitin’ up a’ dow’ a’ bourevar..shadows searching i’ a’ niiiiiiigh’

Bless her, I liked her even more when I discovered this.  I’m not going to be sitting near her anytine soon though.

Just as a Saturday treat, here is the original  version:


Snap, snap, snap

It’s a snappy old week one way and another, the cold snap continues and I’m loving it. The temperature has hardly risen above zero for well over a week now but it’s as still and crisp as a crispy still thing and positively calls out to me to grab the dog and get walking.

If only I could, just as the weather is perfect, I’m picking up work left, right and centre. My shutter button finger has definitely worked overtime this week and will continue to do so. I’ve been snapping away almost every day. Long may THAT continue!

Boofuls has had a busy old time at work as well, for the first time in years the Christmas rush really is a rush and not just a small blip on the monthly turnover chart.  In addition to that, some  of my family are having a few domestic issues and it’s causing a few people to be a bit snappy. Honestly, it’s like walking on eggs.  The word ‘tosser’ has been bandied around a lot more than usual this week.

I remember the days when a tosser was a huge Scots bloke with a penchant for chucking tree trunks around, when did it evolve into a pejorative word? Or is it  even being uses as a pejorative word at all, maybe the people using it know something I don’t?

Have hoards of Caledonians secretly emigrated south due to the extreme cold in Scotland to introduce their bizarre sport to we  Sassenachs?  I mean, if blokes are going to wear skirts and no knickers it is going to get a wee bit draughty round the old Trossachs, isn’t it?   It must be feeling positively tropical here, south of the border.

What about their training kit?  Their kit bags must be huge! Do they carry their preferred tree round with them or do they cut a new one down every time the want to practice? No wonder deforestation is a problem if that’s the case.

I don’t think there’s too much chance of tossing taking hold as a sport in this immediate area, have you seen the scrawny wee runts round here? Most of them would have trouble lifting anything heavier than a can of lager and a fag ( that’s cigarette, to you Americans). Good job really, I don’t fancy walking down the street to have cabers flying at from from all directions as the tossers  get down to work.  it sounds a bit hazardous to me.

Talking of work: today  my lunchtime photo shoot has been cancelled as the sprog has a cold so I’m off to meet a bride to be to schmooze her into booking us to shoot her wedding. Better get moving.