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Advent is here! Yay!

That means that is officially Christmas. No. Wait. What?

By the standards of some people we have been posivitely lackadaisical when it comes to getting up our Christmas decorations, I mean, it’s the 2nd December. I know some people who have had them up for a month already.

Lashes made a start on our decorations today. Off I went to a Christmas fair and an event put on by the council celebrating Christmas by the sea. By the time I got back there was a hoofing great Christmas tree in the reception area of Boofuls Towers Lodging Emporium, half decorated and with various bits of tinsel, baubles, beads and innumerable other items of Christmas paraphernalia littered all over the floor, the stairs, the landing, the dining room and the living room. Obviously having got bored with the job half way through, it is still all over the place. She left the reception lights left on as well so all and sundry can admire the glittery detritus and half decorated tree through our humongously large glass doors and floor to ceiling windows. Basically, the front wall is made of glass. Good advert, eh?

Moving on to the dining room, that is in a state of total disarray due to the fact that we are having a new carpet put in there next week and I decided that all the woodwork needed a good coat of fresh paint before the new carpet went down. Boofuls and Lashes got to work moving out all the furniture and pulling back the old, disgusting carpet. Not that that room is big or anything but it was as cheap to buy a whole roll of carpet as it was to get it cut to the room size, so we decided to do the stairs and landing with the offcuts.

Those of you who know me or are have read the blog a few times might have noticed something odd.

What’s that? I can hear you saying. That, dear reader, is the fact that I have allowed another person to get involved in the decorating of the Christmas tree and other decorations. Unbloodyheardof. Lashes had to wait till I went out to make a start without my getting in the way and trying to muscle in on the job.

Why’s that then?

Convalescing, that’s what.

On the one hand, having a major operation in November is brilliant as I have all winter to get back to full strength.  On the negative side, it’s Christmas!  So much to do. So many parties to go to. So much Christmas shopping to do. So much decorating and renovating to do.

God, it’s hard handing it over to other people. It’s just not in my nature to let other people do all the work. If I wasn’t so exhausted I’d put up a hell of a fight. As it is, I just look at it all and go “That’s my job….I’ll just have a little snooze.”

It’ll all be worth it in the end. In the meantime, I have to take a back seat and let the other get on with it all.

Right, I’m going to sign off now, time for another little snooze. With a bit of luck all will be decorated and tidied up by the time I wake up.

Bye! Bye! See you next year!

Cowardice made me stay indoors today rather than get my new year get fit campaign off to a flying start by going for a walk on the moor with Mrs Woofy.

My reasoning being that out in the open it was so windy (and still is) that we’d be blown of our feet. Poor Munki was pushed up the drive by the wind earlier, her little feet were going ten to the dozen and struggling to keep pace with the cold and fierce westerly that’s been battering us all day.  Lashes had to run after her to rescue her before she got blown over. Anyway, back to excuses for not going walking. Down in the woods we’d likely get hit by flying trees or branches. Hhmm. What to do instead?

Take down the Christmas decorations. I’m always sad when I have to take them down but since only mad people leave them up all year I always think it’s best to get them down before we get fully into the swing of being back at work. With the ipod on shuffle and playing a delightful medley ranging from Michael Buble to Reel Big Fish, Whitesnake and Benny Hill, among others, I got down to the task of de-decking.


Of course I have some pride. I only have Benny Hill songs on there to entertain the clingons when they’re here. I don’t choose to listen to him – except today when it was playing “Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West’, while I was standing on a chair with both arms full of christmas lights and unable to hit the ‘next’ arrow’ so even that wasn’t really choosing to listen to him.

Moving on:

Carefully wrapping up my old favourites, each with it’s own special memories and my new favourite decorations with their new  memories of the fun of buying them and putting them on the tree. Tsk. Talking of memories, I forgot to put the Christmas turtle on the tree. Oh how I was mocked when I bought that turtle on our family holiday last year. That turtle holds a whole host of memories and it hasn’t even made it as far as the tree yet.

I decided to grab my camera and shoot a few frames of my li’l Christmas pals.  I’ve also included one of Batty from when she was my Ice Princess, one of my favourite photos EVER!

So Goodbye, Christmas elephants (christmas elephants?!)

Goodbye, singing snowchild withe the spooky black eyes.

Goodbye, strawbeardy Father Christmas, have a good rest before starting on this year’s work

Goodbye Fairy with the ginger curly hair who looks just like Lashes (she’ll kill me for that haha)

Goodbye, jolly stick men and all my other favourite Christmas toys and decorations, see you all next December!

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Back to normal?

It’s pretty much all over now so it’s time to get myself back on the weightwatchers no points soup and fresh fruit for the foreseeable future. Ah well it was nice while it lasted.

Of course all the countdown to New Year programmes have started I’ve never been the biggest fan of New Year, too many grim childhood memories to make it an enjoyable occasion – but we won’t dwell on that. Christmas has always been the biggest thing for me and I’ve mananged to pass that down onto my family as well.

Talking of family, we all got together for Christmas pie the other night. All the left over turkey as well as a gammon joint and sausages went into a huge pie with a rich bechamel sauce and covered with lovely buttery, shorter than short pastry all made by my own fair hand. I was quite proud of it even if I do say so myself.

Pastry is a funny thing, isn’t it. I find people can either make it well – or they can’t. My Mum made fantastic cakes and was a brilliant coook but turning out a good pastry always eluded her. I can make decent pastry but cakes? Nah.  Usually heavy and flat. I’d rather make a pie any day.

Which are you best at, cake or pastry?

I took a few photos of the table before people arrived:

And after they left:


This next one was me after the clean up operation:

It was a brilliant night but I was exhausted after it.


The prize for the person with the funniest decorations this year goes to Bezzy Mate:



Saturday night

After a busy days shooting at the studio we got home just as it was starting to go dark so not really much chance of getting on with much work on the outside of  the house.

The plan had been to re-gravel the drive and fill in all the holes on our track ready for winter. The builder’s merchant in his wisdom decided to drop the two, one ton bags of gravel plus a pallet of breeze blocks and sand and cement at the top of the track, 300 yards away from where we need it to be. Having driven down our track on numerous occasions he’s now decided that it’s too dangerous and he can’t do it. I’m not seeing it myself. What do you think? Dangerous?

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I can only assume that he’s frightened of neighing horses, being cawed at by an angry magpie or chased by a hungry bunny, come to think of it, it’s probably better if you don’t wear that bright orange jacket..

I can’t imagine how they thought we were going to get it all  from point A to point B. In a wheelbarrow, perhaps?  Not only did they drop it at the  top of the track, which is our grumpy neighbour’s land not ours, they dropped it in such a way as to totally block the gate to his field. He’ll go NUTS  if he sees it!

After a short discussion, in which for once we were unanimous in our thinking, Boofuls and I  decided that the builder’s merchant could just come and get his stuff and take it right back where it came from and if it got nicked in the meantime or bulldozed by the neighbour then it was their own stupid fault for leaving it in such a ridiculous place. Have these people no brains at all?

So, light failing, no building materials to work with. What to do?

Get showered and changed into something comfortable ie  jammies, catch up on some telly, light a few candles, eat chocolate, drink wine, enjoy each other’s company and have a thoroughly lazy and enjoyable extended evening, that’s what.

It was the best Saturday evening we’ve had for ages.  Thanks, builder’s merchant for giving us this Saturday back.

We’ve been watching a programme called Frozen Planet, which isn’t  surprising considering my love affair with the frozen north. It’s a documentary about the Arctic regions and the time lapse photography  is eye poppingly and jaw droppingly good. If you get a chance to watch it on BBC iplayer or something, as we’re doing now, then it’s well worth giving up a few hours of your lives for. Mind you, anything with penguins in it has got to be worth watching. I think penguins are the funniest creatures on the planet.  Click here for a peak at some of the amazing photography.

So what’s the plan for today then?

It’s going to be FAB! Bezzie mate and her husband are coming to visit. Every year we get together on Christmas  morning to  eat croissants, drink champagne and generally get ourselves in the Christmas spirit  for a couple of hours before  going off to look after our respective families and cook our respective Christmas dinners. Today they’re coming up for a practice run ( of the eating and  drinking, not of the cooking).   I mean, it’s a serious business, we have to make sure we get it right!

Talking of Christmas, Has anyone seen any houses trimmed up yet? I have.  Last Thursday I saw a tree twinkling away in a house window, tinsel sparkling and lights flashing.

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you’re doing.2011, christmas,

Ho! Ho! Ho!