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and so that was Christmas…

It rolls around every year and yet it still seems to take us all by surprise. One minute it’s months away and then before you know it, it’s here. Here in all it’s noisy, messy, colourful, chaotic  gloriousness.

I’m not going to lie, I really struggled to drum up a bit of Christmas spirit this year.  Its been a hard year for many a reason and personally I can’t wait to see the back of it. But you know what?  Me being a misery wasn’t going to make Christmas fun for anyone so I turned my frown upside down, with the help of a little bit of good news, cracked on.

First up was a trip ‘up country’ as they say round here to go and see the northern element of the family.  Boofuls, Douggie the doggie, Munki and I all set off on our road trip. A long journey becomes both a lot more fun but also a lot more stressful with an eleven year old in tow. Constant chatter and requests. She wanted to stop at every service station to see if they sold katsu chicken because she loves it.  Boofuls wasn’t so keen on the katsu but he did get a nice KFC. Funnily enough he had an overwhelming feeling that he was being watched while he ate it.


The whole journey was a munchie and music fest. At one point Munki was sitting in the back of the car listening to classical music. Multiple renditions of Offenbach’s Galop Infernal got a bit wearing after a while to be honest.

Once we reached grey and rainy Lancashire we headed for our home for the next few days. A lovely cottage up on the moors.  All decked out with a Christmas tree and little treats here and there.  A bowl of sweets and lots of thoughtful little touches, it all started to feel a bit more festive.


Then of course we went straight to see The Rev, Gembolina, Big N, Batty and Dangerous.

Isn’t it funny how you don’t realise quite how much you have missed someone until you see them again? It was very difficult to release them from my hugs.   I was a bit surprised to see that Munki is now taller than her cousins and indeed her aunty (yes, ok, and me).

Amid much chatter and laughter plans for an early Christmas the following day were made. Chinese take away and presents. A Christmas with a difference. The time flew by.

Over the next few days we caught up with friends and family before we set off back to Boofuls Towers.

Munki had been given a laptop for Xmas but no cover for it so I made this little bag for it on Christmas Eve. I quite like it.


Christmas Day arrived for the second time!

Since Boofuls Lodging Emporium was closed to the public we divided the dining room to make it a bit cosier and had a glorious time. As mad as it is with small children around, Christmas is always better with them. Exhausting but better.

We played lots of silly party games all day. This turned out to be a cracking idea as it spread dinner out over a four hour period and kept the kids occupied.   I don’t know where those kids get their energy from, they just kept going!

Baby Dougal’s  first Christmas was so exciting for him. He tried his best to join in with everything.  Such a sweet natured child.  At half past midnight the kids  were still up and raring to go having been singing carols on the karaoke for ages.  Where did that time go?  Mind you. Im not sure they stayed awake for many minutes after they got to bed. I know I didn’t!

No sophisticated or grown up decorations for the table this year. It was snowmen and elves all the way. Fabulous!


Douggie the doggie loves to open presents. At least this one was his. He’s not really fussy who’s gift he opens.


Little git was just bemused by the whole thing.


Since Lashes et al stayed over Boxing day was pretty much a repeat of Christmas Day except that we were all exhausted.  The weather was grey and stormy and I was wishing I hadn’t commited to doing the annual Boxing Day dip for charity this year. But commit I had so my ‘dip’ buddy and I set off to the beach with the hundred or other mad souls who’d also talked themselves into it.

God, it was cold!!!!

Of course, once you get in the water its ok. We pranced about a bit and made a little video for our sponsors as evidence that we’d done it.

It was all worth it as we raised a goodly amount of money for our choir’s chosen charity this year which is  Guide Dogs. We felt very virtuous on our way home to treat ourselves to a hot chocolate with brandy.

By lunchtime the excesses of the previous week were catching up. Lashes, Beardy guy and the kids went home and Boofuls and I settled down in peace, perfect peace to watch a fil…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ok, we spent the afternoon asleep.

So there you are. That was our Christmas, how was yours?