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Has anyone seen my mojo?

I seem to have lost it.  It’s usually up on the moors but I had a good look for it this morning while  Velcrodog and me watched the sun rise but I couldn’t even find it there.

Without mojo. Mojoless. Sans mojo.  Hope I find it again soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the sunrise, it was lovely. There may have been one or two little effects applied. You have to love a Lomo app.


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a bit of light music

As part of our celebrations I’d put together the most fantastic playlist. Thank God I put it onto my iphone or we’d have been music-less on the day.  Sicne it’s such a fantastic playlist  and it would be a shame to waste it, I thought I’d put it on here for your delectation.

Some of the tracks are just ones that we like, others have great sentimental significance and cause me to fill up every time I hear them.

This first track was my ‘walking in with Big N’ music:

Noah and The Whale. 5 Years Time

Next up was our ‘signing the register’ music:

Louis Armstrong. What a Wonderful World

Then was our ‘ end of the service’ music

Paulo Nutini. Pencil Full of Lead

After that was a fabulous selection of music which included:

Jackie Wilson’s Higher and Higher

A few tracks from Robbie William’s Swing When You’re Winning

A bit of Queen ( had to be done)

Yolanda B Cool and DCUP’s  I No Speak Americano

And a fair selection of my bangingest Latin American music tracks including, ‘Eoaeo’. You can’t not smile when you’re listening to lyrics like:

“I cannot stop this leg of mine when there’s boom chica boom chica boom.”

It’s been a bit windy round here today.  Our dear old darwen Tower has been reduced from this:

Darwen Tower and clingons

To this:

Topless Darwen Tower

It’s topless. oo-er missus!

We had winds of up to 80 mph here last night. The wind wailed and howled round the house all night long with occasional gusts that rattled the windows and  scared the cats (and me).  We seem to have escaped with no damage but the tower is looking more than a bit sorry for itself.  Winter is well and truly here.

On a more tranquil note; here is a photo of the bandstand in Sunnyhurst Woods from when I was there with Mrs Woofy the other day.

Bandstand, Sunnyhurst woods

Happy weekend!

keep your fingers crossed for the gorgeous weather to last all weekend so we can all get outside and enjoy the summer while it’s here.  me? I’m dreaming of cucumber sandwiches, Pimms and basking in the shade.

For whatever barmy reason, me and P from work decided to go for a walk up to Darwen Tower today. ARE WE MAD???? The mercury is bouncing off the ceiling and we decide to walk up the steepest hill we can find – just for the sake of it??!!

Not a breath of wind to cool us down, the climb up to the tower was flippin’ hard work.  Once we got to the tower then of course we had to climb to the top of it, just because we could. We were a bit surprised to see a scouser up there, we don’t get many of those round these parts.At this point I am going to resist all the way too easy and  stereotypical jokes about scousers, scallywags, roofs and lead and move swiftly on:

Apparently he’s a builder who’s been working on the new academy in town and curiousity  brought him up for a look. I don’t think he was over impressed till I pointed out the way home to Liverpool to him then he perked up tremendously. He was convinced he could see Liverpool Cathedral, I think he was looking at Blackpool Tower at the time.

Arriving home, glowing because of course ladies don’t sweat, B has informed me that he’s going to need my help to make the A frame I’ve asked him to make to keep the dog amused. I’m hiding in the office for a while on the pretext of checking my emails. Dagnabbit, he’s noticed I’m missing. Sigh. Oh well, better go and lug some wood around.