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and in other news…

So, it’s been a busy week in politics.

Yesterday I was trying to explain to our granddaughter, Munki that we are living in extraordinary times, the history lessons of the future.

If you are looking for a good old political debate, you’ve found the wrong blog. I’m just a disillusioned, skint and worried about the future of our country voter, watching with concerned eyes as our country tears itself apart. I’m not clever enough to fully understand it all but here’s my two penn’orth as I see it.

While I was watching the news about the vote of no confidence in Theresa May, it struck me how much like a pack of howling, baying wolves her opponents are. My God, these are the people we trust to run our country.

You know, whether you love or hate Theresa May, you have to admire her fortitude in continuing to do the job of getting us out of Europe after the constant attacks on her from all sides.

I’m bloody certain she’d be able to do a much better job if she was able to concentrate on the task she’s been given, nay, not given, I should have said the job she had foisted on her,  instead of constantly having to ward off attacks from those who should be putting our country, rather than their own careers,  at the forefront of events.

Like it or not, the country, albeit halfheartedly, voted to leave Europe. I’ll say that again. The country voted to leave.  Yes,  it was a close vote. If everyone who’s now shouting their mouth off had got off their arses and voted we might have had a clearer picture of what the nation wanted to happen but the result still came out as ‘leave’ and so that is what must happen.  Theresa May is carrying out the wishes of the electorate. Whether you, I or she agrees with the result of the vote is irrelevant. The country voted. Last time I looked we still lived in a democracy, although I am beginning to wonder about that.

Poor woman is having to make it up as she goes along. Everything happening now is unprecedented. It’s not like there’s a bloody training manual telling her how to do it, is there? Every single step of the way she is feeling her way through and trying to get the best deal for her country. That, in the face of   immense opposition from the EU and while simultaneously keeping a watchful eye over her shoulder for the knives of her own colleagues about to stab her in the back.

I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure no one works at their best under that kind of pressure.

If I had a complaint it would be that we wouldn’t be in this position now if the people of this country had bothered to get off their arses and vote in the last referendum.

Mind you, we were, and still are, being fed so much hyperbole it’s impossible to know the truth from the lies. Does anyone really have the full picture?

I shall keep watching, worrying and getting poorer until it all sorts itself out.

And in other news…A Devonshire woman bludgeoned her husband to death for his refusal to get a bloody hearing test when he so obviously needs one.

A police spokesperson said that no court in the land would convict her as  having every single thing she said met with,  EH? WOSS ‘E SAY? and “turn it up, love”, amounts to abuse and could be a cause of temporary insanity.

My own personal favourite, is his endearing habit of whipping his head round, jumping like he’s been stung and then declaring, “Wot you shouting ’bout? I never heard a bloody thing.” Precisely, my love. Precisely. GET A BLOODY HEARING TEST!!!!!

Woss ‘e say?

Boofuls has been struck deaf.First in one ear and now the other. Oh what joy. He’s had a low level cough and cold for weeks and now that he’s stopped running round like a headless chicken it seems to be taking hold. The end result is that the telly is now on blaringly loud and every now and then he’ll turn to me and shout “Woss ‘e say?” sounding uncannily like his Dad.  If he doesn’t make an appointment soon to get his ears syringed I’ll be doing it myself, it’s driving me mad. Eh?

So. Another Christmas has been and gone.

The dog has been a bit perplexed by it all, I mean, hat’s the point of having a tree in the house if you aren’t even allowed to pee on it? Seriously, whats the point? Eventually he got the idea that it was neither for peeing on nor  a source of hanging toys for his delight, entertainment or  edification and he’s since treated it with the disdain he considers it deserves.

I was on Facebook earlier when I found this link to a list of peculiarly British problems. Obviously I had to go and take a look. I wish I could say it’s a load of tosh but……

British problems

The worst by far to someone of my tender sensibilities is number 10. “Of accident.” Excuse me? Is that even English? I’m sure you meant ‘by accident’. It assails my ears as badly as nails down a blackboard.

While I’m on the subject of language, perhaps you could clear up a mystery for me.  I’m quite good at telling the time, have been since quite a young age actually. I know that when the big hand reaches 9 it’s a quarter to the hour and when it reaches 3 it’s a quarter past the hour. What the hell does the American: ‘It’s a quarter OF the hour mean? Items like this need to be clarified to prevent international time keeping disasters.