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Christmas Day in the Mad House

A Christmas days go yesterday’s was just about perfect.

The day got off to a cracking start at bezzie mates. Copious amounts of champagne and croissants set us up nicely for the day ahead.  Next we went to Len’s Mum and Dad’s for Bucks Fizz. When we arrived we realised that his Mum had put on a full buffet for us!!  Oh Lordy!

After having already consumed my own weight in croissants I didn’t really feel the need for more food but of course not wanting to offend I got stuck in and gave it my  shot. I noticed that my  food   achilles heel was there – honey coated cashew nuts. I could eat them till hell freezes over. Nom nom nom choff slurp.

A quick detour in Bigtown to scoop up little bro and we were all assembled at home for the pressie fest.  Lashes had made some canapes so we tucked into those as well. At this point I was starting to feel like I was starring in the Christmas episode of the Vicar of Dibley when Geraldine has three Christmas dinners.

The table I’d got ready the night before, here it is before it got demolished:

The television behind  The Rev caused me much hilarity as I downloaded the photos:

I don’t know what Gembolina just said but it must have been bad if it got a reaction from The Rev AND the man in the box:


And then provike a reaction like this one. Look behind you, Son!

Look behind you!

Len was really shocked.

Is it always like this?

Everyone else though had a lovely time, oblivious to the drama going on in the corner.

A few winter pictures

Exactly what I needed today – a brisk walk with Mrs Woofy and a clingon in -5 temperature to clear my brain and restore a bit of equilibrium.

Call these photos the pre shot as I’m planning t get out with one of my hoofing great cameras later in the week to get some proper photos.  Here are they are – the  brain clearers:

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