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Being a part of a little bit of history

Do you remember the ’60’s?

Do you remember where you were when Princess Diana died?

Iconic moments in history.

This weekend has been one of those iconic historical moments in the making.

It’s history happening right now. Living history, history that is shaping our lives and attitudes while we watch it happen. History that we have actually been a part of.

I find that quite mind boggling.

The thing about history happening now is that it can be documented in detail that has ever been possible in the past. Social documentary to saturation point. How marvelous. . Every gesture, grimace, glance caught on some kind of media or another to be transmitted instantly around the world and more importantly, documented. A fantastic resource for the historians of the future

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that the Queen has been having  a bit of a bash this weekend.

Sixty years as a reigning monarch. Job well done if I may say so, Ma-am.

Up and down the country and even in the far flung corners of the Commonwealth, communities have joined together to honour the momentous occasion.

Here is our little contribution to the festivities:

The plan had been that all the guests would bring some food for the barbecue and  some dessert so there would be plenty to go round. Oh my Lord! Everyone brought everything! I’ve never seen so much food in one place except in a supermarket.  The sun decided to play, we all had a lovely time. It was a fabulous day

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Happy Diamond Jubilee, Ma-am

congratulations on your diamond jubilee, Ma-am. That’d be ma-am as in jam not ma-am as in arm.

We’re holding the Teenytown diamond jubilee street party today. Well, I say street party but as we don’t actually have a street,  and it piddled down with rain all day yesterday we’re holding it in our barn. The patio was all bunting-ed up, the barn swept, cleaned and bedecked with twinkly lights and flags, tables and chairs begged, stolen and borrowed from wherever we could get them.

Last night I made a dozen jubilee jellies and this morning I’m going to set to and make a mountain of scones. The food will be provided by way of a Jacob’s join. Rather than the traditional sandwiches, we decided to have a barbecue

This morning the rain has stopped and the sun is trying his best to shine, it’s  going to be a lovely day.

First job of the day though is to take Douggie on a nice walk, not that he’s dropping me any hints or anything but he’s dangling his lead in front of my face as I’m trying to type.

I’ll tell you the full story of the day later. Happy jubilee, everyone.