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Urgent! Save England’s Forests!

I’ve just read a news report that it I hadn’t seen with my own eyes I would never have believed. It’s a plan to sell off England’s forests to the highest bidder.

What do our Government think they are playing at?

Luckily, they haven’t been able to sneakily sell it off from under our feet.

Petitions and action groups have been set up to voice the opinions of  the nation.  I wasted no time in adding my voice to the thousands of others who feel that a move like this can only be detrimental to the good of our beautiful country. Do you want to add yours? Here’s the link to Save England’s Forests

back to reality

B and me arrived back in good old Blighty at  5.00 am yesterday morning to blazing sunshine and gentle breezes.  We had a fantastic holiday but it was good to see England again.

Off the ship by 7.30, we were on the road home by 8.00 am and sitting in our garden by 2pm, not a bad journey at all.  C and Ben did a bit of shopping for us and we had a bbq, drank a lot and laughed till  we (I ) cried. I’ve got loads to tell you and photos to share but I need to sort it all out before posting it or I’ll  get all my mucking fountries cuddled.

More later!!