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Virtual Choir

I found this while I was blog surfing and waiting for my one o’clock appointment to show up (1,30 now – still no show).
Composer/conductor Eric Whitacre has created a virtual choir. He videotaped himself conducting, then asked singers to record themselves singing and  then send it on to him. He then merged their voices and videos electronically. The end result is the amazing recording above – 185 singers making exquisitely beautiful music together.

You can be part of Whitacre’s next virtual choir performance – no auditions are necessary, according to info on his facebook page, where he states he wants to compose an original piece and assemble a choir of hundreds, even thousands.  Watch for the announcement, either on his facebook or youtube pages, then make and send in your recording.

Source:  The Blog that Ate Manhattan

See what you think. It made go all gosebumpy.