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Grandad! This is really important

Young Munki has had a friend round to play this afternoon. Munki and her friend have had quite a boring afternoon. It’s really cold so they can’t play in the garden for long, they can’t be bothered with anything really. That’s never a good thing.

At one point they came in from outside for the umpteenth time, leaving the door wide open yet again. “Grandad! We need you to do something.” His reply was that he was working and to find something to do. “Grandad, this is really important! You need to stop working and do this for us, it’s really important. With a huge sigh he turned to Munki and Anna.

“What’s so important that I have to stop work and do this immediately for you?” “Well, Anna’s cat ran away in 2016 and we need you to make a poster about it in case anyone has found it.”

“I beg your pardon? You want me to stop working to make a poster about a cat that went missing two years ago?” “Yes, someone might have seen it.” It was about point when Boofuls suggested that Munki might like to create and print a poster on her own computer. Her reply went a bit like this. “I’VE TOLD YOU I CAN’T PRINT ON MY COMPUTER!!!” She might as well have added, ‘You stupid man!’

Munki is getting to the stage where she likes to live dangerously, It was certainly dangerous for Boofuls, I thought he was going to have a stroke! He went bright red and huffed a bit before gaining control of himself and suggesting that they might like to find something else to occupy their time with.

Moving on – in other news. My friend Kery saw a poster advertising a psychic night in a local cavern. Yes, you did read that correctly it was a cavern and not a tavern.  There is a place nearby that has caverns, stalagmites, stalactites, eerie rock formations and very good mood lighting. Actually, a perfect location for a night with the spooks.

We coughed up our £25 each and turned up at the appointed hour excited and ready to receive spectacular evidence from beyond the grave. chairs were set out theatre style and the mediums worked from the front of the cavern. Shame that, we couldn’t see a damn thing.  The show started – with a man and his guitar singing a song about Torquay.  I’m trying to be kind here – it was utter rubbish.

It went along the  lines of: ‘Here’s a town called Torquay, it’s next to the sea, let’s go, you and me, to a town called Torquay. Like I said, utter rubbish. Kerry, being from Essex and very outspoken voiced her opinion in a stage whisper that would have woken the dead.

“What a load of facking’ rubbish. I ain’t payin’ good fackin’ money to sit through this fackin’ shit, Fack me. I could fackin’ write a better fackin’ song than fackin’ that. “Ere, cam on – let’s go and get a fackin’ drink.

So, we went off into the reception area where various mediums had set out their stalls to do mini readings for a fee of £8 each. “Well, it’s gotta be fackin’ better than that fackin’ shit in there. Let’s have a readin’ aht ‘ere.” Of course her volume control is non existent and disapproving heads turned towards us from every direction. I giggled with embarrassment and looked at the floor.

She went off to have her reading, with the man in the clown-esque suit while I sat and waited for her. As I sat, a woman came and sat down next to me, plonking a laden tea tray in front of me. “You’re sharing  a pot of tea with me”, she said in a voice that brooked no argument. Inwardly I stated boldly that I don’t like tea but one look at her face told me that I was better keeping that opinion to myself.

The woman poured me a cup of tea and then proceeded to tell me that she was furious because Wales had been kicked out of the rugby so she got drunk that afternoon and her friend made her come here tonight and it was all rubbish. Then she began to tell me in great detail all about the rugby game. I was effectively her prisoner.

Best night out ever. Worth 25 quid of anybody’s money this lot.

Eventually Kerry came back, thank God. “Let’s go back into the cavern, I suggested, it’ll be a different medium now so it might be better.  We went back into the cavern and managed to get a seat very near to the front so we could at least see what was going on. It was a different medium but sadly, no better. Her whole demonstration consisted of leading questions, wild guesses and a string of names.  The ‘evidence’ consisted of things like,” You’ve had a lot of problems lately haven’t you?” Well, who hasn’t?  “Can you take the name, Margaret? No? Look around for it, you’ll find out at some point.” What a load of tosh.

You will have already guessed that Kerry was still not impressed. She sighed loudly and often. Leaning over to me from time to time to tell me what a load of old shite it was. For my part I just sat quietly in the freezing cold cavern telling myself I wasn’t cold and making the most of the time by doing my pelvic floor exercises.

The best part of the whole evening was the very camp gay medium who saw his own breath and commented, “Did anyone else see that? Oh my God! I thought I’d passed and come back as a message.” Heh. For a second I lost count of my pelvic floors.

As nights out go it probably wasn’t the best one ever.  For future reference, if I ever go out with Kerry again it will be somewhere with plenty of background noise so if she isn’t impressed the sound of her disapproval will be lost in the general hubbub. On the plus side….nope, can’t think of one. It was purgatory from start to finish and it cost me £25!





One extreme to the other

Have you noticed it’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently?

It’s been anything but quiet on the home front. In fact it’s been globetrottingly glorious. Well ok, globetrotting might be a bit of an over statement. We’ve been to Spain, got back for four days and then went off to Torquay to see Boofuls’ brother again but this time we hired a cottage and took Lashes, Len, Munki, Batty and Dangerous with us as well as Douggie and the doggie and Little Ted the bichon puppy.

Spain was nice. Hot. Very hot. We went with a couple we met at the wedding fairs and have got to know, a florist and her new hubby. We shot their wedding in January. Anyway, they very kindly invited us to stay with them and we gratefully accepted. We stayed in their holiday house which by pure coincidence is in the same village as my old school pal.  Bonus!

It was lovely to catch up with Señora Janbo, just a shame we didn’t get to spend more time with her.  All in al it was a quiet, grown up, sophisticated holiday with adult conversation, restaurant dining and lazy days on the beach.

Then it was back home for four days to do the washing, pack a whole different set of clothes and set off to our rented cottage in Torquay with the gang.

Not that this trip wasn’t without it’s difficulties. Poor old Douggie had a major seizure right in front of me the day  before we set off.  The poor little sausage was like a wrung out cloth after it, it did cross my mind that he wouldn’t be fit enough to take the journey but I reckoned he’d be happier with us than without us and he got to sleep all of the six hour journey.

The photos are al over the place but you’ll work it out! Enjoy.

Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright So, having made it to Torquay we began a whole week of madness.

The kids were told it was ‘almost no rules week’. Pancakes with a halloween shape theme? Fine. It took about two hours to make the buggers but all the kids joined in creating the witch, cauldron and devil shaped pancakes and loved it. One of the pancakes looked a bit like Jesus, we were going to sell it on Ebay for thousand of pounds  – but we ate it instead. I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve sat at a breakfast table, or any table for that matter,  juggling sausage rolls and tangerines. I even managed to juggle a sausage roll straight into Douggie’s waiting mouth!

Zoo, model village, ferris wheel, arcades, swimming, children’s fun house, dinosaur house, eating out, crabbing at the quay, playing on the beach, afternoon cream tea, halloween dressing up and pumpkin carving? Why not?  You name it – they did it. I’m exhausted!

Douggie was delirious with joy when he saw the sea. That’s all he needs for the perfect holiday. I spent many hours throwing stones into it for him to chase.   Little Ted turned out to be rather less keen on it and complained every time his little French tootsies got wet. He did however get to make lots of new friends on the beach and on the plain and had a thoroughly nice time.

All in all it was a week. of pure madness and I loved almost every minute of it.  Now we’re home I’m just exhausted but cooking up a plan to move to Devon. I lived there for a while as a kid and loved it then. Still love it now. Tell me again why we live in the industrial north when we could live by the sea?

Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright CopyrightCopyrightCopyright Copyright

Here, there and everywhere

So what have I been up to for the last little while? Well. A bit of this that and the other.

It’s been a packed couple of weeks. So much has happened that I can’t even remember what to tell you. So, let’s have a think…….

We went to Blackpool for a couple of nights with bezzie mate and her hubby. The reason for the trip was Boofuls’ birthday. I’d bought him tickets to see Kevin Bloody Wilson.  I didn’t really fancy it – a bit laddish for my taste so i bought 4 tickets thinking he could go with The Rev, Big N and Len. When bezzie mate heard about my plan she squealed at me, “NOOOOOO!! I want to go and see that. Tell you what, we’ll book us a hotel for us all for the weekend, Our treat.”

So that’s how I came to be sat in a theatre in Blackpool practically choking with laughter at the most raucous show I’ve ever seen, Kevin Bloody Wilson and his daughter, Jenny Talia.

The audience was an incredibly mixed bag. The only thing that everyone had in common was a bawdy sense of humour and the urge to shout out DILLIGAF at regular intervals. Highbrow it was not. Funny? I nearly bought a round!

Ah, DILLIGAF. It’s one of those ‘sticky’ songs that once you have it stuck in your head it’s there for days. Soooorrreeeeeeee if you just watched it. Teeheheehee.

What a weekend,. Blooming marvellous, it took us three days to recover.

Since then it’s all been bloody downhill.

Work has been busy, busy, busy. Having made the decision not to chase any more wedding work, I now have more weddings booked than we’ve ever had. Bizzare, eh? I’ve also taken on a new string to my bow as the official baby photographer for this area. Aaaaaww, I love teeny, tiny, squishy babies. My feet haven’t touched the floor workwise for a couple of weeks. Silly as it sounds, less than halfway through November, the Christmas rush is over now so everything should ease off  for a while, anyway.

As for the last few days:

Last Thursday. I don’t even know what to  say about Thursday. All our love to all concerned.

Last weekend. Oh. Last weekend. Where do we even start? You now what? Let’s gloss over last Friday as being too horrific to even glance backwards at and move straight on to Saturday – to my cousin’s wedding.

Bitter-sweet in the extreme as we’d attended the bride’s Mum’s funeral just five weeks ago. ‘Nuff said.

Sunday, on our way home from ‘down south’ we got some news from Winklepop that shook us to the core. Luckily, that one had a happy ending. Hugs to Winklepop.

Monday, typically, just as my passport is away for my CRB check  I could really have done with it to dash over to Spain. So frustrating. Again. ‘Nuff said.

Isn’t this the most boring post ever? Sorry. I just don’t want to gossip about other people’s business on here but I need the catharsis of writing it down.

On our way to our dance lesson this morning Boofuls noticed I was a rather less ebullient than normal. “What’s wrong?” he enquired.

” I feel like a piece of crispy bacon. Frazzled and likely to snap at any moment.”

Boring, life is not. Don’t even ask me about how the sale of our house is progressing,  I may just lose the plot completely.


Happy New Year, everyone!

It was quite a nice end to the year. Not at all as I expected.

Dance teacher, having been sent home from hospital to die,  is showing signs of his kidneys starting to work again and seems to be a bit better. We’ve got high hopes that he’ll make a recovery.

The obligatory party at our neighbour’s house was nowhere near as dire as normal and we actually had a brilliant time. We left just before midnight to come home and greet the new year on our own. We put the telly on for the countdown and watched the firework display at the London Eye. Oh my God! It was amazing. Now of course I want to go to London for next year’s display to experience it at first hand. I love fireworks

During the wee small hours of January 1st I woke to see that the heavy, dark and gloomy clouds that have been with us for weeks had disappeared . I laid in my bed and gazed at a lovely, clear, starlit night for  a while before nodding back off to sleep. Of course by morning the clouds were back and we’re back to the disgusting wet and windy weather but I enjoyed that little taster of things to come.

If the year carries on as it’s started then it’ll be a good year. We’ve even had a little bit of snow this morning, yay!

Now that I’ve started the new year fat as a barrel, I’ll need to get the old weightwatchers no points soup on the go again. Boofuls is even talking about joining a gym! He’s only been in a gym once in the 27 years I’ve known him, that was last year on a cruise. He lasted about five minutes, declared it boring and buggered of to get over his exertions over a cup of tea and a biscuit so I’m not holding out much hope for that one.

As for me I’ll be dragging the Wii Fit out of the cupboard and getting myself back into my walking routine and zumba classes.

The Rev and Gembolina are coming up with the clingons this morning, after that it’s off to bezzie mate’s for lunch (Thinks: maybe I’ll diet tomorrow) and then that’s it. Christmas over for another year.

I won’t be leaving tree up till twelfth night, it’s been a lovely tree this year but it’s looking a bit droopy and tired. The star on the top has a definite list to starboard to it. Maybe I’ll take it down tonight when we get back from bezzie mate’s, if I’m not too squiffy.

The Feast of Stephen

Firstly: Apologies for the terrible spacing. I think WordPress may have partaken in a bit too much of the Christmas spirit, nothing is staying where I put it.


So, we visited, drank, ate, opened presents, laughed, hugged, kissed and played family games through Christmas Day. What a fantastic day is what. By 10pm I was absolutely exhausted and slumped on the settee watching Strictly Come Dancing as my eyelids drooped and sleep called.

In honour of the perfect day we had yesterday, and to nod in the direction of The Feast of Stephen today, I thought we’d gather round and sing a few carols. Ready?

Let’s start with that old favourite, ‘We Three Kings’

We Three Kings

We three kings of Orient are,

One in a taxi, one in a car,

One on a scooter, blowing his hooter,

Wearing his girlfriends bra.

While Shepherds Watched Watched Their Flocks

While shepherds washed their socks by night

all watching ITV

the angel of the Lord came down

and switched to BBC.

And now that Christmas Day is over, let’s celebrate The Feast of Stephen by singing together my  personal favourite:

Good King Wenceslas

Good King Wenceslas looked out

Of his bedroom winder.

Silly bugger he fell out

On a red hot cinder.

Brightly shone his bum that night,

Though the pain was cru-el.

Then a doctor came in sight,

Sitting on a muuu-uuu-el

Aaaah, there’s nothing like a good old singalong to brighten the sprits and get the day off to a good start.

Yesterday was lovely.
As normal, we arrived at bezzie mates good and early. Her son and partner were there with their baby, Lashes and Len were there as well with Munki who was amazed that father Christmas had obviously got all his houses mixed up as he’d left presents absolutely everywhere for her!
The Rev and Gembolina were next on the visiting list. My two glasses of champers at bezzie mates were followed with a very nice glass of sherry. I always feel a bit like a vicar’s wife when I drink sherry and can’t resist saying , “More tea, Vicar?”  as I hold out my glass for a refill. The clingons were excited and lively as they unwrapped their presents. Mrs Woofy was outside in the garden and watching through the patio window, obviously wanting to join in with the excitement and she’d occasionally run round in circles, jump about and then come for another look through the window. Munki was once again amazed that there were yet more presents for her to open.
After a flying visit there we popped round to Len’s Mum and Dad’s. As usual their hospitality was generous. “Have a glass of Buck’s Fizz.” “Umm, ok then.”   Now, all I would say about drinking early in the morning is this: If you don’t normally drink at ten in the morning then the day you need to cook an enormous meal and entertain people all day probably isn’t the best day to start. By this time my eyes were looking at each other and I was well and truly feeling the christmas spirit! We certainly were all merry and bright, as the carol goes.
I soon got over the urge to find a quiet corner to sleep in when we got home and it was time to open our gifts to each other. Father Christmas has been extremely generous this year, sending me a book  by Dawn French and Miranda Hart’s biography as well as others that I can’t wait to get started on –  and lots of other goodies. Munki’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw yet more presents. Isn’t three just the perfect age to accept all the magic of Christmas without question?  She was delightful to watch.
Then it was into the kitchen. The cook fest of the previous day had certainly paid off. Getting the dinner out on the table was a doddle.  It always seems like a good idea having an umpteen course meal till you actually start eating it. We took a break between courses to watch the Inbetweeners film. More suited to the mentality of an eighteen year old boy than a fifty one year old woman it had me alternating between cringing and guffawing. Sophisticated it is not.
A few games of fiddlesticks, bingo and funny faces ( yes, we know it’s a kid’s game but it made us laugh) finished the day off nicely.
I know Christmas can be a time of tension in lots of families when they are thrown together and have to pretend to get on.
We had the best day yesterday I have to say that I feel truly blessed to have the family and friends I’ve got.
Did I mention that I love Christmas?