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Silent night….ssshhhhhh I said SILENT night!

Living, as we do,  on top of a mountain in  (almost) the windiest part of the windiest country in Europe, the actual windiest place is Scotland, we get used to it being, well, windy.

The thing about wind is that it makes a bit of a racket with it’s whistling, howling, roaring blustering windiness. We get so used to hearing it that we don’t even notice it any more, unless it’s a really rumbly, house groaning type of wind in which case we pull all the curtains shut , snuggle down under a blanket and say, “Ooh, hark at that wind. Glad I”m not out in that.”

Very rarely we get a day that isn’t windy. Guess what? The silence is DEAFENING!

Today was one of those days.

As I walked Velcrodog down the foggy and silent lane we spoke in whispers to each other since the silence was quite intimidating.  Speaking in a normal voice felt quite wrong. The atmosphere was one of a doctor’s waiting room. What do you mean, what do I mean? Of course the dog and me speak to each other. I’d just be a mad woman with a dog if I walked down the road talking to myself. Well, alright. he doesn’t so much speak as look at me and nod sagely as I waffle on about heels, by me’s and good boys but it all counts.

So. Moving swiftly on as I’ve just realised I do sound ever so slightly mad…….

While we were walking I realised that part of the reason I like fog and snow so much is that it muffles sounds and makes everything peaceful, calm and still. That’s a real treat these days, a bit of peace and quiet. I hope we get a few more days of it before we return to the howling and blustering.


It’s now only a few more  sleeps till Boofuls’ and my BIG ADVENTURE!!

Just in case you’ve been on Mars and haven’t heard about it – We’re off to the Arctic!

Thermal knickers and socks were the order of the day for Christmas presents this year in preparation for the trip. I’ve even invested in a super duper new camera especially for the trip  – a Canon 5D MkIII.  OMG!!! (as they txt).

Just for the camera nerds – and I do know there are at least two of you reading this. I used one of these cameras at a freelance wedding job I did last week and it was amazing.

It has  an incredibly high ISO of 104,800!!!  The wedding shots with ISO of 800 or higher were completely noiseless! (Ok, I know I’m sounding a bit excitable now but I am excitable – and I can’t seem to leave the ! key alone!). That means, dear non nerdy readers – and well done for keeping going this far – that I can practically shoot pictures in the dark with little or no noise! Perfect for the Arctic in January and for the much hoped for northern lights. *Thinks* Arctic in January ? Are we totally bonkers?

Gotta go! Gotta pack!



Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m just sitting and waiting for the postman to arrive with sackloads of post for me so while I’m waiting I’ll fill you in on some of the weekend’s news.  Are you ready?

The here we go!

Hold on to your hat for the  roller coaster ride that has been the last few days.

The weather decided to spice things up even more by dumping millions of gallons of freezing rain on us over the course of about eight hours.

Our drive looked like peanut brittle, all the gaps between the stones having been filled in with ice and then another nice layer of ice on top for good measure. I saw a 2p coin on the ground and  went to pick it up to discover that it had a 1/2 inch covering of ice over it. There it was glistening,  gently packed in the middle of  it’s own little ice cube.

Source: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Candy/PeanutBrittle.htm

After having watched Boofuls attempt and fail to get the van up the track and back to proper roads and civilisation, Big N decided that the best course of action would be to walk to work. I watched from the warmth of the living room as he slipped and slithered, skated and slid up the hill.  He tried to perform a glissade at one point  to make it all look effortless and slightly more elegant but discovered too late  that there was nothing underfoot to get any kind of purchase on so  he ended up clinging helplessly to the stone wall while his feet slid in all directions. I could practically see the steam coming our of his ears as he was dragging himself stone by stone along the wall the top of the hill. The comedy value of it was excellent, I very nearly peed!  It’s just a shame that the downhill descent was round the corner and I couldn’t watch. I’m certain that was just as entertaining.

Boofuls in the meantime had abandoned the van in the field and slithered back for my car. Condemned as it is, it is still a 4WD and quite useful in bad weather.  The car got up the track with very little trouble and off they went to work.

All well and good. Until.

The time came when I had to leave the house. Now sans car my only option was to walk into town. Not particularly keen to carry out a repeat of Bg N’s performance of a couple of hours earlier I devised a cunning plan.

The slidy boot test.

Lining all my boots up by the front door I knelt on the ground and scrubbed the sole of each boot in turn along the icy surface outside to see which boot was the least slidy.

Big furry yeti boots? Nope.

Trendy fashion boot? Nope.

Walking boots? Nope. They were the worst!

Wellies? Yep.

Six thousand layers of clothes later and I was all ready for the walk into town. The slidy boot test paid off because although it was most certainly still slippery, there wasn’t a repeat of Big N’s performance and I managed to reach my destination in one piece  if not at all stylishly dressed.

I’ll fill you in on the rest of the weekend’s exciting tales in the next installment.

Misty morning

Spring looked like it had arrived, the wether for the last week or two has been gorgeous with temperatures reaching as high as 16 degrees. Yay!

Spring has finally sprung.

Until this morning, that is.

It’s a proper pea souper out there this morning, I haven’t seen a fog this thick for ages.  Here’s a photo from last summer just to remind us all that it really is on it’s way and today is only a  minor setback.


This was taken on our top field last summer, you’ve probably seen it before bit it’s one of my favourites so here it is again. I may get it printed onto a canvas or acrylic when we move.

Talking of moving. I’ve seen two houses for sale that look perfect. One overlooking a lake and one on a river, in a village we both like. I’m a bit worried about one of them because the agent has only put one photo of the inside, the rest are of the garden. We’re going for a ride out later to do a recce.  No sign of the young couple who came to see ours the other week, I’m not despondent yet, I just feel like they are exactly the right people for this house.

N’s  loving his new job, the place opened Wednesday and when we went to pick him up from work yesterday it was mobbed!  Good sign, eh?  They stared to serve food yesterday as well. He gave us the full guided tour of the kitchens and living accommodation. basically it’s a pub/restaurant with a stonking great house plonked on top of it.  He’s planning to move in next week.

I just made the mistake of looking out of the window again – the fog is just as thick – think Spring!  Here’s a pic from last spring.


At a wedding fair the other week a  very pretty young Asian girl came up to our stand and asked what it would cost do to ‘ a few photos’ asking her what she had in mind I discovered that  she was already married but wanted to experience ‘the western wedding and wear a white wedding dress.’  Odd.  Her plan was to buy a dress, and all the other paraphanalia, find a nice venue, dress up and pretend to be getting married.  Oh well, each to their own.

My first thought was that it would be nice to have an Asian girl in my portfolio so I offered a couple of hours for free, she’d have to buy any photos she wanted. Not unreasonable I thought as the best quote she’d had was £300.

She came to see me at the studio. A couple of things she said made me a bit nervous so I told her I felt we needed a contract. A contract for a bloody freebie!!!!!!   I  also explained to her that ‘portfolio’ meant I might use the photos for advertising, for the website etc.  I was dumbfounded when she sat back in her chair and demanded to know what  compensation she was going to get out of the transaction. “

I was SEETHING!!!!

You were  getting a free professional photoshoot. Goodbye.


P decided to give me my Mother’s Day present yesterday, a very nice bunch of flowers, Thank you P, kissy kissy.  My plan for tomorrow is to get to Blackpool for some dance practice. Our teacher says he wants us to practice at the church hall so we can play samba’s over and over and over…… I think he forgets that me and B are only social dancers, the whole point of learning is to go out and dance. So that’s what we’ll do.

Oh! I’ve just looked out of the window and the fog has lifted as if by magic. It just so happens I have a photo of a magician handy . How convenient was that!!!!