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Poached eggs on toast

This one’s a repost of one from last year. 

Having done a hard morning’s slaving over a hot computer, I kept  being disturbed by the the rumbling noises coming from my  tum.

The hens have been on egg laying overtime and we have about 3 dozen eggs all waiting to be used up or distributed among family and friends. “Mmmmmm, poached egg on toast, yummy. That’ll do for my lunch.”  The eggs were poached to perfection, I little dash of salt and black pepper and off I trotted to go and enjoy them.

As I went to sit down, somehow, the plate tipped and one slice of toast and egg slid off. “NOOOOOOOO!”

In a stupid attempt to try and catch it I actually ended up batting it volleyball style  right across the room and it landed,  on my honey coloured living room carpet. The egg exploded, the perfectly cooked yolk covering a distance of about 3 feet, the white in a million little bits, glistening in the spring sunshine and mocking me. “Ha! Not so keen to eat me now, are you?’


I went to fetch cleaning materials, a wet cloth, a dry cloth, kitchen roll and carpet stain remover. Just tell me will you:  why I didn’t think to put my plate with the remaining egg and slice of toast down first?  While I was trying to juggle all the items I was carrying my fingers accidently tightened on the trigger of the carpet cleaner bottle and squirted 1001 stain buster all over my remaining egg!!!

The banana I ended up having for lunch was delicious.