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I’m getting to enjoy this

Enforced rest and relaxation. Six whole weeks of it. GAAAAHHHH!!!

For a woman who generally skips around like Tigger on speed I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with it. The prospect of six weeks of Jeremy Kyle and other daytime tv offerings sent me into a depression just thinking about it. The massive operation I had to undergo a seemed a far less frightening prospect.

So. Surgery out of the way and two weeks down the line how has it been I can hear you ask, dear reader.

Why, thank you for asking, that’s very nice of you.

It’s been bloody boring, that’s how it’s been. I’ve slept like a sleeping thing. I’ve slept so much that I could make your average dormouse look like a beginner in a sleeping competition. Now I’m not saying I could sleep as much as Lashes who’s capacity for sleep never ceases to amaze me but me and my bed are certainly besties at the moment. Every time I say I’m going to do something Boofuls looks at me horrified and says, You can’t do that!” “Yes I can, I’m not a bloody invalid!” “yes you are, that’s exactly what you are.” “Oh shit, I suppose I am.”

Other hoteliers may have decided to close their doors for a few weeks and call it a mini holiday but since it is January which is notoriously quiet we decided to stay open. It’s not as though the diary had anything in it, from New Year to 26th January we had not a single booking.

What the hell happened then?!? Where the hell have all these people suddenly come from? We are almost full this weekend!

Lashes and Boofuls have picked up the reigns leaving me feeling guilty, useless and helpless because I physically can’t do anything and weepy because I feel surplus to requirements and if I try to help Im just in the way. I do like to pull my substantial weight.

Poor old Douggie the doggie thinks I’ve fallen out of love with him because we aren’t having our three walks a day. Boofuls and my wonderful friend, Fiz have taken care of that.

It would appear that I’m not indispensable after all.

Efforts to push myself to ‘crack on’ have ended up with me crying and in pain. I’ve had to learn the hard way that I just can’t do it.

Ok then. I surrender! I’ll rest, alright?

What? Wait!

Now I’ve stopped fighting it all I’m quite enjoying pottering about. Read a book, watch a film, have a little doze. No pressure. Potter about some more if I feel like it. Take Douggie the doggie out for a short, slow walk under close supervision from Boofuls who drives the car down to meet me so I don’t walk back up the hill. Fancy a lie in? Yeah, why not. Turn that alarm off and snuggle down.

All of that, along with being taken out for lunch, enjoying the sunshine on the beach while Boofuls throws stones into the water for Douggie. Coffee with my friends, being bought flowers and chocolates, invitations to drive me to places and events, and of course time to sit and write a blog post if I feel like it.

What have I been fighting it all for?

What’s all the fuss about?

I should be embracing this time off! God knows that as of the end of March there will be precious little time off till October.

It’s amazing what a change of attitude can do. Now that I know Lashes and Boofuls are more than capable of taking care of things I can relax, chill out and get on with the important task of getting back up to full strength. Then it’ll be a case of: Watch out world, I’m coming to get ya!


I like Thursdays. In my head Thursday is my day off, my play day, the day I meet my friends, go for lunch, go to church or just generally chill out. It’s a good day. For the last umpteen years it’s always got off to a good start with our 8.30 a.m. dance lesson and from there on just got better as the day wore on.
Until recently.
Now, of course we have a dog. A dog that we didn’t have when dance teacher became ill, neither at that time did I attend a 9.30 meeting on a Thursday. In the months he’s been off work, things have moved on somewhat. That’s not to say we aren’t thrilled to have him back.
So, back to Thursday mornings:
So now the day starts by feeding and walking the dog. It’s fair to say he gets a bit short changed in the walk department on a Thursday morning. It’s more of a Woodbine walk,  take him out for a quick drag.
That’s  followed by a half hour mad dash to the next town for our dance lesson which finishes at 9.30. Then it’s another mad ‘try to fit  a half hour journey into 20 minutes’ dash back to our town to pick up bezzie mate and get to Weight Watchers before 10.a.m when they stop weighing.  By 10.30 my head is spinning and I feel like I’ve done a days work. See, you can actually have too much of a good thing.
Time for some changes, I think. Dance lessons have now been moved to Friday evenings. Good start to the weekend.
So there I was, having got the morning out of the way.  I’d  been home to take the dog on a proper walk but  didn’t get to because I had to wait for the plumber ( another story). The poor dog had to make do with another another Woodbine walk. The plumber came and went and I thought I stood a good chance of actually making to my zumba class for the first time in weeks and then to church with bezzie mate at 3pm. Douggie the doggie was spending the afternoon in the office with Boofuls and Lashes.
There I was, driving down to the office with Douggie the doggie  safely in the back of the car when a stupid white van man drove at speed through a gap that clearly wasn’t large enough to accommodate a large van. The result was a huge BANG as he took my wing mirror off.

Said wing mirror flew into the open window of my car, showering me with glass and plastic and smashing into my finger. I spent half the afternoon at A & E with Winklepop (thanks, Winklepop)  having shards of glass scrubbed from the resulting wound. All I can say about that is, OW!

My finger is purple, swollen and immobile, at least I’m not working this weekend, a photographer who can’t use her hand is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

White van man didn’t even stop. I was left shaking and crying covered in blood and glass. Douggie the doggie never made a sound, he just sat looking at me, obviously as shocked as I was. Thank God he was in the back of the car and not the front or he would have been injured as well. As it is the poor little mite is scared of the car now. I could kill that stupid driver!!!

While I was waiting at the hospital to be seen, I decided to have a quick look to see if there was a nearby geocache. There was!  And – it was only 68 metres from where I was sat in the A & E waiting room! I worked out that it was just across from the helipad.  Winklepop wouldn’t let me go and find it. Tsk. Spoilsport!