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So tell me again, why did I think that was a good idea?

In an attempt to raise my business profile in our little town I  decided it would be a good idea to hold a fun weekend at the studio to drag in a few punters. Lashes came up with the idea of making it a charity weekend on the basis that we could kill two birds with one stone. Raise our profile and do a bit of good. Win win.

That was months ago when it seemed like a good idea.

I had a banner made, leaflets printed, balloons printed, all in good time so no trauma’s there. I started begging for raffle prizes and tombola prizes. Funny thing that. People you would expect to support you don’t and other, totally unexpected people are extraordinarily generous.

Just at the right time a magician I’d done a shoot for a couple of years ago turned up wanting me to do another shoot for a new act he’s promoting. What’s it going to cost, love?

Well. Funny thing that. Fair exchange being no robbery and all that. We decided to do a trade off. I’d do his shoot (s) if he’d do my fundraiser. Again; win win.

Since then the time has galloped past and before we knew it, it was here.

Oh my Gawd!

The last two weeks have been nervous breakdown fodder. What if no-one comes? What if too many people come? What if the weather’s awful? What if? What if? What if?

Bags and bags and bags of donated tombola prizes and raffle have been turning up at home and at work for days, storage for it all was becoming problematic. Not complainin’, just sayin’

A bunch of local kids turned up to ask if they could perform their song and dance routine. Yes. Why not? It’s all good community building stuff. I watched their dress rehearsal.

I shall await my invitation to the Oscar awards for best actress.

As I watched their eye wateringly awful display I smiled, nodded and tapped my feet in time to the music. “Bit more rehearsal required for next week but it’s all good” I lied through my teeth.

What I’m not lying about though is the fact that I’m really glad I agreed to let them do it. They had worked so hard and were so obviously enjoying their moment in the limelight. When it came to watching the actual show my feet were genuinely tapping and the smile came from my heart. Of course their Mum’s came to watch them and watching them watch their kids perform was lovely. It’s all good  stuff.

Friday I spent putting numbers on the tombola prizes. Have you ever done that? It’s a long, boring and laborious task. The studio and the kitchen were transformed with all the furniture being moved around to accommodate the cake stall, the tom bola, raffle, guess the name f the teddy bear and all the other stuff that makes up your common or garden fundraiser. Gembolina, Lashes and me went shopping at our local cash and carry for items to make multiple cups of tea and coffee. With hindsight, maybe we didn’t need to buy a kilo of coffee. Not only did it keep us going for the weekend, it’ll keep us going for the next six months.

So. The big day arrived. The whole family and quite a few friends all trapped up to help. We waited for the people to arrive. We waited a bit more. I had a nervous breakdown.

Finally, the people arrived. Oh happy day!

It even felt a bit carnivalesque at one point what with the music and the magic and all.

On Sunday we repeated the whole exercise. This time though, mother nature decided to have a hissy fit and sent driving rain and howling gales to join in the fun. What a cow!

Once again we waited for the people but this time as we watched the rain sweep down we weren’t quite so hopeful of people actually turning up. The bunting dripped miserably before the wind got hold of it and gave it a good shake as if to say ‘Buck up, it’s a party!’

We tried to jolly each other along and keep our mood up but it was getting increasingly difficult as the day wore on. But then……

People arrived. Then more people arrived. Then yet more people arrived.

It’s a success! Not only did we reach our break even point, we actually managed to raise some money for a good cause.

Suggestions have been made that we make it an annual event.

I made a suggestion to the suggester. He’s walking a little oddly now.