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Fun with flags

What an exciting life we lead here at Boofuls Towers.

Recently, Boofuls decided that if he couldn’t beat them he was going to join them and so he has joined the choir that Lashes and I joined last September. Now we are all walking round the house mumbling songs at our various pitches as we try to learn them for the next practice.

Actually, it’s quite nice to have a bass, alto and soprano in the house. In theory we should be able to put on a passable performance of any of the songs in our repertoire. In practice it doesn’t quite work like that. The trouble with being a soprano and some of those high notes is that I have to sing louder to be able to reach them. Boofuls and Lashes tend to be a bit quieter so I’m having to work hard not to drown them out. More voice control needed. There is more to hitting those high notes than just hitting them, people might like to actually hear other parts sing as well.

Anyway, moving on before I start screeching to Hallelujah again: we are forming quite the little community in the choir and it has been suggested that we might like a flag. Any volunteers to create it?

Of course not.

Eventually, I offered to design it and a couple of other people who can sew offered to make it. Lashes offered to paint it (?).

Putting out a call for suggestions for the design I was hit by a wall of apathy, so much so that I just got on and created it, putting forward ideas for approval at various stages. Well. Funny how all those people who didn’t want to get involved have suddenly turned into flag design experts. ‘Do this, put that, it needs to the the other, What about the reverse? I don’t like that, use this logo, you have to use a palm, it’s iconic.’ And so it went on.

Of course I ignored them all and went with my own design. I must say Im rather pleased with it. For the purposes of anonymity and not wanting to be stalked I won’t be posting it on here as it gives away way too much information so you’ll just have to take my word for it, it’s pretty smucking fart!

Five minutes ago I posted the final version online for review by the group. I kid you not, one person has come along and suggested I change the whole format of it and make it a long, thin flag instead. I suggested that she do one.