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Moving onwards and upwards – well some of us are.

What an absolutely brilliant day Monday was. It was one of those days that stays in your memory forever. A rare, happy go lucky, relax and enjoy day.

Just like the when the stars come into line, all the events worked out and I found myself in the happy position of playing host to all three grandchildren. Happy day indeed, especially as they were all in a good mood and in high spirits. As the sun was shining and the day was neither too hot nor too cold, neither too windy nor too still, we decided to take the dog for a walk up a nearish by big hill. The clingons thought that was a real adventure so we packed supplies to keep them going on the arduous journey. Cartons of juice and sweeties, what more does an adventurer need to keep their strength and spirits up?

Douggie the doggie came along as well and decided that he wanted to be a real golden golden retriever instead of his usual white so he found a ditch full of orange muddy water to wallow in. Dear Lord, what a mess.

Other than that we had a delightful walk and even managed to find a geocache. Dangerous was the team leader for that one. Taking the directions quite literally and taking us in a line as straight as an arrow to the cache, she plunged straight off the path and onto the heathery moor sinking right up to her knees in the springy moss. Poor old Batty was terrified but bravely carried on when she’d have been perfectly entitled to have sat that one out. She really is an inspiration. It was worth the trauma she endured though because she was thrilled when she actually found the cache. Munki couldn’t wait to get her head into it to see what the treasure was. Such a lot of excitement for a plastic container with a pen that didn’t work, a small note book and a few miniature plastic toys. We celebrated by cracking open a box of butterscotch sweets, eating them with relish as we enjoyed the amazing view and congratulating ourselves on being brilliant treasure hunters.







Later in the afternoon I had to take Pebbles, yes, the very one that this blog is named after, to the vet for a pedicure. I dropped two of the clingons off at home and took Munki with me. Pebbles, always a timorous wee beastie, has grown even more timid as she’s got older. Estimates vary as to her exact age but we know for a fact that the least she is is twenty and possibly as old as twenty two. She deserves to be handled with a bit of care. The vet picked up the clippers and took a chunk out of the first toenail. None too gentle as she did it she also took a chunk of the poor little cat’s toe as well. There was blood everywhere. I was not best pleased. Eventually we got the rest of the claws clipped and Pebbles slunk gratefully back into the safety of her box, the very same box I’d fought to get her into an hour before. Poor thing was traumatised, she wouldn’t come near me for the rest of the day but at least she can all comfortably now – or will when that wound heals.

On the way home from the vet’s I dropped Munki off at Lashes’ work. There is a new sign offer the door. RECEPTION. “Nanny, why does it say reception?” “Well, that’s how people know where to go when they come to visit. “Mummy works in reception, doesn’t she? That means when I go back to school I’ll be in year one but Mummy will still be in reception!”

Hahaaaaaaaa. She’ll go far, that child!

That’s a handy bin

During the last few weeks I’ve been amassing photos of things. There is no theme, rhyme or reason, I just like them. I hope you do too.

A very handy bin

Don’t spray the paint: How I wish I was brave enough to spray the paint but I’m a rule follower not a rule breaker. How sad is that? “I wanna be a rule breaker!”  Nope. Even I don’t believe it, I’m such a goody goody. Dammit.

A picture of my house. What do you mean, you can’t see it, it’s right in front of you!

Tree silhouette.

Biblical sky

Rocky trail or…Bloody geocaching! Poor Batty was daft enough to agree to come geocaching with me. The route led us eventually to this trail. At times on the way I was having to heave her over the rocks and across streams and  down steep muddy banks until eventually we got on the path we wanted. She’s got some bottle, Batty. I’m in awe of her calm, unflappable approach to difficult situations. Many an able bodied child ( and adult) would have baulked at what she did that evening. Well done Batty!

To swim or not to swim: That is the question. The answer came about two minutes later when a whippet, alaskan malamute and a scottish terrier all turned up so they went for a swim together. This was the calm before the mayhem.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know, I just liked the light and the angles.

Big assed buttercups

There are those who do and those who don’t

There are those who do and those who don’t.

There are those who move and those who don’t.

I’m a doer. Sitting around watching telly bores me to death, I prefer to be doing something, anything.

I’m also a mover. I discovered this in a big way when I went to a pilates class for a few weeks to try and build up my core strength. I almost lost the will to live. Anyone with as much energy as me needs to be burning it off not moving slowly, gracefully and with intent. Give me a zumba class any day – bugger core strength, I wanna wiggle! I’d be crap at yoga for the same reason, you don’t generally see a lot of wiggling going on in yoga. I bit of wriggling, maybe but definitely not wiggling.

My Boofuls, while he is a doer and likes to get on with things is not really a mover. He’s been showing willing this last week or two and occasionally coming on Douggie the doggie’s evening walk with me but he doesn’t really enjoy it as I do. Unless, that is,  we happen to find ourselves in a graveyard. He has the most bizarre interest in gravestones and stops to read almost every one of them, every now and then turning to me with a, “54 ( or whatever age the deceased happened to be) bloody hell! Fancy that!”

Last night, once the sun had cooled down a bit, I encouraged him out for a walk. Of course we have to precede our walk with a short trip in the car.  He would have headed for the nearest cemetery but I managed to head him away with the lure of a nearby geocache hidden in a nice and shortish woodland walk. We found it fairly easily and completed the log as Douggie  gamboled around our feet and then went for a swim up the stream. That wasn’t a problem until he decided to hold his breath and swim  under a fence, like a commando,  across the stream and found himself in a field full of sheep – and out of our reach. Note to self: Don’t take eye off dog for even a moment.

Of course he threw a complete deaf ‘un at us as we shouted, cajoled and threatened, the main aim of the exercise being to prevent him noticing the sheep a few yards behind him until he decided to come back to us. Luckily for us he was more interested in the water  and after swimming up and down for a few minutes he came back grinning from ear to ear, not understanding why we both had stern faces, clipped his lead straight back on and walked him smartly away.

After that little incident we headed back to the car. “Is there another cache nearby?” Boofuls asked me. There was. 3.1 km away. Easy peasy just off the main road. We decided to go for it.

As we arrived within 50 metres of the designated point we realised there was nowhere to park nearby. Boofuls, already having done fulfilled his walking quota for the day decided to drive up the footpath which, in fairness was wide enough to take a car but still…

I jumped out of the car and began to search. Boofuls directed from the driver’s seat. There had been a lot of re-fencing going on and I feared it had been buried but eventually I found it. As I filled in the geocache log Boofuls drove  further up the track to find a place to turn round. I set off walking to meet him at the top but he met me halfway down.”What’s up there?” I asked him to which he replied, “Nothing.”

“Nothing, there can’t be nothing. There has to be something. What’s there?”

“Nothing, I told you.”

“Well, I’m going for a look.”

I closed the car door and headed off up to the top of the track.

Nothing? Really? There was the most spectacular view and a metal gate, that for some reason had holes drilled in it, seemed to be singing as the gentle breeze blew through it. It was a beautiful sound.

Boofuls hadn’t noticed any of it. I suppose that’s the difference between someone who wants  to be out  experiencing and living  a walk and someone who sees it as a pointless waste of time unless there is a goal to achieve, hence the geocaching.

Each to their own, I suppose.

We’re not virgins anymore!

So, this thing I’ve started, the geocaching, has taken off in a big way.  The Rev and Genbolina took the kids and Mrs Woofy out on Sunday in the pouring rain and found four caches.

Len and me were supposed to go this afternoon but he cried off leaving me to get on with some work I really should have been getting on with anyway. So I suppose he did me a favour.

This evening Boofuls and me set off geocaching to a location that I knew didn’t involve a lot of walking. In fact we stopped the car about 1 metre away from the treasure. I found the location and did all the rummaging around in the undergrowth, Boofuls got out the car and said “It’s there.” Dammit! He’s just so jammy!

How silly to be so excited about finding a little plastic box with bits of trivia in it but excited we were. It was great fun. I didn’t think Boofuls was that bothered about it all but on the way home he suggested we try and find some more. Aye, get your walking boots on, Buddy.

Most of the ones I looked at were well off the road so not a lot of use  for him if he  has to walk to find them.

So there we are, Boofuls and me are no longer geocache virgins. I can’t wait to get out and do some more.

It’s a shame that Douggie the doggie is still limited to half hour walks – I got told off by the woman who runs the rescue centre for walking him too much. Still, he’ll be five months old on Thursday, only another three months and we can go where we like – and take Mrs Woofy with us. I miss Mrs Woofy.

The Rev has taken over running her at the agility class, and very good at is he is too. Well, until last week when he pulled a muscle in his er….leg.

Still not really being able to move faster than a slow hobble,  he asked me to run her last night. Of course that aroused interest from the other dog owners;

“Oh, Rev, Why aren’t you running Mrs Woofy tonight?”  “Um, well, I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg.”

Well, I’m sorry but the devil got hold of me and made me do it; “Was it your leg, Rev?” The other ladies were not slow in picking up on my innocently worded question and ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ expression and much ribald  hilarity followed. Poor Rev got redder and redder in the face, all of which served to fuel the banter even more. Hehehee. So funny.

Douggie the doggie, was there with me last night. Obviously he isn’t allowed to join in (with the agility, not the bawdy comments. I’m pretty certain he does join in with the conversation) he just goes for socialisation with the other dogs.

He  had a lovely time with all his doggie friends. I swear to God, he should have his own fan club. I have a veritable list of people who’d like to take him off my hands. BACK OFF, PEOPLE. He’s mine!!!!!

Here are a few photos of us on the beach at St Anne’s a coupe of weeks ago.


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Think I may have started something!

While I was at my Weight Watcher’s meeting last Thursday (going very well, thank you!), the leader talked about geocaching.

Wow! That sounds like fun, I thought. A treasure hunt using technology instead of a pirate’s map. That sounds like a good way to make a walk more interesting.  I fancy a go at that.

Now, I didn’t have to think long to work out which of my family would be the most interested in something like this. The Rev. Obvious choice. Likes a walk, likes technology,  likes a challenge and a big fan of the Crystal Maze. Ha! Gotcha!

Text: Fancy going geocaching?

Answer: Geo-wut?

The end result was that the following day, having downloaded the appropriate app we found ourselves walking far further than we thought and frantically searching through the undergrowth at the edge of a road for a small plastic box containing a football fixtures list, a notebook and pen.

I can only imagine what passers by and drivers thought as they went past. There we were, walking up and down the same stretch of road, waving our mobile phones around and obviously looking for something. No. We didn’t look at all suspicious!! The excitement was palpable. Even the dogs seemed to pick up on it. We searched for a good twenty minutes at the specified location. Did we find the cache? Did we heck!

The end result was that our first foray into geocaching was a big fail.

To be fair, there was so much other stuff there in the way of discarded take away cartons, cans, plastic bottles and various other genres of litter that we didn’t feel to encouraged to get our hands in there and have a good rummage for fear of what we might find.

Or was it?

We had a lovely walk, a nice time together, it’s not too often I get to spend quality time with number 1 son, we burned a few calories, we enjoyed the excitement of the search ( It took us a loooong time before we decided to give in ) and the dogs enjoyed the fresh air. Not a total waste of a morning after all then.

Once The Rev got home he checked the cache log and  discovered that the cache we’d been searching for had been stolen/removed (?!?) a few times previously. Maybe it wasn’t so much a fail as scuppered by persons unknown.

This afternoon I got a text from The Rev to say that he’s paid for – actually PAID FOR the full geocaching app rather than the freebie “taster app’ that we downloaded last week and  he’s spent the afternoon out in the pouring rain with Gembolina and the kids having a whale ( Yes it was so wet there were actual whales!!)  of a time geocaching in the woods. They even managed to find the cache!

Yup, I’ve definitely started something!