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Hahaa!! I came across this photograph in the archives earlier.

The idea for this shoot came about during a dinner party in which there may or may not have been alcohol involved. I said, excitedly, “Why don’t we do a shoot where you’re dressed like wonder woman and with your boobs firing jets of flame?”

I knew Lashes wouldn’t need any convincing.

” OH YES!! Let’s do it!!”

It took weeks to get the props together. A couple of days to make the bra and test the fireworks we were using for the flames. The last thing we wanted was for the flames to go awol while they were strapped to her chest. That wasn’t part of the plan at all!  It took all day to get the lighting exactly as I wanted it. An hour for make up and costume. Ten minutes practising poses so once the flames were lit she could move quickly from one pose to the next.  Fifty seconds for the actual shoot. Boofuls was stood just outside the frame with a fire extinguisher at the ready.

It was great fun and Lashes did brilliantly. You can’t tell she was almost paralysed with fear, can you? The things she does for my art!! Hahaaa. I think it’s probably time to do another fun shoot. I have a couple of ideas floating about……..

Why don’t we…..? Wait…. you’ll have to watch this space.


A few photos by a proud grandma

Me and Baby Bunting did a little photo shoot in the studio last week. I had just discovered how to shoot with the camera tethered to the computer so the picture flashed straight up on the screen. Bad move. Baby just kept running over to the computer to look at her photos as they appeared.

Once the went back to the old fashioned way of doing it we got a much better, albeit short as she has the attention span of  your average gnat, photo shoot.  I put that down to the fact that she is ultra intelligent and likes to investigate everything.

She took a liking to the broom and decided to have a good old sweep up in the studio. Apart from the worry of  keeping her  from  careering straight into cables and light stands, it made for a nice, relaxed shoot with a difference.

Clean up operation
making a clean sweep of it
just whistle while you work

Heheeheee, bless her, she had such a lot of fun. It’s amazing how you only have that ten minute slot to get the photos, they go from cute and lovely to bored and fractious in no time. It’s a good job I work fast!

This next photo is one I took last summer, I came across it in the acrchives when I was doing another job.

fairy wings and red pants

Keeping with the red theme, and back in the studio. We had a little fashion show:

where did you get that hat?

You might recognise that hat, it’s the one the dog was wearing the other week. Seems to be becoming a popular prop.

While we are on the subject of the dog. I went to pick her up last night to go to our training class. The lead was handed over to me with the words. “She’s coming into season, just watch her with the other dogs.”  Ooo-er.

Walking into the class I thought that the best course of action would be to nonchalantly waft her past a few of the dogs and see if there was a reaction.  Only Harvey, the little West Highland Terrier showed any kind of interest and to be honest  he’d  shag anything. He wouldn’t have been able to reach the appropriate  bits anyway but it could have been a good laugh watching him try.

All the other dogs, including the huuuuge Weimaraner, thank God, all steadfastly ignored her, allowing us to get on with the class and not have to go and sit in the car which was being pounded relentlessly by the howling gales we had last night.

The class itself passed by uneventfully enough, Mrs Woofy was as normal, the teacher’s pet. Except, that is, when she forgot the ‘sit’ command. She looked at me from the ground where she was sprawled out, in total bemusement wehn I asked her to sit. I could tell by her face she didn’t understand what I was saying.

That was after she’d just completed the most complicated sendaway exercise ever.   I put it down to her being hormonal. Either that or she was thinking, ‘Don’t insult me with your trivial commands, I’ve just shown you what I can do now pi55 off.’ Like I said, hormonal.

Social Networking

I’ve been catching up on my business Facebooking, photography blogging  and Twittering all morning. Apparently it’s the best way to ‘grow’ your business.   Can’t say that I’ve noticed anything change except my workload. I spend all my bleeding time on various websites schmoozing my virtual clients.  The cleaners thinks I’m addicted to my computer.  Oh, if only she knew.

This site, incidentally, I do because I want to not because I feel I should. This is where I can rant, say what I really mean (even if you don’t always like it) and generally let off steam.

I’ve been having a look through the pics from yesterday’s disastrous photo shoot with baby E. Actually not as disastrous as I thought. here are a couple of photos from it:

Baby Brown Eyes
Flower Baby

Doesn’t it all look easy and peaceful?  Here was what it was really like:

Sit down
Don't want to sit down!
No, nope, no, out, out, out
Copy what mummy does
You said copy what Mummy does!
Lets do headstands!

Ah well,  they do say never work with children and animals, don’t they. I never knew I had the patience of Job ( I haven’t – I just held it in well!). Still it was worth it for the couple of lovely photos we did manage to get.

It’s been a funny old weekend

Arriving back about an hour or so ago from our weekend away, I’ve got loads to tell you but I’m going out to dog training in a minute so here is a taster to keep you going.

Once again tasting out the camara capabilities of the iphone, here are a few pics of Baby E from last week.  They aren’t great quality pictures but they make me laugh and as I was saying to our friend John last night, it’s not always about turning out a technically perfect photo, it’s more important to have a photo that evokes emotion, preferably a good one. If it’s technically perfect as well then so much the better. Of course that comment doesn’t apply to my professional life, only to my personal happy snaps.

Do you think I look more studious in these?
Is it my photo call?