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Good and not so good

Good: Waking up this morning. Always a good start to the day, waking up.

Good: A lovely welcome from Mrs Woofy when I came downstairs. Thursday is her sleepover night with us.

Bad: The realisation that the haircut from the new hairdresser I tried yesterday is in fact crap. Hair sticking out everywhere.  Senior stylist my ars….eye. Won’t be going there again. Sigh. Oh well, at least hair grows back.

Good: A nice early morning walk on a drizzly but warmish day.

Bad: Getting bitten on the hand by strange, large and over boisterous, dog. OW! No blood spilt, just a large purple mark.

Bad: The same ‘other dog’ jumping all over my gorgeous new lime green coat with  it’s stupid great muddy paws and sharp teeth

Good / Bad:  Shopping for Munki’s birthday present.

Bad: Munki having tantrums

Bad: Running out of time and not having done everything I needed to in town.

Bad: Munki having more tantrums and insisting on being carried while I was carrying  a heavy pack of tiles (not for her birthday – for the utility room floor).

Bad: The new studio backdrop I ordered being too small. Aaaaarrgghh – I need that for tomorrows portrait shoots!

Bad: A clients wedding album not being up to standard when it arrived – I’m starting to dread them arriving now, this is becoming regular. Words needed, I think.

Good:  Chatting in the office with Lashes and Moneypenny – brought me right back down off the ceiling.

Good: Picking the new colour scheme for the office.

Bad: Getting home to discover that the builders merchant has dropped all the stones and bricks at the top of the track 300 yards away instead of on the drive.   (Offset by: Good: lots of heavy duty exercise with wheelbarrow tomorrow – good for weight loss)

Good: Saving £150 on house insurance

Good: Having a lovely relaxed chat with big N after work this afternoon, a rare and very welcome event.

Good: The little shot of spiced rum that me and Big N have just enjoyed together. Very good indeed.

Good: It’s the weekend

Happy weekend!