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Spruce it up

It’s felt a little bit spring like this last couple of days. I know that that sounds ridiculous since it’s the only second week of January but  there has definitely been a hint of spring in the air.

Well, we all know what spring does. It makes one want to spruce everything up and give it a fresh new look. As I type I have a big tub of champagne coloured paint waiting to be slapped onto my bedroom wall.  It’ll match the gawjuss sparkly paper I put on last year and make it positively glow, it’s going to be be beautiful when it’s done.

Once that’s been done the next job will be to jet wash the patio. That’s a massive job as it’s the length of the house and the  two barns, getting wider as it goes along. Still, it’s an easy job that doesn’t require much in the way of brain power. That’ll suit me down to the ground at the moment. Hahaaa ‘down to the ground’ geddit?

Heckling  from the gallery?  What’s that? “Don’t give up your day job!”


I’ll get me coat *slinks out*

We’re also waiting for a builder to turn up *sigh* to replace a couple of dozen slates on the workshop roof. After that we’ll drop a couple of tons of gravel onto the track, get a gardener to do the heavy duty garden tidying and Bob’s  yer uncle.  A nicely spruced up house all ready to greet a new spring.

Isn’t it funny how just a bit of sunshine can give you a whole new perspective on life? It’s only yesterday it was all gloom and doom.


Good Grief!

Boofuls is having  a few days off work! Unheard of unless we’re actually going on a proper holiday.

Since  I don’t want to leave the puppy behind  we considered hiring a cottage for a few days but  considering that we’re skinter than a skint thing we decide to have a staycation instead.

Now, instead of two weeks cruising the caribbean we  have two and a half days off work and a bacon butty in B & Q. Oh how times have changed.

At least we can get on with all the jobs that need doing round the house and continue with the staging process so the first potential buyer to walk through the door will fall in love with it and offer us the full asking price – in cash. I must say though, the buyers aren’t exactly queueing up at the  moment. We haven’t had a single sniff  yet. Early days!

The staging process is quite fun, I’m enjoying changing the look of the place and bringing it into the 21st century. All the red and orange and yellow (It looked better than it sounds, honest) has gone from the living room to be replaced with nice fresh shades of cream, tan and bright green. It’s really looking quite contemporary.

I’ve got my beady eye on the dining room next, a new mirror to bounce some light around, a change round of lamps and shades, some new curtains,a fab new picture for the wall which I’ve customised by adding copper paint to it and giving it some texture and it’s all going to look nice and bright and new.  It’s amazing what you can achieve without spending a fortune.

This morning Boofuls was putting new handles on the cupboard doors in the utility room. I didn’t think it was possible for one person to swear so much – I had to cover up the dog’s ears. Poor little mite would have been corrupted.

Talking of the dog. Obviously he’s been photographed till he’s blue in the face. I’m not saying he’s been photographed a lot but now when he sees a camera he just turns towards it and gives a little lopsided smile. I’ve been very good and not posted photos of him for a while so I’m going to make up for it now:



Hi, the name's Bentley. Would you care for a Schmako?


I’m doing the dog club school portraits again tomorrow. That’ll be fun. Hopefully I won’t get my arm chomped on by a rottweiler this year!




Never ending

The sun shone for most of yesterday. Where was the builder?

Nowhere to be bloody seen, that’s where.

A garbled message reached me that he didn’t want to come as it was going to rain during the night so the patio would be like a paddy field and he’d come tomorrow instead.

What? You want it to be like a paddy field? I would have thought it would all be far easier if it was dry, but what do I know?

He turned up today and did a bit more. It seems to be never ending patio job. Starting to wish we’d never bothered.

here are a few photos so you can see the progress:












Looking good, eh?


Just to cheer me up I took a few flower photos:

Ok, that’s not stictly speaking a flower photo, more a field of wheat but I liked it.

The clingons are getting creative with their photography. batty took this photo of DD in the studio:

While I was out walking with Mrs Woofy the other night there was a lovely misty sunset. I took this using the  redscale setting:


Do you like my new umbrella?  It’s one of two – I’ll show you the other one another time – and my beautiful new purse.


raining cats and dogs


So tell me again why I thought that was a good idea

So.   Sometime  after 6pm last night when there wasn’t so much as a rumble or a sniff of an earthquake I cautiously crawled out from under our our makeshift ‘end of the world’ shelter aka the dining room table, keeping out a wary eye  out for the horsemen of the apocalypse or the self styled prophet who predicted all this nonsense and who seems to have gone into hiding away from all the ‘I told you so’s.’

In fairness, it is highly likely that there could have been a sniff due to yet another volcano erupting in iceland. It didn’t half pong round here for a few days after the last one. Just think though, if we had been able to smell that unmistakeable sulphur smell, that would have really scared the hell out of us.

God would  have laughed, given himself a high five and shouted,  ‘Ha. Result!

Might have made the neighbours look at us a bit funny, you know, us on our knees begging for mercy.  “It’s only a volcano in Iceland, love. Calm down.”  Bet it made the Icelandic folk a bit twitchy for a while though.

Since we’re all still here I decided it was best to crack on with the decorating. It’s a good job you weren’t here earlier, the language was appalling. Suffice to say it didn’t go to plan today and after putting up only three bits of wallpaper, mind you one of those was the tricky round the window,  I cheerfully gave up when Boofuls waved the offer of dinner at our new favourite restaurant in my direction.

Mmmmmmmm. Chicken gyros. It transported me straight back to Lesvos where we’ve spent many a happy holiday. So much better than getting covered in wallpaper paste and constantly dropping my glasses, losing the scissors and standing on the paper when I’m climbing up the stepladder with it.

The desperate need for a pair of half moon glasses has been well and truly brought home to me while I’ve been wallpapering. I can’t see to trim it or line it up correctly without my specs but I can’t see anything further than 18 inches away with them. Very frustrating, they’ve been on and off like a………a………..tsk. I can’t think of anything that isn’t too disgusting even for me to say. You get the idea.

Hopefully it will all go a bit more smoothly tomorrow.