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Funny thing about bacon. No matter how much I cook and serve to other people, when I step outside and smell it from someone else’s kitchen I always think, ‘Mmmmm…bacon.’

At the moment we are enjoying the calm before the storm. From next week the bookings really step up and it starts to get busy in hotel land. To while away my time  in this quietish period and to prevent boredom (ha! Fat chance of being bored with a to do list as long as my arm) I have been having a go at making some jewellery using the sea glass and shells I pick up on the beach and a few pictures. What do you think?


Then we decided duet the bank holiday that we’d pop over to Brixham on the ferry to have a look at the pirate festival. Well, you can’t turn up in a car can you.  Any self respecting pirate would hop on a boat, so we did.

It was a cold and blustery day but Boofuls cheered it up by dressing as Woodstock pirate and I went as Adam Ant pirate.  A couple of tots of rum once we landed warmed us up nicely and we soon got into the spirit of it all. There is a video of  Lashes and I having a sword fight with a couple of  buccaneers, I’ll post that when I retrieve it from Boofuls’ phone.


Taking a drive round Torbay the other day we were a little bit surprised to see this at the traffic lights.  A ship at the lights isn’t something you see every day, is it?


Dougie the doggie was so excited, he thought it was a huge fish to play with. haha. Once he realised it wasn’t he looked a little bit glum. Not for long though. A quick dive into the water soon sorted him out.


Killing time

I have a plan for this afternoon. The plan is to shoot some gorgeous, pretty and summery pictures of baby E.  The clouds are still scuttling around the sky only occasionally letting a brief glimpse of sunlight through just to remind us that beyond their  grey and dank curtain is a gorgeous day.

Since the weather isn’t playing ball I’ve spent a good part of this afternoon building a set in the living room. All I need now is a co-operative small child and I’ve cracked it.  As I write this she is apparently having a nap so she’ll be all bubbly and bright when she gets here with a bit of luck, a glass of milk and a banana.

You know how film stars have a set of demands when they are working? Well it’s the same for baby E. Her demands are always the same though: “Eyee’s cup (that’s the closest she can get to saying her name) mook, mook,mook (milk), and  narnar, narnar, narnar .” (banana).   If these demands aren’t met then she won’t co-operate at all, no matter what my agenda might be.  It must be in some unseen by me contract.


As the time for me and Boofuls to renew our vows get closer and closer, things are beginning to take shape. It’s starting to feel like something is actually going to happen and it isn’t just some thing we  talk about.   A couple of months ago I managed to get ‘the dress’ not at all what I thought I’d go for but very beautiful. Next came the jewels to go with the aforementioned frock.  What a bloody pularver that was!!

Me and my image consultant friend trawled the whole of Manchester  on more than one occasion looking for the perfect piece of jewellery.  Eventually we ended up in Swarovski andd I got a beautiful, asymmetrical, champagne coloured necklace for £130.   £130!!!!  Far more than I’d normally spend but as it’s for a special occasion etc etc…….  Getting home and trying it on with the dress it became instantly obvious that it didn’t work. Off back to Swarovski, who were brilliant incidentally,  for a refund.

Next job, get on the internet and see if I can find anything on there. Some stuff was ordered and quickly sent back because it didn’t look right. Eventually my bezzie mate pipes up, “Why don’t you go to ‘Peru2U’ they have some nice stuff in there.”    So I did.

It’s not a shop I’d ever been in before because every time I go past it I’m driving.  Well, haven’t I been missing out?! It’s an Aladdin’s cave of gorgeousness!!!

Quickly explaining to the lovely owner, Kath what I was looking for she suggested that I go in with the dress and we’d knock some ideas about and she might be able to make something to order for me.   So I did, the following day.  With my dress all  nicely wrapped up in tissue paper I headed back to the shop and showed it to Kath who gave it the once over while chatting with me about what I’d like the jewellery to be like.

“Glitzy, textured, glamorous, beads, stones, orange, pearly and pendanty.” were all  words that came out.  No pressure then, Kath.   She ummed and aaahed for a minute before heading to the back of the shop for a couple of small tubs of beads. Threading some beads and stones onto a wire she came back and held it against the dress. “What about some thing like this?”

It was perfect!!!!!

“Right leave it with me, I’ll have it ready for next week for you.”

Next week was today. I raced down to the shop to pick up my jewels.  They are AMAZING!!!  I can only assume that Kath is a mind reader because she perfectly interpreted what I’d told her and turned it into a superb necklace and earrings. Which is no mean feat because even I wouldn’t have been able to say exactly how it was to look.

‘Costly exercise, that.’ I can hear you thinking. Oh yes indeedy. I was a bit worried about asking what the cost of this little ensemble was going to cost but to be honest it didn’t really matter because I was having it no matter what.   You might want to take a deep breath and sit down for this next bit:

£ 19.99

Nope, I didn’t put the decimal in the wrong place. Yes, you did read it correctly. £19.99 for necklace, earrings and bracelet.   WOW!!!!!!

Why am I being so crass as to tell you what it cost? Because  I happen to know she sells on the internet and  you can stock up on lovely costume jewellery for extremely reasonable prices.

A great big bunch of blooming great scented roses to Kath at Peru2U.

For once no one gets any onions (except the weather) .

Well, Im off now to take some photos. See ya.

What’s that?

Have I forgotten something?  I don’t think so.

Can you see the jewellery?   No, course not. I’m saving it for a special occasion. Go and look  on Kath’s website if you want to see jewels. You’ll have to wait till Novemebr to see mine.