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An homage to Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson

So bezzie mate and her husband came to visit for our Christmas morning practice run of champagne and croissants. I mean, you need to know that it’s all going to run perfectly on the day,  and as they say, practice makes perfect.

Dear oh dear.

I think it’s important to point out her that  bezzie mate and I have been friends since we were 12 and that’s * starts counting on fingers, runs out of fingers and starts counting on toes as well* since…er…. a lot of years, since 1972 in fact. She’s the one  of the very few people with whom I  don’t need to be ‘professional’, ‘grown up’ or anything else. She knows me as well, if not better than, many of my own family and she’s a baaaaad influence. in fact I blame all the following shenanigans on her aided and abetted by Boofuls and Stuball. Me? I’m completely innocent in all this, led like a lamb to the slaughter (yeah, right).

After our third bottle of champagne we decided to film a Christmas greeting, a song by Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson.

Before I show you our ‘Christmas 1022 video’ I’d like to welcome  my new readers. Thank you for considering my little blog worthy of reading.

I’d also like to apologise to all my readers and bid goodbye to the readers who thought that I was going to be providing you with cool, sophisticated and thought provoking posts. it was nice meeting you  and I don’t blame you if you leave. The video you are about to watch is in fact the real me, the rest is a facade.

Before you watch this there is a health and well being warning to take into consideration.

WARNING!! There was alcohol involved and there may be a small smattering of Anglo Saxon. Actually, quite a large smattering. Ok. It’s filth from start to finish with LOTS of vile language, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Watch at your own risk:


Silly Sunday snacks

“So. Is it be soup and a sandwich or scrambled egg with smoked salmon or sausages? ooh, and a made some scones.”

“Right, run that by me again so it’s soup, sausages, salmon, sandwiches, scones and scrambled eggs for Sunday brunch? Was that a plan to pick foods that all started with ‘S’ to keep in with the Sunday theme?”

Perhaps tomorrow we could have melon, melton mowbray pie, mash and  mange tout followed by meringue?

On Tuesday we could have……….

Being Sunday and a day of rest after a long day at yesterday’s wedding in York, the plan was a bit of r & r.  Brunch followed by a 5 minute trip up the road to see our local scarecrow festival. Nothing like on the scale of things in Higham, their scarecrow festival is fabulous, but it’s a small beginning which hopefully will lead to bigger things and the farmer who instigated it has to be admired for attempting to diversify and bring visitors to the area.

The weather started off bright, still and warm. I know that because I mentally logged it as I opened a bleary eye before dropping back off to sleep thinking, ‘perfect weather for a scarecrow festival’. That was abut 6.30. By 10.30 it was lashing down with horizontal rain (can horizontal rain lash down?).

Len, Lashes and Munki duly arrived, brunch was quickly polished off while we kept an eye on the weather hoping it would brighten up. Of course it just put on a show and rained all the harder for having us watch it.

Munki being a bit tetchy, all of us being a bit tired and having no desire to walk round in the rain decided that the best plan was not to go. For about 5 minutes the mood was a bit flat until I had the bright idea of having a Sunday karaoke party!!

“Karaoke?  On a Sunday? At this time of day? Party? Is it a bit early for drinking?”

” Nah. Let’s do it!”

So we did. We had a whale of a time.

I decided it was the ideal opportunity to try out my new raspberry beer. It’s delicious! I was drinking it as a wine,  i.e. slowly and from a wine glass so as to not get stupidly bladdered, as that’s never attractive. At one point Boofuls went to refill my glass for me and as I sat sipping it I was thinking (Yes indeedy, I do sometimes think) to myself how very rich and smooth this beer was, almost like port. In between songs and sips this glass too eventually disappeared so I asked Boofuls to “fill me up with that gorgeous beer again.”

” Beer? that was wine.”

“No. It’s that raspberry beer, it just looks like wine.”

“No. ( patiently as if talking to a child, albeit it a slightly merry child) That was wine. I poured it from the same bottle as Len and Lashes are having.”

“Ooh, bugger, I thought it tasted awfully nice and smooth for beer.” HAHAHAAAAA. It’s a poor do when you don’t even know what you’re drinking.

Boofuls had poured the wine into my beer glass so it mixed with the dregs and gave it a nice little frothy head, enough to confuse me, anyway. So there you have it, raspberry beer and red wine is really, really nice. Almost port like.

The rest of the afternoon flew by, before we know it it was 6pm and I was cooking another meal for us all. And all thewhile the rain continued to rain, in fact it’s still at it.

Hhhmmm, what shall we do today, then?