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Doggie and Kitty Revisited

Here’s a post from 2012. It was taken when Douggie the doggie was just a few months old and Shazza the kitty was about six weeks old.

I tried to repost the original but I couldn’t work out how to do it and it’s too ute a piture to just let it go so here it is:

Douggie & Shazza

They quite liked each other then but now that Shazza is all grow up she hates Douggie, even though he tries his best to be friendly, in the way that most dogs do. Funnily enough she seems affronted by his attention.

Golden retriever puppy and cute kitten

Douggie and Shazza

Purely by coincidence, this photograph of Douggie the doggie and Shazza the kitty popped up today.


Douggie was about a year old and Shazza about ten weeks old when this was taken. Shazza’s all grown up now and hates the sight of Douggie. Poor pooch doesn’t know what on earth he’s done to upset her.
 Um? Hello? What’s happened to the font?
I can’t get it to change back. Heeeeeeelp!!!!!

Deer, deer, deer!

Just for a change from walking in the woods, which have turned into a disgusting quagmire recently with all the rain, I thought I’d take Douggie the doggie to the local playing field. That was a mistake on it’s own. Thought the woods were muddy? The playing field was more like a paddy field. Welcome to Floods R Us.

We walked onto the field, with me doing my usual scanning to ensure no other dogs were within a half mile radius so Douggie didn’t make like lightning and bolt. Other dogs aren’t an issue, I love to see him playing with other dogs, the trouble is that no matter how far away they are when he spots them he just takes off at a rate of knots leaving me hollering helplessly in his wake. I prefer to keep him close by me till they are near enough that I can keep control over him and keep him out of trouble.

So, with my head oscillating from left to right scanning the area like a submarine’s periscope (and I was almost under as much water, damn rain!) I noticed three shapes in the distance. It was three deer sauntering slowly across the grass with not a care in the world. How lovely. I kept the dog distracted with a scooby snack while I watched these magnificent creatures continue their stroll.

That’s a good way to start the day.

Tesco had a bad day recently. They discovered that they only made £1.7  billion profit last year. How will they cope? My heart bleeds for them.

I did a little photo shoot the other day. Lashes has got a new kitten. It seemed like a good idea to take a few photos. I was a bit worried about it all in case the dog ate the cat or the cat took the dog’s face off or there was a mad chase around the studio sending lights crashing to the ground, the possibilities for disaster seemed endless. Still, we gave it a go. What do you think?