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What a mutley crew!

Do you like the new header? No? Oh well, it’s only temporary.

I clicked the wrong thing and then  made a picture of a dog the header pic, then I couldn’t get rid of it!  Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

The poochie portrait night at the dog club has been and gone and I survived it relatively unscathed.  No lights were knocked over and apart from a rotweiler having a munch on my arm there were no major incidents to report.

My poor backdrop got peed on by just about every dog that sat on it. Are this creatures known for bladder weakness for goodness sake? I was tempted to invent some canine Tena Lady type things. Between  that and the dog hairs me and the kit were filthy by the time I got back home.

I enjoyed it really, Some of the dogs were just adorable, some were, bouncy and some just flopped to the ground too exhausted to pose, which of course gave me the best photos.

Most of the owners asked me if I’d shoot the photos with the dogs sitting, full length and straight on to the camera.  “I will if you really want all their ‘bits’ on display.”

What people think they want isn’t really what they want at all. Once I’d pointed out the ‘bits’ issue they all looked horrified and let me get on with doing it my way.

Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot:

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Cute, eh?

Ok, I need to go and get ready for work. It’s am all day wedding today, we’ll get home about 10pm. Hope the rain stops or it might be a looooooong day!



Nosy dog

Mrs Woofy came to the studio for her photoshoot this afternoon. It was really a tst for my new lighting set which I’ve concluded isn’t really up to the job when there’s a moving target and getting a pooch to sit still for more than a nano second is hard work.

It didn’t help matters because  Mrs Woofy is terrified of Boofuls who I roped in to help. She just kept skittering past him and would play ball at all. Oh well, I did  manage to get these photos:

mrs Woofy being nosy
Jumping dog

It reminded me of this Youtube clip I saw yesterday which made me laugh my socks off.

Deer! Dog! Boy!

Oh, bloody hell, what a drama.

It’s been a week or so since I’ve seen my sister so I sent a text: ‘Fancy a walk in the park?’

Mrs Woofy is allowed out again now that the £2 coin sized wound in her side is as small as pea, that would be a petit pois not a marrowfat pea and I thought a nice gentle stroll in the park would help her to convalesce.

‘Fab. See you there.’ came back the response. We met at the appointed place, Me, my sister, niece and her boyfriend. Mrs Woofy was all over excited and straining at the leash, eager to burn off three weeks worth of steam and generally being a pain in the proverbial.

My sister’s dog, a huge  and powerful alaskan malamute who goes by the name of ‘Flick’, looked at  her disdainfully as if to say, ‘Calm it down a bit, love.’

Alaskan Malamute

Source: http://www.gotpetsonline.com

Through the park we went, keeping a wide berth from other dogs as Mrs Woofy still has an open wound and Flick has a short temper. He won’t start a fight by by God, he’ll finish one.

Eventually we began the climb up into the wood, it was a nice, sunny and  breezy day, perfect for a walk. The dogs sniffed around and inestigated everything while we all walked and chatted when we were all disturbed by excited shouts from somewhere to our right.

The next thing we knew was that a  biggish deer leapt straight out of a bush about five feet in front of us. We all stood, frozen to the spot, all that is except Flick who set  off  with a howl at lightning speed  to bring it down.

My sister shouted:  DEER!

Then as realisation dawned:  DEER!  DOG!  FLICK! OH  NOOOOOOOOOO!  FLICK! STOOOOOOOPPPP!

Off course the dog threw her a deaf  ‘un at that point as he bounded off into the woods for his prey.

So the dog set off after the deer, the boyfriend set off after the dog, the niece set off after the boyfriend, my sister and me set off calling the dog and praying that he wouldn’t catch the deer and Mrs Woofy set off after everyone thinking that there was a nice game of chase going on.   It  was all a bit chaotic and  Benny Hill -ish.

Eventually, Flick came back, with no evidence of having caught the deer. I think the boyfriend just kept running I don’t know where he got to but he was gone for ages.We just carried on with our walk,  keeping a wary eye out for livestock and laughing like maniacs with relief that we weren’t going to prison for killing deer.  Bloody animals, it’s enough to give you a heart attack.