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Spring Morning on the moors

Dangerous has turned nine. Happy birthday, Dangerous!!

I think she had quite a nice birthday. When I was a kid having a birthday on a school day was always a bad thing. Now they take in cakes and have a mini birthday party in their class.  She’d already had a fantastic day by the time she’d finished school and then she had her surprise party at home as well as presents and money from lots of people and a big chocolate cake. All in all, not a bad day.

Spring has well and truly arrived here in Blighty. In fact, the weather is so nice we are having the first barbecue of the year today. A barbeque in March? Unheard of! A I write, the sun is blazing away like a good ‘un and I’m fighting the urge to wash every curtain, sheet, in fact bit of washable fabric in the house. What is it about spring that makes you want to give everything a really good clean? The dog had better keep out my way or he’ll be next on my washing list.

I’ve been up since 5.45 this morning – except that it wasn’t 5.45 at all, it was 6.45 because the clocks went forward last night. It was just getting light as I opened a bleary eye and realised that  the sun was giving hints that it might put on a spectacular dawn display so I grabbed my camera and the dog and set off on to the moors to watch the show.  The show didn’t quite live up to expectations but what’s not to love anyway, being on the moors on a still, and warm sunny morning listening to the birds and nothing else.  No traffic, no people, just me, the dog and nature, I saw a hare this morning, haring off in the opposite direction, obviously I startled it. I suppose the  last thing it would be expecting to see was some gallumphing great hiker disturbing it’s Sunday morning reverie. It didn’t look best pleased as it sped off. Can’t say as I blame it.

Here are a few of  my shots from this morning’s walk. Hope you like them.

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Empty Space

Sitting and staring at an empty screen for ages it crossed my mind that that should be what I should publish as it pretty well sums up how I’m feeling today. Empty.

Then it crossed my mind that you probably wouldn’t understand that and think I’d clicked ‘publish’ by mistake. It reminded me of Tracey Emin’s unmade bed.  I remember the furore when it was presented as a work of art.

An unmade bed? WTF? Here’s my dirty dishes, let’s call that art as well.

Without a bit of background knowledge it just makes no sense.

So here’s the background:  If I can get it down without crying  (apparently I can’t – it can’t be good for a keyboard to have tears seeping in to it. If this post stops half way through then I’ve blown up my computer by crying into it).

Last night we took a phone call to  say that our good friend and dance teacher of umpteen, I really can’t remember how many – at least fifteen, years is seriously ill and in intensive care. After his car crash last week from which he seemed to have walked away relatively unscathed, it would appear that complications set in. All we can do is hope and pray that he’s going to recover.

So, in the absence of our Thursday morning paso doble lesson, I grabbed Mrs Woofy and set off before 8 o’clock onto the still dark, cold, foggy and snowy moors for a walk to clear my head and shoot a few photos – always the best cure for melancholia. You probably won’t like them, they’re very gloomy – match my mood perfectly.

Get well soon, teacher.

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Happy Anniversary to us

One year ago tomorrow was the day me and Boofuls were supposed to have reaffirmed our wedding vows in St Lucia, just a few days before our 25th wedding anniversary which is on 9th November.

I’m not going to bore regular readers (me) with the whole story, suffice to say that the ship we ( we being the whole family – all ten of us )  were on was diverted away from St Lucia the night before we were due to land there because of sodding hurricane Tomas.

There I was having my pre wedding de -hagifying facial, cucumber on my eyelids, sipping my  complimentary champagne when it was announced over the ship’s tannoy that we wouldn’t be landing in St Lucia as planned. WHAAAATTT??!! Eighteen months of planning and saving up the swanee?  I very nearly spilt my drink.

Boofuls  was in the next room and on the receiving end of a massage from a very young and pretty Swedish girl. He hadn’t even registered that there had been an announcement till my therapist went in to inform him that I was a little upset. “Wha…?  Why? ” Was apparently his response until his perfumed oil dulled brain put two and two together and managed to come up with the right answer. Bless him. He’d been enjoying that massage.

I think it’s fair to say that as favourite  episodes in the story of  ones life, that particular twenty four hours won’t be in my top ten.

Ok. Maudlin moment over.

Moving on:

I know there are a few people in Blogdom who have been having a few weather problems of their own.

Those people should  just look away now because I’m going to talk about how lovely and balmy the weather is in good old Blighty at the moment. Warm enough in fact to venture up on the moors on a blustery day with only a light coat. Well, you know, not just a light coat, that kind of thing scares the horses and gets you arrested round here.

What was that? Warm weather? In November? In Lancashire?

No, nay, never!

Actually. Yes. Incredible.

Taking a different route up to the moor today with my walking buddy, Mrs Woofy I stumbled upon, not literally, the most amazing walk. It was fabulous.  Of course I didn’t have a ‘proper’ camera with me, only my phone but it’ll give you the idea. My friend Maddi, also a photographer, tells me that she hates herself for taking photos on her phone but  can’t help herself.  Iphone whores, that’s what we are.

I love the camera on my phone! I wonder if I’d get away with using it at a wedding?