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A what pie?

Butter? A pie made of  butter? Are you making this up?

So went the conversation between Lashes’ new beau, The Prof and his colleagues at the school where he teaches.

It seems that they’ve been inspired by the great big bake off, or whatever that programme about baking cakes is called, and every week they have a bake off.

Usually the cakes and pastries are light, fluffy and delicate. The Prof mentioned about butter pie and all hell broke loose.

Is this a northern oik thing? Is it  a lard pie? What does it contain, just butter? The questions kept on coming until one bright spark suggested that there was no such thing and The Prof was simply making it up, therefore backing him into the corner of having to prove that such a thing existed. “Right! Right!  I’ll bring one in for you.”

That, dear reader was when I entered the plot.

” Lesley…..do you think you could…?

So that was how I came to be making the  Lancashire delicacy, butter pie. Although the word ‘delicate’ is a bit of a misnomer really as you can feel the fat forming on your hips as soon as you look at the thing. Nothing with  name like ‘butter pie’ was going to come under the heading of healthy eating now, was it?

The pie was duly made and delivered for judgement. It was judged to be a success!

So what exactly is a butter pie?

Pretty much as the name suggests. The principal ingredient is butter, along with potatoes, pepper, onion and a puff pastry crust.

Just in case you feel like making this deliciously naughty, once a year treat which melts in the mouth and lands on your bum, here is the lazy person’s recipe. You may note that it isn’t the most exact recipe you’ve ever followed.

You will need: A few potatoes, an onion or two, a huge dollop of butter, plenty of salt and pepper, ready made puff pastry.

Method: Peel and chop the potatoes and onions.  Add copious amounts of salt and white pepper.

Boil together until soft with a huge dollop of butter.

Strain most of the liquid off and transfer the mixture to a pie dish, using  a potato masher squish it all down a little bit to crush the potatoes, just  so it is nicely mushed but not smooth and dot with yet more butter. Season a bit more if needed.

The picture isn't mine. It belongs to: https://spacecudette.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/vegan-butter-pie/
The picture isn’t mine. It belongs to: https://spacecudette.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/vegan-butter-pie/

Add the puff pastry lid, brush with milk and cook in a hot oven until the pastry crust is lovely and golden.

So there it is; delicious butter pie. Don’t set the healthy eating police on to me, I’m not suggesting you eat it every day. Enjoy!



Pink fog?


I’ve just sat down to write a post and glanced out of the window. The sky has gone pink but it’s foggy.  What’s that all about?

The light is amazing. Now I can’t stop gawping out of the front and back windows. My poor head is twisting from left to right like I’m at a tennis match.  I’ll be getting a crick in my neck at this rate.

Back in a mo….I’m going for another gawp.

Yup, still pink. Ain’t nature wonderful?

They things they come out with

Did you know that Munki started school last month?

Started school? It’s only two minutes since Lashes was sitting in a birthing pool and I was cutting Munki’s umblical cord – one of the proudest moments of my life I might add, helping to bring my youngest granddaughter into the world. *wipes away tear*  Anyway, before I get all maudlin.

Munki has started school, she looks so grown up in her black and grey uniform with the cartoon school  motif  that Lashes hates so much on her jumper.

Monday afternoon is my day to pick her up. My, that takes me back. It’s a few years since I stood on a school playground with all the mums. In my day we used to chat to each other. Now they all have their head down and are engrossed in their mobile phones. How times change.

Yesterday, as Munki and I walked from the school gates down to the car  we were having a conversation about things she wanted.

“….and I want a horse, Nanny.”

“Oh yes? That would be nice wouldn’t it?”

“Do you know what kind of horse, Nanny?”

At this point I was feeling impressed that she knew there were different types of horses and was expecting her to say Shetland pony or something.  Little did I know what was coming………

“I really want  a unicorn, Nanny.”

I stopped dead in the street and laughed out loud, drawing a few funny looks from a couple of mums.  Munki, looked at me seriously.

“Really, Nanny. I really want a unicorn.”

“Oh. Well, um, then I suppose you’d better see your Mum about that.”  was my cop out answer. I wasn’t going to be the one to destroy her dreams.
While I’ve been attending HTM classes with Douggie the Doggie I’ve been watching the odd Youtube clip and reading blogs on how the experts do it tom inspire and motivate me.  To save me searching every time I decided to save one blog it to my bookmarks bar at the top of my screen. The only trouble is that it’s shortened the title and at first glance it always looks like: Che… amazing munching dog. Hehee I don’t need to teach Douggie how to munch, he’s already an expert at that.


I have loads to tell you. Too much, actually, I can’t find time to write it all down Just to give you a brief catch up, here are a few photos of places we’ve been and things we’ve been doing. You’ll work it out.


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Happy Birthday to Lashes, happy birthday toooooo yoooooooo!

Aw, my little girl has reached the grand old age of 25. Blimey! How did that happen so fast?

That’s a scary thought isn’t it. My youngest is 25!! That’s quite a trick considering I’m only 32 *cough cough*

We went out for a lovely birthday breakfast this morning. We got the best seat in the house – right next to the window so we could watch the snow fall. I always thought snow was supposed to fall down. This snow was falling horizontally and there was so much of it. Superb! We love the snow. I love it more now I have a 4WD to get around in.

After her birthday breakfast  and pressies she went home to be met by Len who’d taken half a day off work and who’d arrived home with flowers and bubbly. So far so good. That was followed by a trip to Manchester for shopping, dinner out and lots of fun. Sounds like pretty much a perfect day to me.

As for me – I went out in the blizzard with Velcrodog for a nice long walk. Well, I say nice. It was nice as long as we  had the howling wind to our backs. Walking into it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. It was WINDY! Even the dog was trying to keep as far out of the wind as possible. It was the kind of wind that takes your breath away and gives you a headache if you aren’t wearing a nice warm hat. I was wearing two nice warm hats. A trip to the arctic teaches one a thing or two about dressing warmly. Warmly? Bloody warmly? I was dying of the heat! As I walked down the track towards home I was already divesting myself of my many layers of clothing. The neighbours, if they’d have been able to see me through the white out, would have thought I was mad.

Here are a couple of photos from this afternoon taken on my trusty iphone.

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You look like you’ve seen a giant chocolate biscuit

Oooooooooh. There was a bit of excitement at  a town near us during the summer.

The chef Heston Blumenthal came to give the entire town a tea break. If you don’t know about Heston then click here for all you need to know. Ah yes, Heston’s fantastical food, along with an entourage of  rather scary tea ladies, a pack of biscuits so big it had to be helicoptered in, a tea bag 5000 times larger than your average tea bag and a giant teapot to brew up in, all descended Darwen for a tea party.

Of course he didn’t just do it all for fun. It was all being recorded to be shown on tv during the long winter evenings. The winter evening in question was last week.

Len, Lashes and Munki all went down to join the party. Well, bugger me if they didn’t end up on the telly!

Munki didn’t look totally impressed, unlike Len.  Isn’t his face a picture? I had to keep playing it over and over again, it made me laugh for ages. He looks like he’s just seen a man eating  a giant chocolate biscuit.

Oooh, the winter evenings will just fly by with gems like this to keep us amused!

Has anyone seen my mojo?

I seem to have lost it.  It’s usually up on the moors but I had a good look for it this morning while  Velcrodog and me watched the sun rise but I couldn’t even find it there.

Without mojo. Mojoless. Sans mojo.  Hope I find it again soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the sunrise, it was lovely. There may have been one or two little effects applied. You have to love a Lomo app.


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Spring Morning on the moors

Dangerous has turned nine. Happy birthday, Dangerous!!

I think she had quite a nice birthday. When I was a kid having a birthday on a school day was always a bad thing. Now they take in cakes and have a mini birthday party in their class.  She’d already had a fantastic day by the time she’d finished school and then she had her surprise party at home as well as presents and money from lots of people and a big chocolate cake. All in all, not a bad day.

Spring has well and truly arrived here in Blighty. In fact, the weather is so nice we are having the first barbecue of the year today. A barbeque in March? Unheard of! A I write, the sun is blazing away like a good ‘un and I’m fighting the urge to wash every curtain, sheet, in fact bit of washable fabric in the house. What is it about spring that makes you want to give everything a really good clean? The dog had better keep out my way or he’ll be next on my washing list.

I’ve been up since 5.45 this morning – except that it wasn’t 5.45 at all, it was 6.45 because the clocks went forward last night. It was just getting light as I opened a bleary eye and realised that  the sun was giving hints that it might put on a spectacular dawn display so I grabbed my camera and the dog and set off on to the moors to watch the show.  The show didn’t quite live up to expectations but what’s not to love anyway, being on the moors on a still, and warm sunny morning listening to the birds and nothing else.  No traffic, no people, just me, the dog and nature, I saw a hare this morning, haring off in the opposite direction, obviously I startled it. I suppose the  last thing it would be expecting to see was some gallumphing great hiker disturbing it’s Sunday morning reverie. It didn’t look best pleased as it sped off. Can’t say as I blame it.

Here are a few of  my shots from this morning’s walk. Hope you like them.

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