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Or as we call them….

lashes, Munki and me were out and about doing a bit of shopping for our respective Christmas decorations. I was looking for white lights – and I do mean white lights not those awful blueish-greyish things that just make me depressed when I see them. I’m talking about gorgeous, sparkly, bright white cheery lights.

Lashes was looking for trinkets for her trippy Alice in Wonderland tree in shades of pink, blue and turquoise. It’s fabulous!

Anyway, while we’re on the subject of Christmas lights, I’ve noticed that the usual bright blue monstrosities are out in force again this year, flashing away like huge offensive to the eye insect-o-cuters. What surprises me is that where we are seeing these lights mostly is on the streets where you would expect the residents to positively avoid  flashing blue lights.

Oooohh, aren’t I awful? Happy Christmas to you too!

So. Moving swiftly on…..

We spent a happy morning in the local garden centre with the brilliant Christmas displays and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this display:

Hanging solutions

“Oh! Look at this, it’s exactly what I need; damage free hanging solutions.”

The woman walking past nearly broke her neck as it swung round to take a look at the object of my desire. Imaging her surprise when I burst out guffawing loudly and snorting with derision as I realised that the much vaunted ‘damage free hanging solutions’ were in fact nothing more than  plastic hooks with a sticky pad attached. Oh isn’t marketing marvellous. Damage free hanging solutions, or as we call them; hooks. That kept me laughing for the rest of the morning.

The weather has been A-MAZ-ING recently. Just how I like it, cold, crisp and clear. The thick frost has meant that places that are normally a no go walking area for me and Velcrodog because it’s as wet as a paddy field all dried up and added a new dimension to our  walks. I was double pleased about the weather because I took Velcrodog to the beauty salon last week and it was nice to be able to take him out for a walk while he looked gorgeous and get him him home still looking gorgeous and not like a swamp monster. I got good few days out of it. Worth every penny of my £40.

Here are a few photos from our frosty walks. Hope you like them:

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Out of the mouths of babes…

That’d be babe as in small child not babe as in big busted, blonde bombshell. Sorry chaps.

Driving home with Munki in the car last week she had asked me to sing her a song. Max Bygraves toothbrush song to be exact.

Try as I might to oblige her, I couldn’t remember the words and you can’t get away with making them up when Munki’s involved. Oh no. She might not know what the correct words are but the sure knows what they aren’t so all attempts to blag my way through it were quickly stopped with a swift, “No! Nanny, that’s not right!”

Finally I admitted to her that I couldn’t remember the words.  Her advice to me left me gobsmacked; “Nanny, just look on the internet, you’ll find it there.”

And do you know what? I did!

The rain has finally stopped. In fact, we’ve even had a couple of sunny days. It’s  wonderful for lifting the spirits. What a shame sunshine is rationed in this country. We’d all be so much happier if we just saw a bit more blue sky.

To make the most of it while it’s here Boofuls and me took the dog to Dunsop Bridge, which is reputed to be at the exact geographic centre of Great Britain. It’s also the exact place that my family relocated to when we first moved north all those years ago. My Mum, being a city girl through and through absolutely despised it and made sure we got the hell out of there and safely back into a big town as soon as was humanly possible.  For my part, it instilled in me a love of the countryside that stays with me till this day. Even as a small child I remember thinking that one day I’d have a house of my own in the countryside and hey, I’ve got it! Yay!

There really isn’t much there other than a tearoom,  the river and the bridge but it draws the tourists like a magnet, particularly bikers. There are hundreds of them zipping through destroying the very rural peace they’ve come out to find but it adds to the character of the place: A rural backwater and gazillions of hairy bikers stopping for a cup of tea and a scone before continuing on their journey makes  for a mix that I don’t find totally displeasing. We spent a lovely hour there letting the dog paddle in the river, sipping on a nice cup of coffee from the tiny tearoom and chatting with the people who stopped by to pet the dog.

The house I lived in as a child is still there, it doesn’t  hold much in the way of memories though. Boofuls asked me if I find it strange going back there and seeing my old house but it really doesn’t. Not enough  memories to evoke any emotions. That’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it. It doesn’t do to dwell.

Here’s Douggie the doggie enjoying a paddle in the River Ribble.  We’ve bought one of those extending leads as we can’t trust him not to have it away on his tootsies as soon as he sees another dog/leaf/child in fact anything that catches his attention. We’d had the lead all of one day when he managed to chew through it. £22 that cost!! Bloody dog gnashers!  It’s tied in a knot now. Classy.

The rest of these photos are ones that I’ve taken on various walks over the last few weeks while I’ve been trying to get my head back in order. You may have seen some of them before:

I put this set together after coming across the first two in my photostream and being amazed at how much Douggie has grown since he came to live with us at the end of February. I took the last photo last week. He’s growing like a weed!