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Is there anybody there?

Some of you may remember that it’s roughly a year ago since my little brother shuffled off his mortal coil and put on his angel wings. Funny that, our Rick putting on angel wings because he was a little devil as a kid and a proper sod when he grew up.

The exact date of the anniversary of his death is the 9th September. As the date got closer it loomed over me like a dark spectre, I was dreading it.

Ideally we’d have had no guests in that day but as money is very much a consideration I didn’t think it would be prudent to close for a day so I could feel sorry for myself. Instead, I decided that I’d go to a local beauty spot and at the exact time we turned off his life support machines I’d listen to the music we played as he died while I reflected on his life, his death and the time since.

As I was cooking breakfast for the guests that morning  I was absorbed in my work ( it requires a lot of concentration turning out two dozen full English breakfasts with all it’s variations). I was standing at the grill watching the bacon turn crispy. There is a fine line between crispy (brown) and buggered (black) and there’s only a minute or so between the two. Anyway, as I watched the bacon I saw the light on my right hand side change – as if someone had drawn a curtain.  That’s a good trick on it’s own as we don’t have curtains or blinds at that window. I turned to look and of course there was nothing there and everything was normal. Shrugging my shoulders I carried on with what I was doing and the rest of breakfast service passed uneventfully.

A little while later I was in the middle of servicing one of the bedrooms. As normal I had my music playing on my iPhone. The music in question was ‘Down the dust pipe’ by Status Quo. Rick liked Status Quo, you can’t go wrong with a bit o’ eight bar blues. The track ended and the music stopped instead of moving straight onto the next track. ‘Odd’, I thought. I walked over to my phone to see why it had stopped and the next song was cued up ready to play  – on the screen in large letters read, “I’m not dead.”



That was all I needed to cheer me up for the rest of the day. As a firm believer in life after death I can now happily say my little bro has moved onto better things. Happy days.


It’s fair to say that my flabber has never been so very gasted.

All you lovely people.  Where have you been all my life? This zero to hero challenge is ace. I nearly fell off my chair yesterday when I realised that this little blog had had a month’s worth of hits in one day. Wow! Thanks! This is doing my ego a load of good. If it carries on I’ll have to get the doors widened.

Yesterday was also a memorable day for another reason.

I wish it was a nice one but it isn’t .

A friend of mine and Boofuls dropped dead. Just like that. There one minute and gone the next. No illness, no warning no goodbyes. What his family are gong through at the moment I can’t even imagine.

We are expecting a couple of people to shuffle off their mortal coil very soon but he was most definitely not one of them.

I’ve known this chap since I was fifteen. The shock is indescribable so I won’t even try to describe it.

Sorry, lovelies. That’s not what you tuned in for, is it? I’m trying to be positive, I really am.

On a positive note:

Over the last few weeks there have been a few moments that have made Boofuls and I sit up and take notice. Life is indeed precious and I’d quite like to live before I die.

This year is marking the beginning a some major life changes for us. Some of which we’ve already started to put into action. If we don’t do something we’ll just work till we drop and that’s a rubbish plan. I’d quite like to smell a few roses before popping off . Bloody hell! I’ve just realised. If this was a soap opera script I’d be dead before the month was out. There’s nothing guaranteed to kill a character off quicker than a change for the better in their life.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be filling you in on these plans as they materialise. The first change is that we’re keeping work to a sensible level. Tricky to do when, as a photographer, I do all my editing and paper work  from home. It’s far too easy to pop into the office to “just do a bit on that …” whatever it happens to be.

Ha! Did I say paperwork?  I almost managed to keep a straight face when I said that. Paperwork and me don’t really get on.  I’m an artist not a pen pusher (she said as she flicked back her hair and flounced out on her kitten heels).

Anyway, back to the plot. We will no longer be working until 10pm every night and all weekend. Instead Its going to be an early evening cut off and at least every other weekend free. Clients  will have to fit in around my diary and not the other way round. Work smart not hard is my new motto.

There. I’ve said it out loud. That means it’s the law so we have to stick to it.