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You couldn’t make it up!

Out with Douggie the doggie on an exceptionally early walk this morning, I was chatting to a couple of chaps who told me  about a man who decided to go to Blackpool with £26,00 (or £35,00 depending on which paper you read) in a chocolate tin which was then stolen while the owner played on an arcade machine.

The thieves  tried to sell the tin for a fiver to passers by, not realising what was actually inside it. Eventually, not being able to flog the chocs, they decided to eat the them, opened the tin and discovered the cash, £6000 of which was immediately picked up by a gust of wind and scattered along the prom creating a riot as people scrambled to pick it up.  There’s more….

The story is here if you want to read the whole debacle for yourself.

What I really I want to know is how someone stupid enough to carry  that amount of money round in a biscuit tin, and leave it on the floor while he played arcade machines,  has been clever enough to amass it in the first place.

The whole story is just so wrong on so many levels I’m not altogether sure it isn’t a late April Fool’s joke.