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They are indeed…..

A local farmer has put some sheep and cattle on the moors at the back of our house. Chatting with one of the neighbours recently the new livestock came up in the conversation. “Have you seen them big heifers in yon moors?” she asked me. “Yes, I have and you’re right, they are  indeed big f***ers.”

Due to the dog’s predeliction for eating the poo of various farm animals that particular walk has become a bit of a no go zone, dammit.

It’s looking like it’s going to be a busy weekend again for Boofuls and me. I took today off from my new job as pot filler extraordinaire to catch up on my own work. I seem to have wedding album work  coming out of my ears all of a sudden (not literally).  Today I’ve worked on the computer till my eyeballs bled to try and catch up.

The end result of which is that I have absolutely sod all of any interest to share with you today so: goodnight.