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A love story

We all have our ideas of love. Some have a romantic, hearts and flowers and endless romantic interludes.

Anyone who’s been in a relationship for any amount of time quickly finds out that isn’t the reality of it.

Day to day life, health issues, niggly habits and taking each other for granted all take their toll on the hearts and flowers sugar rush of a fresh new relationship.

Despite all that, couples manage to stay together, the heady love they felt at the beginning of the relationship deepening  and evolving over the years.

Boofuls and I used to sit and watch old couples in pubs and restaurants just sitting together, not talking, both wrapped up in their own thoughts. “If we ever get like that it’ll be time for us to move on but we’ll never get like that, we love each other too much for that.” we’d say with the arrogance and smugness of a newly in love couple who thought no one else could possible have experienced a love as strong as ours.

And yet, here we are, twenty eight years later.

We are now that couple. The couple who just sit, gazing into the middle distance.

However, now we have an insight into it that all those years of marriage have brought about.

Content just to be breathing the same air.  Small talk isn’t needed, we don’t feel the need to entertain each other. We’re just happy to be close to each other. We don’t need to be gazing into each others eyes an declaring our love loudly and publicly.

This week I heard about the parents of a school friend.

Her parents had been married for many years. Sadly, her father died a short time ago. A massive shock to the whole family.

Her mother survived two long weeks without him and then she too passed away to be with her husband.

They are having a joint funeral.

Like Boofuls and me, they made a vow to be together till death parted them.

Their love has transcended death.

That’s a love story.