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End of the decade round up

Really? A whole decade’s worth of stuff? God, no one has time for that. If you are at all interested scroll back through my posts.

What about an end of the year round up?

Ok. That’s doable.

Here are some of the the highlights and lowlights.

Sold our lodging emporium. YAY!!!

Got sued. BOO!!!

Won the case. YAY!

Thought I was dying of a heart attack. BOO!

Discovered that it was only a panic attack and ignored all future occurrences – and lived to tell the tale. YAY!

Buyer of said lodging emporium changed their minds, after we’d packed and gone a long way down the route of buying a house. BOO!!!

Booful gave himself and the rest of us a hell of a fright when he became critically ill. BOO!!

I discovered I have more strength than I thought and managed to get through it all while running the lodging emporium at the busiest time of year. YAY!

Discovered who our friends were. YAY!

Discovered who our friends weren’t. BOO!

Baby Dougal arrived. YAY!

Boofuls didn’t die. YAY!

Boofuls came home from hospital. YAY!

Tore an intercostal muscle. BOO and OW!

Had a lovely few days away. Twice! YAY!

Had a fantastic Christmas and early Christmas with family and friends. YAY!

So there we are. 2019 in a nutshelll. On balance I’d have to say that 2019 was not my favourite year. Rather too full on in the unrelenting stress and drama department for my liking.

Plans for tonight inlude entertaining paying guests in the bar and praying they all bugger off to bed good and early. Actually, that is the only plan.

Here’s hoping that 2020 will be a gentler year and that it brings you all you wish for yourselves.

I’m not doing it!

End of year reflective posts, a round-up of last year. Nah!

New Year resolutions? Nuh-uh. What is the point of making a ton of promises that you are only going to break in a couple of weeks and then feel guilty about? Life is tough enough without setting yourself up to fail.

Not fer me, thanks! 2017 has gone, see ya! What on earth is the point of looking back at it all, it’s gone, done with, finished, kaput.

2018 is here, let’s crack on with it. Actually, one resolution I can relate to: be nice to yourself and nice to others – and get the ‘c’ key fixed on the computer, it’s hard work having to go back and check that every ‘c’ word is fully formed. Apologies if I’ve missed any.


Five minutes ago Munki and I came back from walking Douggie the doggie. As we were out we saw the moon rise.

Apparently it’s the biggest supermoon of this year. Yes, yes, I know it’s only the 1st day of the year so that isn’t much of a record to set. It could be tiny and still be the biggest moon of the year, couldn’t it?

No, what I mean is that it is the biggest supermoon we are going to get for the whole of this year, not the biggest one so far this year.

Got it?

Good, then we’ll move on.

While it was rising it silhouetted a chimney stack, the moon looked huge behind it, proper Mary Poppins-esque. I did take a photo but my poor phone couldn’t cope with the task, on the photo you can see there is a moon and chimney but the detail, all the chimney pots, are lost in the wrap around effect of the moonlight. Just so you don’t totally miss out on it though, I’ve drawn you a picture of it. Missed my way, I should have been an artist. Haha. I can hear you shouting, “Don’t give up yer day job!”


You can’t tell it from the original scene, can you? Hahahaha

I had to draw the chimneys in but other than that this is the scene exactly as it was.  Pretty, eh?


This year I thought I’d try and put a bit more time into my blog again, it got a bit negleted last year. Hang on…isn’t that a resolution? Dammit. I’ve already broken my resolution not to make any resolutions. Told you – setting yourself up to fail. Tsk

Glossing over that and moving swiftly on, my plan is to join in with a few of the WordPress challenges.  That should be ok till Boofuls Towers Lodging Emporium gets busy again but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and  see what happens. But in the meantime, the challenges I’ve accepted are, the weekly photo challenge, the postaweek challenge and the daily prompt.

Today’s daily prompt is ‘conversation’.

The fact that I’ve told you all about my plan qualifies as a conversation in my book so, hey! Go me! Task one completed!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Ok, I know it’s a bit late but..


It’s far to say that the celebrations took a very different turn this time. 

Many months ago we decided that it would be too weird having Christmas down here without our friends and family around so we hired a cottage up north so we could spend Christmas with our nearest and dearest.  The cottage was located at the highest point in the highest village in the country. We didn’t know that we we booked it but we certainly knew about five seconds after we arrived and got out of the car. Good grief! Windy? It nearly blew my socks off!

The cottage itself was lovely, not the usual “dog friendly ‘ cottage which usually means lino floors and furniture that has been discarded from the local old people’s home. This place was warm, comfortable and a lovely base for our stay.  It was a 200 year old weaver’s cottage end the kitchen was down three steps. Even I had to limbo to get in there without bumping my head. They made people small 200 years ago! Still, we managed to enjoy ourselves.





Unless you’ve been on a different planet, or a different country, you can’t fail to have noticed that there have been  few floods up and down the country. Well, to be honest, if you listened to the news you’d think that it was only York that had been flooded but where we were was badly hit as well but that place isn’t wealthy or famous.

We stayed in the last cottage of a row of four which put us slightly down the hill. As I walked up to the hill and came to the end of the row it was intersected with a farm track. The wind was so bad up there that it blew Douggie the doggie straight into the road and blew me five steps sideways.  Here’s short video to give you and idea of what it was like, listen to that wind howl

Once our friends discovered that we were back up north, as as they say down here, ‘up country’,  we were getting text messages every five minutes inviting us here there and everywhere, it was lovely. Lovely but a bit stressful, we couldn’t fit everyone in so we had to allocate two hour slots.
The day before we came home we managed to get all the family together (mostly) to scatter my brother’s ashes. In the end we decided to put him on the same remembrance plot where we scattered dad’s ashes. You know, so they could keep each other company.  It was surprisingly moving and emotional. I was glad that we’d taken the time to get together. My older brother said a few words and then seemingly from thin air produced a bottle of sherry, some small bottles of beer and glasses so we could all have a final drink with Rick. It was a fitting way to finally lay him to rest. Especially bearing in mind that he’s been in the back of Alec’s car for over  a year, he’s been to Scarborough twice since he died. He travelled more since he died than he ever did when he was alive!

Anyway…back at the ranch. For new year we had a full house. Among our guests were The Incredible Hulk and Storm from X Men. Unfortunately Storm’s super powers didn’t extend to sewing up her costume when the zip went. Imagine my surprise as I went into the bar to find The Incredible Hulk holding Storm’s costume and politely asking me if I could possibly fix it for her. Heh.


We saw in the new year with a few of the guests. It was fabulous, we had some lovely people stay with us and it was a privilege to see in the new year with them. I hope it’s a taste of what the rest of the year has in store for us.

Whatever new year holds for you I hope it keeps you happy, healthy and blogging. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

In and out with a bang

Now before you start to snigger, I’m talking about this year and the definition of bang in this instance is a surprising or unexpected event not any kind of slang term for coitus.  There’s  no coitus going on around here at the moment, thank you. I’m talking about 2014.

On the 2nd january the year started on the tack it intended to follow  and saw me being bowled over by a galloping labrador and ending up with a hole in my leg that took nine months to mend. 2014 has ended by Boofuls going ear over apex and landing in a most ungainly fashion which has seen him admitted to hospital with stitches and a broken leg awaiting surgery to pin the damn thing back together. It’s no way to spend New year’s Eve.

Not that I’m any great fan of new year’s eve and it’s alcohol fuelled jollity which all too often turns sour and nasty. No, I prefer to spend it  with a few well chosen people with whom I know I can relax and not be on a knife edge all night waiting for trouble to start.

It’s a sad indictment of my childhood, that last comment but I’ll save that piece of catharsis for another day.

No, this particular new year I’m sitting here alone writing this and watching Jools Holland on the end of the year show while I drink the dregs of the Christmas advocaat.

The dog keeps sitting by the window and sighing, wondering where Boofuls has been taken to after all that commotion this morning. I know you’re all dying to know what happened. I wish I could make it dramatic but it really isn’t that dramatic.

Boofuls went outside to the workshop in his dressing gown and slippers. Aptly named as it turns out as these slippers  did exactly that. They slipped on some ice and Boofuls landed like over cooked spaghetti dumped untidily in a bowl, with his legs twisted at all sorts of angles that God never intended them to go in.

When I heard the scream I ran outside to see blood spurting out of the wound on his leg. Two thoughts immediately ran through my mind: ‘Broken leg’ and ‘artery’. Luckily it wasn’t an artery that was bleeding  it was just (just?) a deep puncture wound. Good, I could tell he wasn’t going to bleed to death on the drive. However, I could see that I needed to work out  how to get him to his feet without him slipping again and injuring himself even more. My God he’d already thrown himself to the ground in such a way that he’d injured almost every surface on his body. Why could he not just fall on his bum like everyone else does, bruising nothing but their pride?

It didn’t take a genius to work out that he needed a hospital. The leg was swelling before my very eyes. Trying not to panic or scream at the dog who was desperately trying to get in to help, I was retrieving distant memories of my first aider days. How does it go? Oh yes. Rest, ice, compression elevation. R.I.C.E. Luckily we had some ice so I quickly applied a compress and got the leg elevated.

Now what? Think. What do I need to organise? Hospital. Clothes. Dog. Phone work.  Ambulance.

Ambulance down our track? No chance.

I could get him to hospital quicker and easier than an ambulance. It’d take them an hour just to find us.

So. How to get a large, shocked, injured man dressed and up to the nearest hospital? I phoned The Rev. “We’re having a spot of bother.” The Rev came and helped me to fold Boofuls carefully into the car but then had to go and take Gembolina to the doctor’s as she was having problems of her own but he managed to take Douggie the doggie to Lashes so that was one less thing to worry about.

Eventually I got Boofuls safely into the hospital and into the care of professionals.  It turned out that he needs the bones in his leg  pulling back in together so they will have to pin it. Of course they can’t do any of that until the swelling goes down so it’s going to be a few days in hospital before they can even do the operation and then it will be six weeks before he can put any weight on it.

Deep feckin’ joy.

Timing, Boofuls, timing. It could not be worse.

So that’s our new year. I hope yours gets off to a better start. Happy New year to you.

Happy New Year

If you’re looking for a cheery post I think you’ll find you’re in the wrong place. There are no happy stories of peace, goodwill and new year parties around here. If it was still Christmas I’d be saying Bah! Humbug!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mrs Pissedoff from Pissedoffville.

So. All the shenanigans are over with for another year. I’ll keep the decorations up till the 6th as is traditional but  it’ll feel a bit daft as there’s nowt left to celebrate.I must say though that I do love my white stick tree, I might keep it all year.  Lashes forgot to take her decorations down last year so she left them up until Easter and then decided that she quite liked the look of the tinsel on the wall so she kept it all year. Saved her the job of trimming up this time I suppose.

This NYE was the most boring in the history of NYE’s. The plan was to enjoy a nice evening at home, have a little drink, watch a good film and see in the new year by watching all the fireworks, one of the perks of living on a mountain, we can see fireworks for miles around.

We even turned down a party to stay home. What a mistake that was. The telly was utter and complete tripe. I’d been looking forward to finishing off my bottle of advocaat but it seems to have disappeared while Boofuls and I were in Torquay so I had a glass of fizzy water instead. I was so exhausted with boredom by ten o’clock that I wanted to go to bed but Boofuls wanted to us  stay up. I stayed up but ended up grumpy and not at all interested in the fireworks at midnight, which I must say were pretty feeble.  We watched the London firework display which was amazing. Now that was a firework display. No, silly. We didn’t watch it from our window. I know we can see for miles but London s a loooooooooong way away.  We watched it on telly.

After that it was off to bed until the early hours until Doggie the Doggie woke me up waiting to go out. Oh dear. The dog has a dicky tummy. He woke me up again about seven and he went racing out the door clutching his bum, trying to hold on till he got outside. Sigh.

It’s 8.45 now and the first day of 2014 hasn’t got off to the most auspicious start. We have friends in hospital, friends who are ill at home, the dog’s not well, the rain’s raining and the wind’s blowing. Also, during the first part of the year there will be at least two people we know who will depart this earthly life. I won’t elaborate on that at the moment. It’s just very sad.

I’m going to take the dog for a walk in the rain now. I hate new year.

Try popping in tomorrow when I’ll be feeling much cheerier.


Hello! Welcome. Come on in, we’ve been waiting for you.

I’d just like to say a massive welcome to 2013. We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Boofuls and me went to our neighbour’s annual party, which was really good fun. Of course I got mocked mercilessly by the posse of dog agility trainers and competitors who consider heelwork to music to be an abomination and not a sport worthy of anything but ridicule. They won’t be ridiculing when me and Velcrodog qualify for Cruft’s! After the ridicule, a glass or two of falling down water and a mountain of food we and then we sloped away home about 11.45 and started the year by watching the town’s fireworks from high on the hill.

Not usually a big fan of new year due many a reason I don’t feel the need to share on here, I actually felt quite emotional as the bangs, flashes and starbursts of the fireworks signified a clean slate and a new start.

Well, hello 2013!! It also means it’s now only 12 days till Boofuls and me set off on our BIG ADVENTURE to the Arctic.

We spent the last day of 2012 shopping for thermal knickers and gloves in preparation for the trip. A nice trip to the frozen north should clear away any remaining cobwebs and freshen us up ready for a kick arse year!

It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it in my water.

Bye! Bye! See you next year!

Cowardice made me stay indoors today rather than get my new year get fit campaign off to a flying start by going for a walk on the moor with Mrs Woofy.

My reasoning being that out in the open it was so windy (and still is) that we’d be blown of our feet. Poor Munki was pushed up the drive by the wind earlier, her little feet were going ten to the dozen and struggling to keep pace with the cold and fierce westerly that’s been battering us all day.  Lashes had to run after her to rescue her before she got blown over. Anyway, back to excuses for not going walking. Down in the woods we’d likely get hit by flying trees or branches. Hhmm. What to do instead?

Take down the Christmas decorations. I’m always sad when I have to take them down but since only mad people leave them up all year I always think it’s best to get them down before we get fully into the swing of being back at work. With the ipod on shuffle and playing a delightful medley ranging from Michael Buble to Reel Big Fish, Whitesnake and Benny Hill, among others, I got down to the task of de-decking.


Of course I have some pride. I only have Benny Hill songs on there to entertain the clingons when they’re here. I don’t choose to listen to him – except today when it was playing “Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West’, while I was standing on a chair with both arms full of christmas lights and unable to hit the ‘next’ arrow’ so even that wasn’t really choosing to listen to him.

Moving on:

Carefully wrapping up my old favourites, each with it’s own special memories and my new favourite decorations with their new  memories of the fun of buying them and putting them on the tree. Tsk. Talking of memories, I forgot to put the Christmas turtle on the tree. Oh how I was mocked when I bought that turtle on our family holiday last year. That turtle holds a whole host of memories and it hasn’t even made it as far as the tree yet.

I decided to grab my camera and shoot a few frames of my li’l Christmas pals.  I’ve also included one of Batty from when she was my Ice Princess, one of my favourite photos EVER!

So Goodbye, Christmas elephants (christmas elephants?!)

Goodbye, singing snowchild withe the spooky black eyes.

Goodbye, strawbeardy Father Christmas, have a good rest before starting on this year’s work

Goodbye Fairy with the ginger curly hair who looks just like Lashes (she’ll kill me for that haha)

Goodbye, jolly stick men and all my other favourite Christmas toys and decorations, see you all next December!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy New Year, everyone!

It was quite a nice end to the year. Not at all as I expected.

Dance teacher, having been sent home from hospital to die,  is showing signs of his kidneys starting to work again and seems to be a bit better. We’ve got high hopes that he’ll make a recovery.

The obligatory party at our neighbour’s house was nowhere near as dire as normal and we actually had a brilliant time. We left just before midnight to come home and greet the new year on our own. We put the telly on for the countdown and watched the firework display at the London Eye. Oh my God! It was amazing. Now of course I want to go to London for next year’s display to experience it at first hand. I love fireworks

During the wee small hours of January 1st I woke to see that the heavy, dark and gloomy clouds that have been with us for weeks had disappeared . I laid in my bed and gazed at a lovely, clear, starlit night for  a while before nodding back off to sleep. Of course by morning the clouds were back and we’re back to the disgusting wet and windy weather but I enjoyed that little taster of things to come.

If the year carries on as it’s started then it’ll be a good year. We’ve even had a little bit of snow this morning, yay!

Now that I’ve started the new year fat as a barrel, I’ll need to get the old weightwatchers no points soup on the go again. Boofuls is even talking about joining a gym! He’s only been in a gym once in the 27 years I’ve known him, that was last year on a cruise. He lasted about five minutes, declared it boring and buggered of to get over his exertions over a cup of tea and a biscuit so I’m not holding out much hope for that one.

As for me I’ll be dragging the Wii Fit out of the cupboard and getting myself back into my walking routine and zumba classes.

The Rev and Gembolina are coming up with the clingons this morning, after that it’s off to bezzie mate’s for lunch (Thinks: maybe I’ll diet tomorrow) and then that’s it. Christmas over for another year.

I won’t be leaving tree up till twelfth night, it’s been a lovely tree this year but it’s looking a bit droopy and tired. The star on the top has a definite list to starboard to it. Maybe I’ll take it down tonight when we get back from bezzie mate’s, if I’m not too squiffy.

Well, aint that just typical?

All my lovely snow disappeared just after Christmas, leaving the days as gloomy as a 4o watt light bulb ever since, and now – at 5.30 a.m. on the day everyone is back at work and ready for settling in to their new year routines – the snow is back with a vengeance. Tsk. Typical!

I’ve been watching it snow, with that  sense of awe and wonder  that I always get when I see it snowing, for about an hour now. It’s ridiculous for a woman of my, ahem, mature years, to get so excited about snow but I just love it. I might have to take an extra days holiday so I can get out  with my camera and shoot a few frames. Actually, that counts as working for me so hahahahaaaaa!!

Since I got stuck in a day early and cleared my desk of all the crap….er..I mean pending work yesterday I feel I deserve a days shooting and since I’m up so early I might just get up on the moors to do it and catch the sunrise. Sounds like a plan!!!

So why am I up so early? The dreaded red wine.  When will I ever learn? At least I didn’t get  cramp this time but I’ve been awake for hours and my nose is running faster than an olympic athlete. Rather than lying in bed tossing, turning and sniffing all night I decided it was better to cut my losses and get up early. Admittedly  5.a.m. is rather earlier than I would have chosen but hey ho – serves me right for drinking red wine again.  Still, look on the bright side, if I hadn’t been drinking red wine I wouldn’t have been awake to watch the snow. I shot this through the window ( so very lazy!!) a few minutes ago:

snowy night

This one was from a few weeks ago when the light was just gaw-jus. It’s the same shot though – almost:


snowy dawn

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

There’s been a bit of a flu epidemic around for a few weeks now, loads of people we know have been struck down with it. Lashes looks like she’s going to be the latest one to succumb to it. She came up last night for a while and sat huddled in a blanket, pale faced and weary, complaining of aches and pains. Oh dear.  Here she is feeling sorry for herself while Len looks on sympathetically:


Baby Bunting, on hearing there was a flu epidemic, decided to take a few preventative measures:


And so it begins..

What a strange New year’s Eve it was!  No matter what we tried to plan it wouldn’t work out how we wanted.  Still had a nice time but just not as we planned it.

The Rev and family opted to stay at home. Len’s Mum and Dad got flu  and were in bed by 9.00 p.m. so we couldn’t go up there.  Big N got invited out but couldn’t afford to go and Len and Lashes came to visit but were already ready for bed when they arrived. Woo bloody hoo!

Even our big plan to have a karaoke and then climb in the hot tub with a bottle of champagne some time before midnight backfired as an unforecast wind sprang up and put an end to that and it was foggy so not so exciting in the firework department.

In the end we ended up at the ‘ I’d rather put pins in my eyes’ party at the neighbours house.  As predicted, it was pretty grim. Good  fish paste sarnies though. Everyone sat around the edge of the room in the ginormous kitchen, not talking, nursing a glass of whatever  beverage took their fancy. In search of something a bit more exciting that a geriatrics tea party I went into the downstairs lounge looking for the younger family members.  Haha!! BINGO!!  No. No. I don’t mean bingo as in ‘eyes down, two fat ladies’ and all that, although there were a couple of fat ladies there. What I mean is that I found something of interest.

” Is this where all the cool people are?”  “Yes, so you can’t come in.”  It’s amazing what a couple of Bacardi Breezers can do to the cheek levels of kids who normally won’t even make eye contact, never mind pass the time of day with you.

Crowded round the television were a group of girls playing on the Michael Jackson Dance game for the Wii.   “Can I have a go?” I enquired politely.

“HAHAHAAAA!!  OH YES!!!  Prepare to be humiliated” Said one of ’em, “I’m filming this and I’m going to send it to You’ve Been Framed.”  they cackled like a pack of hyenas.

“Er, yeah, ok, whatever,” as I took the controller and started the game, playing against a lithe 15 year old with ‘attitood’.

Then I proceeded, with great aplomb, if I say so myself, to THRASH her!!  The note of panic in her voice when she realised my score was creeping above hers was brilliant.  I wouldn’t normally take such pleasure at winning a  game but the mocking beforehand had rattled me, not that I’d have let them know it,  and brought my killer competitive edge right to the surface.

“Don’t mess with the oldies, kid.” I growled as I handed back the controller to a now silent group of teenagers and left the room with a slight swagger.  Shame they forgot to ask me if I’d ever played it before (snigger).

Baby Bunting had followed me down, she had been promised a party and was determined to get one.  She’d made a friend of a six year old and was having a ball when Lashes came in and said they were leaving, having run out of pins for her eyeballs.  Baby Bunting was not for going:  ” PARTY, Mummy, PAAAAARTY!!”

The unfortunate thing about being two is that you are really quite portable and it’s difficult to put up much of a fight when you have been picked up and physically moved so we did leave,  much to Baby Bunting’s, and my, disgust, and made it back to our house in time for the chimes and fireworks. We even had a few of our own:

Indoor sparklers. Happy New Year!

Haha!! Pathetic, eh?  They were mini sparklers to put into the desserts on Christmas day and I forgot so we used them last night. Made me laugh but  don’t think anyone else was impressed.  The usual flurry of text messages and phone calls arrived and then  shortly after that we all went off to bed. Not together, obviously, that would have been weird!!

Happy New Year, hope yours got off to a more exciting start than ours did!