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A right tit

Here’s a picture of a right tit.

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And here’s another one.

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Yup. it’s Nigel Farage, that racial tension mongering arse. He taps into the middle aged, middle class, just below the surface racism, sexism and every other kind of ism that sadly people in our peer group seem to subscribe to.  A nice, law abiding, civilised bunch on the surface with a seedy underbelly of racist and sexism. The ones who bizarrely go round saying “I should paint my face black, the Government would be throwing money at me then.” For God’s sake! Come on people, like it or not we live in a multi racial society now.

Don’t get me wrong, I have very strong views about those who come to live in our county, take full advantage of our benefits, health and education system and them condemn our society as it doesn’t fall into line with their religious beliefs.

I have incredibly  strong views about those who come to live in this country and then refuse to integrate or learn the language. Such a refusal to become part of their adopted country can only lead to suspicion and tension as certain areas of town become no go areas.

I have even stronger views about those who grow up in our country and then hop on a plane to go to terrorist school, returning later to bomb the bejaysus out of us.

However, the majority of immigrants here are hard working and law abiding people who despise these radicals as much as I do. Besides which, most of the Asians in this area are third, fourth, fifth  or more generation and are as English as I am.

Which brings me back to that rabble rouser,  Farage.

For those reading this who may not be in this country or aware of our politics, Nigel Farage is a dickhe……..er, I mean an elected MP and leader of the UKIP party, a right wing ‘give England back to the English’ party.

Sadly, because of his ability to tap straight into middle class and middle age prejudices as well as appealing to the more right wing element of our society, his policies are gaining ground. It’s a terrifying  thought that this man and his thugs should gain any real power in this country.

 Anyway, moving on before I start to rant…..

 His latest jolly jape is to tell mothers to cover up when feeding their babies the way God intended them to.


In an attempt to be fair, what actually happened was that a waiter in Claridges rushed over to a breastfeeding mother and told her to cover up or sit in a corner. Of course it quite rightly hit the headlines. Mr Farage in his infinite wisdom decided this was a suitable bandwagon to jump onto and leapt on – in defence of Claridges policy!  Then he wondered why all hell broke out.

 Does the oaf not realise that feeding babies  is exactly what breasts are for?   How on earth can he find it offensive that a baby is being fed from the breasts of it’s mother?  Obviously  finds it more acceptable to see them emblazoned over the pages of a newspaper to be leered at.

As a woman who has breast fed all three of her children I think I can speak for the majority of breast feeding mums when I say that we don’t whip out our baps at the drop of a hat and wave them around for all to see.  I would go so far as to say that no woman in her right mind would choose to  get her baps out in public and when they do so  to feed their babies it is discreetly and quietly. Nothing to see or get offended about here, folks!

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Mr Farage, you made a massive boob this time. Carry on just as you’re doing and hopefully we’ll soon be rid of you.