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Summertiiiiiiime and the living is easy

You have to love summer, the warmth from the sun on your back, lounging around in the garden having afternoon tea with family, swatting away wasps…..no. Wait. What? Something’s wrong.

It’s not summer at all, it’s October. What’s going on?

The sun is blazing away like a blazing thing – brighter and hotter than it’s been all summer. We’re all holding our hands over our eyes and screaming that we can’t stand the brightness! Ok, that’s not strictly true but it’s not far off, we aren’t used to sunshine. All we usually get is shades of grey ( not THAT shades of grey – badly written twaddle that it is. I had to read all three books before I made up my mind about it though). On a good day the best we usually get here is a murky grey – on a bad day it’s more of a charcoal grey. I’m always amazed at how bright the colours are when we’re on holiday.

Anyway, back to the plot.

This afternoon we spent a lovely afternoon with The Rev, Gembolina, DD, Batty and Big N. It was one of the nicest days of the year. I’m so confused.

Oh well, I’m not going to waste energy thinking about it, I’m just going to be thankful we had it to enjoy at this late stage  in the year.

We had a fabulous sunset the other night, I certain promise of a nice day to follow. I bet the shepherds were beyond delighted, I bet they were delirious with joy when they saw this sunset.

Amazing sunset, Shot on iphone 4 with instagram
Amazing sunset, Shot on iphone 4 with instagram

Th dog enjoyed it as well, he sat on the wall and just watched, every  now and then he’d look round to make sure I was still there. I think I should call him velcro dog.

Amazing sunset and amazing dog. Shot on iphone 4 with instagram

Talking of late in the year,  if the prediction that Boofuls and me were to move house before Christmas is going to come true then it’s cutting it a bit fine. Still hovering on the brink of having sold our house, the painfully slow pace feels a bit like crawling over broken glass.  I wish they’d get their finger out and get on with it, the frustration is killing me – and I’ve been psyching myself up all year for not sending another Christmas in this house, now I just want to get moved so please…send us your positive house moving vibes. We need all the help we can get at the moment.

A couple of odd things have happened this week. That’s odd in a nice way, not odd in a “Oh bloody hell!’ kind of way.

It turns out that our local bank has closed down. Thanks for telling us, guys. The first I knew about it was when I went to pay in a cheque the other day. Oh well, I suppose a trip to the nearby big town won’t kill me. Actually, I was amazed and delighted to see the Thwaites dray horses. I haven’t seen them for years, not since I was a kid, when I used to see them all the time delivering beer to local pubs. They are just as splendid as I remembered them. These big, lovely, friendly  shire horses drew people to them like magnets. The carriage drivers smiled from ear to ear, proud of their horses in all their regalia and enjoying the attention just as much. It really made my day. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Thwaites dray horses
Thwaites brewery

The next odd thing to happen was on Friday morning when bezzie mate and me decided to investigate a new furniture and gift store. As we pulled up outside the shop we saw a group of polar bears walking up the road. Wut?

I rubbed my eyes and took another look. Yup, it was polar bears alright. This one kindly posed for a photo for me. He must be called Usain Bear.

Usain Bear