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What exactly is it that pushes a post up in the WordPress ratings?

I’ve always secretly envied those bloggers with dozens or hundreds of followers and wondered what it is about their posts that makes them so much more interesting than mine.  To be fair, I don’t write this blog for other people, I write it for myself as a future source of memories but even so, I get a twinge of the old eye green eye when I click on others’ blogs and  see comment after comment and a list of followers as long as your arm.

Over the last month or so though, one post, one very ordinary post I wrote months ago, has been sending the ratings sky high (for me). It’s this one about a walk in the woods with my sister and her dog. It’s peaked now though and the weekly view figure is dropping like a stone.  How did this post become flavour of the month right out of the blue? I’m confused. If I knew what the magic formula was I’d probably use it, just so I didn’t feel like I was talking to myself and one or two other people. Talking of which, thanks to IfIwerebraveblog for dropping by.  If you haven’t seen her blog yet then do go and take a look, it’s a good read.

So. It’s halloween.  The night of spooky goings on. This area of the country is very well known for spooky goings on and Pendle Hill in particular which was the site of the Pendle witch trials of  1612. One of the darker periods of Lancashire’s history, I feel.

It’s an interesting  and frightening tale with a shocking twist at the end. Its well worth a read up on if your looking for a scary tale round the dinner table tonight. Every halloween for as long as I can remember,  people have arrived in droves to Pendle Hill to mark the occasion. What they get up to when they’re there I can only imagine. It’s a magnet for those with an interest in the supernatual, wiccans, pagans and anyone you can think of who fancies dancing round a bonfire in their birthday suit, although I think the correct term is skyclad. I won’t be attending, thank you. I find late October a bit parky for dancing round starkers.

Down in the towns, it’s all about the trick or treating. When I was a kid trick or treating was unheard of. If my Mother thought I’d been going round knocking on doors and begging for treats she’d have knocked me straight into kingdom come. Knocking your kids into kingdom come has declined and largely died out in recent years while the American import of trick or treating has been well  and truly embraced and has caught on in a massive way. Thanks for that, America. Not one of your better imports.

It’s on nights like this I’m glad we live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have to endure an endless stream of over excited, sugar tripping, mischief seeking kids knocking on the door every two minutes. The most I’ll be doing is carving out a pumpkin with Munki this afternoon and taking it to doggie boot camp tonight.